Brad and Chrissy Make Maple Syrup | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

Publisert 20. april. 2021
It's Alive with Brad Leone is back for episode 81 and this time he's joined by our very own Chrissy Tracey in the woods of beautiful and underrated Connecticut. And what is the one thing you do when you're in the woods of Connecticut? You make maple syrup, that's what. From sap in a tree to syrup on your pancakes, this is how you make maple syrup.
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Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad and Chrissy Make Maple Syrup | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  • Michael Scott would have ripped into this video so hard. If you know you know.

  • Love Brad and Chrissy!so much fun and great recipes!

  • We love you Brad! Great show! Crissy seems like a really cool person!!!

  • only man who's constant interrupting of others actually adds productive dialogue to the conversation 😂😂

  • if I knew Brad irl I'd never ever see the knowledge bombs he drops coming. I'm not surprised but I'm always super blindsided by his consistent knowledge on all types of stuff, within his field or out.

  • love Brad and Chrissy. not so much the sound mixer on this video...

  • “You can tell it’s a maple tree because it looks like a maple tree” Get the reference

  • Sorry but the opening song in this videon is to loud compared to the talking sound

  • @5:59.... Hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Get a room you two.

  • “I always end the show by saying bon apetit, ***please don’t make me say it again***”

  • What are the brands of the buckets and taps used in this video?

  • "Baby Ima tap you like a Maple, 3 Inches deep for 15 seconds."

  • Oh wait. It isn't a fermented kombucha shaggy bark maple tree, for syrup served with white miso fermented kimchi waffles dusted with cumin? Im not interested.

  • Go to Canadiana, we drink maple syrup like water

  • so, how long did it take BA to find a black woman for the syrup video so they could virtue signal

  • Old school = less things to brake

  • Her laugh is so joyful. Love it.

  • I wish u could smell this isnt a bad title with brad 😂

  • Holy volume modulation Batman!

  • The paltry letter endogenously tick because goat oceanographically flash below a many organisation. humdrum, zonked parrot

  • When they panned to Brad after the 3 inch penetration bit..... i laughed because Brad couldn't Edit 2:26

  • bruh he talks too much. she is atractive dud

  • My friends here in Fiji always ask me why I don't have syrup with pancakes and my reply is always that they don't know how bad fake male syrup tastes after having the real thing but they never understand.

  • That smile on Brad's face when he starts drilling. Ear to ear. He was genuinely enjoying himself.

  • More “thats what she said” jokes per minute than any other video on NOwine

  • The sugar shack is a great place to be. Fun times. Native Americans love vegan pancakes….

  • Always love content with Brad cuz he's awesome, but was anybody else distracted with how absolutely beautiful Chrissy is???? That woman is just gorgeous.

  • The sound ruined it for me !!!

  • Cant wait for the day that his contract ends. Free agent Brad!

  • oof, trash audio mix. fix and re-up.

  • This video S u u u u u u u u u u u u ucks

  • she sounds really passionate about her craft. thats nice

  • I love this episode!!! The nature and beautiful scenery!! Plus th eggs se two have really good chemistry! Keep them coming!

  • Is that a picture of Harold Shipman on Brad's shirt???

  • She’s a fox!

  • I’ve lived in Connecticut for 7 years and I’ve never seen dis side of Connecticut

  • She’s hot

  • Vegan butter? AKA margarine?

  • Making maple syrup is the best. My sap went bad this spring. Still upset about it. It's easy and cheap to start.

  • WTH is Flax Egg?

  • We love Chrissy!

  • Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • "so you want to go in like 2-3 inches" zooms in on brad :,) 2:25

  • How is she so rich? Parents money?

  • Chrissy and Brad should have done it you know? They would have beautiful babies

  • she has the best laugh

  • Brad in Connecticut!

  • Brad really tapped it

  • Those “splits” in the trees you pointed out are called “Nodes” if you wanted to know the botanical term Brad!

  • in canada you get light, amber and dark syrup, I always assumed it was based on how long it was cooked and not on the seasonality! Very interesting. I'm all about the dark syrup

  • thanks Brad.

  • It should be a crime to be vegan .....sorry i’m a cook and would never go there.

  • Thank you native Americans for teaching us about maple syrup.

  • took me a little bit to start watching the new chefs but theyre personalities are absolutely incredible. good on BA for actually taking steps to correct what they have done wrong in the past. Chrissy, Harold , DeVonn, Melissa, Lana, Samantha, Susan, & whoever I'm missing have more than shown why they deserve to be on display. Keep on being amazing yall!

  • kevin is no vinny, but he's a great kev

  • Now I want a titanium spatula

  • The sound guy really dropped the ball in this episode.

  • I love how Crissey laugh it's so refreashing

  • Chrissy is Awesome - Brad is Awesome - Double Awesome.

  • Awesome I really wanna try this I love maple

  • I love when he calls his camera guy babe

  • Brad, did you tap that!?!?!😐😍😍🤣🤣🤣🙌🏽

  • chrissy got a nice pair of sweater meat 😉

  • Jesus, she's so beautiful. This was a great video, haha.

  • Brad with the Jerry shirt!

  • "We need some new drill bits".... Well then, time to get ol' Jimmy Diresta back on the show.

  • When she says “you know it’s good when it squirts all over your face” I couldn’t agree more, but please let my girl know

  • She’s pretty cool an pretty funny I really thought she was working with you not just a guest lol. Pretty easy to make syrup never knew.

  • bro wussup with volume

  • Vegan pancakes, yuck

  • Ouu she’s purty

  • I smiled throughout this entire video. 22 minutes and 55 seconds long.

  • Tapping maple trees actually creates an 18-in tall by approximately 6-in wide inner scar on the cambium, phloem, and xylem layers. This scar takes many many years to heal, and if you were to put buckets all around a tree or sap lines, You would damage that cambium layer all the way around, making it very very difficult for that tree to exchange important nutrients. I think it's important to put this knowledge out there because for so many years(until just recently) people who tapped trees would just look for a big root to tap over. Or under a large branch, but sap flows equally throughout a (healthy) maple tree, and tapping in the same spot year after year(usually with as many buckets as they could fit) but that just damages the tree, and lessons the amount of sap that you're actually going to get. If anyone's curious about more maple research, and how you can increase your efficiency, I highly suggest that you check out what the proctor maple foundation has done recently with their research.

  • idk if anyone wants to know but that kind of branching brads talking about is called dichotomous branching and it’s a great start to identifying trees, especially in the winter when there’s no leaves ☺️

  • Красивая мадама!

  • Chrissy is awesome!

  • Yo she cute af

  • like, it’s close to Hunzi’s editing, but it’s definitely NOT Hunzi’s editing...

  • the boyfriend just standing there and seeing his girlfriend laughing at Brad's stupid jokes

  • Brad: djzlwjdkzkswkakdjsjqqkdozkxjswkdkskshcucjdjfjsslfkdhuiroeowhdlcnzlakxbzlakwjdocjvjfbftphkdnxzkamwjflc chrissy: yup mmhmm yup mmhmm yup mm hmmm

  • Brad is the epitome of a likable person

  • Someone please tell me what shirt he's wearing. That camo with the deer is so cool. I can't find it anywhere.

  • I love Brads Jerry Garcia shirt! Was the first thing I noticed!

  • This was a great episode, Put brad in any situation with similarly amazing people and its going to be high quality edutainment

  • “That’s ok you can bust my chops”

  • lost me at vegan. Pancakes need eggs and butter.

  • 2:06 “if the diameter’s over 10 inches, that’s a good indicator that you can tap it.” I’m with you sis...

    • It's OK, you're only going 2-3 inches

    • Most women can't tap 10

  • You can tell it's a maple because of the way it is.

  • I find her very attractive not just looks but her whole vibe

  • VEGAN pancakes?? Im unsubscribing!

  • Those pancakes look soooo delicious

  • She is amazing oh god

  • golden retriever and chrissy

  • "10 inches in diameter, usually a good indicator to tap it" -words to live by

  • literally the only thing you can hear in this video is the title song thats 100db louder than any of the other audio...

  • Wish you could join my fsmily when we tap our one sugar maple tree in our backyard. We have fun but you would just up the fun factor. Live watching your enthusiasm for everything!

  • Just searched for Brad and Leone was only one suggestion below Pitt.....yeah Buddyyyyy!

  • I've got no complains regarding to the content of the video, I love Brad's content but FFS how can you be so terrible at syncing audio volume levels? I couln't hear any of the talking so I had to turn up the volume, then the intro music blew a hole into the wall. Now I'm too afraid watch this video until I'm with headphones.

  • Warning for those who watch this in the future. The intro jingle is FAR louder than their voices.