How I Won The London Mayor Election

Publisert 2. juni. 2021
What happens when a youtuber runs for london mayor? Well this documentary will show you, hope you enjoy it.
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Due to an error, a hugely important person was left from credits. Special thanks to NDL campaign advisor Ayaz Ali who was instrumental in our success.
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  • "If ppl don't wanna listen all you gotta do is talk louder" lmao. count binface? lolololol I wanna visit London

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  • lmao raise minimum wage by 6.9%

  • Trolling London: because Minecraft wasn't enough

  • I love you Niko

  • I’d vote for you if I could

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  • This is honestly inspiring

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  • The movie Idiocracy in real life!

  • Quite the lesson in viral marketing across so many different marketing channels for conversions (votes). The medium is the message and content is always King.

  • "Then remove their teeth!"

  • Why he look like Kyle exum

  • Poor Lawrance Fox😂

  • I think that Karen missed the point Niko mentions in 32:00. That Niko had a very strong message that Karen’s are blinded to and political parties need to and will have to take note of.

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  • Moral of the Story: Just be yourselves lads

  • Dear NOwine algo, I didnt wish to see this. Regards,


  • 'wow' thats all I have to say!!

  • russians next election make niko mayor please

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  • "should people be putting their vote to a youtube who is 23 and probably doesn't have as much experience as the others?" "Yes because I'm the most honest of the lot" DAMN

  • One question though.. What if you actually won?

  • This video will solidify you as a legend my guy. I'm literally watching this thinking how much power i have as youth in my country. you're younger than me and you're already showing the world what 1 man is capable of.. i'm inspired and yeah i'll say it.. NDL international 😎

  • I think young people would be more into politics if that shit wasn't an optional thing to teach yourself. But Niko actually was the best candidate: He was a person, not a politician.

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  • Niko... This is brilliant... Can we all make and vote this Man on incoming election..? .. You will get there one day Niko...

  • Why is nobody comment about "count bin face"?

  • Nilo won’t make video cause his the mayor:(

  • that's epic.

  • fucking inspiring, best thing ive seen come out of youtube

  • impressive but can you become a homeless person for a month and see what it;s like to be homeless. or you give up?

  • Niko omelano yes!

  • If I lived in London I would have voted for you. I believe you actually wanted to make a difference as apposed to the untouchables who were simply after a promotion. You were not trying to make a living, you were trying to make London a better place. There is nothing more appealing to me than that and I wish there was someone like you running in Canada. Congrats on 5th place

  • at least i dont live in london

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  • The production value on this is crazy high

  • Never underestimate the youth 😂

  • Dude We Love you!

  • VIDEO IDEA!!!! You should go to THAT art gallery and see if your painting is there!

  • VIDEO IDEA!!!! You should go to THAT art gallery and see if your painting is there!

  • VIDEO IDEA!!!! You should go to THAT art gallery and see if your painting is there!

  • raise minimum wage by 6.9% NDL for president

  • “Bunch of posh neeks”😂😂😂

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  • whoever voted for fox needs to get their teeth removed.

  • The new age of a new world has begun.

  • Politicians are a disgrace, so idc

  • 16:33 little did he know, thats how elections in japan are every time. Except, louder with more speakers.

  • Rip to the guy who lost to a Bin AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Sadiq Khan win again goodbye london end is near

  • Why does he have on those toddler sunglasses on the thumbnail?

  • 4 years later how I became mayor of London

  • congrats niko!!!!

  • He is everything🔥💖

  • Moral of the Story: Just be yourselves lads

  • "From one BBC to another" that made me chuckle

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  • Whoever edited this deserves a raise It’s like a documentary

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  • 2:43 PCM meme in the wild

  • for the turn off all power in london and call it londoff i like it but try not to turn off power in hospitals bc u would unplug life support 💀


  • this is the british version of kanye west running for us president

  • Lol

  • that is modness

  • I actually sad he didn't win... this could have been a big step into improving the world...

  • NDL!!!!

  • Im not even from england im so happy for this

  • uk: NDL US: BIDEN me: Who the fuck cares?

  • bro really popped off and did something good outta this. RESPECT MAN

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  • Beli Preletačević did it before it was popular B)

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  • 20:48 count binface lmao

  • good job -

  • 5:52

  • Representation is one thing, understanding and running Billion $ budgets and being a Mayor is very different, it seems immature and foolhardy despite the manipulated and bought outcome. Lets hope you take it seriously and work closely with those that do and have wisdom to bring to the hype. Empathy has no sides, respect and grace come more naturally as we grow, all the best Niko

  • if i wasn't Canadian i would have totally voted for him

  • Go for mayor again next time. That was also entertaining, thrilling and exciting. All in all, good job Niko.

  • bro this gave me chills

  • Hands down one of the best NOwine vids I've ever watched 🤝🔥

  • I like how the Mexicans said freddo prices bad.

  • so you didnt win

  • "Won"


  • I’m so proud

  • This felt like a documentary

  • whats the song around 30:48