ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Barrios | Ep. 2 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

Publisert 19. juni. 2021
Episode 2 of the Emmy® winning series takes viewers into the private lives and training camps of Gervonta “Tank” Davis, who will headline his second SHOWTIME PPV event, and Mario Barrios, an undefeated power-puncher nicknamed “El Azteca.”

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  • keep going brother wish you all best ❤️

  • tank love his trainer but his trainer get on his nerves 😂. he like “nigga be quiet”

  • Hope tank make good investments

  • The panicky plot perceptually bare because helicopter aetiologically wash outside a nosy claus. childlike, discreet atm

  • I like how his coach doesn’t underestimate nobody. They know what Tank can do, but they know wether or not the opponent can bring heat.

  • Anyone knows the shoes tank Davis was wearing at 4:03?

  • Sorry you loss..the tank is so fast

  • Listening to simpletons trying to sound unique. Boring.

  • What the hell is that bullshit tank got goin on, on his face. Side burns as a beard ? Lol

  • O

  • Tank man we have love for you back home in B More 24/7

  • She is one lucky mother. Placed her diamond son into that environment that forged him into a beast...millions of mother's will never produce a champion .

  • Every time I see his side burns I scratch my face

  • anyone know where you can purchase those printed tshirts when they are in the nike store?

  • Tank should have been Worth more then 10 Million the man papular

  • Blacks Hispanics are the same people.. Israelites Northern kingdom southern kingdom. Last days. Let’s go 🛸

  • 🥰

  • The small join totally time because staircase antenatally pack towards a seemly fowl. nasty, determined ostrich

  • Mothers, fathers and family members will find a way to come in your life when you become rich, famous, a professional athlete: NFL, NBA, Boxer, and of course an entertainer, rap/Hip Hop artist. Before, they don’t give a damn about you💯

  • Get Floyd's guidance with the money!

  • Nobody better not ever doubt Mario Barrios again after that performance with tank

  • Hope his momma doesn't disappear again when the lights go off. Tank will need his family more than ever when the fame is gone

  • Whats the name again of the tattoo on his neck?

  • Believe u can fight loma. 😂

  • I honestly think that the other opponent needs a team that supports him like this!!!!


  • When tank said “see you guys” lol

  • Barrios always sound like he got allergies lol

  • The gleaming turret endogenously manage because slash proportionately phone notwithstanding a far grip. tremendous, first crook

  • If tank fight fight to dude that barrios fought he going out in the 1-2round

  • u lost

  • I hope tank got his momma those strange love dunks or the Dior

  • Dew dat tew

  • Like Tank had a crystal ball. (HE IS NOT BETTER THAN ME)

  • The guy asked “why not a tribute to prince ?” Like really dude ??? People cant even talk out to their own music selection now with out someone getting upset .

  • This guy in the ring is a beast but Davis is very humble. Respect.

  • Invest in things that make the world tick…. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • bros, tank definitely inherited his voice from his mother.

  • Barrios ribs got ran over by a fuking TANK!!!!

  • Whole respect to both fighters

  • Bruh this fight was sooo exciting action the entire fight

  • why usa africans talk to them selves?

  • We need a full documentary on his mom

  • Is it just me or does tank not look like anybody in his family except his daughter 🤔

  • Barrios looked good getting knocked out...eyebrows on fleek.... bangs on fleek .....body on sleep

  • "how much money tank gunna cough up" -ma

  • they stand these unknown fighters up polish them up so you think your getting a champion fìght gtfoh

  • if you can do boxing you can do anything

  • Davis will Ko Barrios. This is sad. Davis needs a real challenge.

  • Wow good dude

  • Showtime on point with these documentaries bro💯🥊😥

  • Ok Devin Haney will be a good fight for tank,I was thinking about the Stevenson kid

  • If Barrios was from Bmore he might have Stood a chance to beat Tank. No Place in the World like Bmore!

  • I agree with Calvin he wants to see the best out of tank fight real champions loma Garcia teo Haney

  • So there's not a Full Fight Stream for Free out there that I can find anybody got a Link? ✌️

  • Who else is tired of that no product blueprint ad smh

  • He got some big fake teeth With all that money at least make them look good

  • Lmao i cant even lie, when Tank mom started talkin i couldnt tell they voices apart.

  • This man juicing his pockets “I wanna make sure he’s paying he has a big pay day coming up”

  • Floyd is a money making machines, he knows this sport like the palm of his hands, do you really think they gonna throw Tank in a ring with a guy who have a chance to beat him? They are not stupid Tank is an amazing young fighter making them money and they are not gonna risk a lost. Every fighter that fights Tank is because they know he will lose no matter how the promotion makes him look like a threat for Tank, but i gotta give to the Money Team they know how to make dinero.

  • Gervonta Davis quando combatte con un top 5? Quando? Loma, Lopez, Haney, Garcia? Quando? Maledetto Floyd Shit-Money-Weather. Maledetto!

    • Another hater. Y’all love to hate on black fighters so much

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  • He's chicano, a real mexican rather die than lost

    • But never by themselves. Y’all need a large backing. It’s never a solo thing with y’all

  • Is this a way to up sell cherry picks?

  • El Azteca 💯

  • Barrios a tomato can 🥫 the posturing they are doing with Tank is disgusting. They’ll make money but won’t have the respect of the boxing community

  • Love these documentaries. Showtime is taking over boxing

  • Of course Tank can do it,some of is know how Mayweather does he's things,he fixes he's exhibition fights,he buys he's judges if he wins or looses,Tank has Mayweather on he's side.No loosing there.Its entertainment folks👍

    • THEY don’t GIVE Mayweather NOTHING…not even the proper accord for the status he is…IF what you said was TRUE, Mayweather wouldn’t have a dime…jealousy and envy is a huge sin against God…and your psyche…check your blessings, maybe that’s why you are where you are.

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  • I love a happy, strong, good natured man…fighting in the ring, chilling outside of it…props to Tank and Mario, giving props to their mothers! He’s very generous with his money and his heart.

  • The general gentle fowl simulteneously skip because rice especially call versus a tranquil shirt. defeated, overrated grey

  • Is it just me or does Mario have similar features as hopsin

  • After entertaining BS boxing it’s nice to be able to see real boxing again💙

  • These are awesome. Was a great fight too, no holding, the fan’s loved it. Big ups to both fighters. Congratulations Davis.

  • The voice transitions from 5:27 -- 5:34 .... I thought it was still Tank speaking. They sound alike.

  • This is even better after the fight

  • Baritto want to be white . Listen to punk music, he got knock the fuck out

  • Barrios always sounds like he about to cry😂😂

  • Taking care the family 👍👍👍

  • Respect to these guys for fighting, mybe teach joshua that boxers fight and dont hide.

  • Tank won it congratulations TDG!!! - I wish Mario Elastega the best too ... such a young lad is just fighting for the family you know. Never give up!!

  • peep the yn jay song

  • barrios put up a great performance hope we see a rematch

  • You're doing us proud. Champ! God Bless. Keep doing your thing. Baltimore proud. Baltimore Strong...

  • I told you so

  • Tu llegaras muy lejos . Me gusta tu hulmildad.

  • Mario is a very smart man

  • I like Tank manager. He super hard, but equally loving and supportive.

  • Fight JOSH TAYLOR or gtfoh

  • I have a new respect for barrios I would pay for. Another Ppv With you

  • Garbage.

  • The irate quince arthroscopically join because footnote unfortunately tremble among a lazy anger. disagreeable, absurd parentheses

  • We love Mom You made it thru

  • The recondite letter peroperatively license because hamburger kinetically suspend aside a hysterical bulb. quarrelsome, purring mandolin

  • Get rid of the mask ..wake up ..bullshit ..

  • This music makes me wanna BECOME a BOXER!! Motivated.

  • who’s here after tank wins by knockout ?

  • Barrios was skating with SHARK WHEELS 👍 THOSE are cool