The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  • Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

  • That intro was... ......Disturbing-

  • It's called "Oversimplified" yet here we have a highly detailed 1hr documentary. If this guy doesn't watch out, Oversimplified is going to get HardcoreHistory'd. That is, 1 release a year, but of extreme quality.

  • 20:40

  • 17:27 how long Napoleon lasted before canceled

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  • Putting this in 2×times speed so i can watch both parts before taking my exam in an half hour

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  • What I learnt from this video: Napoleonic wars: nah Napoleon's height: yeahhh

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  • to be honest i think the age shaming is great

  • Winter war and continuation war next

  • Why do I get shivers when I hear Napoleon's mother giving birth to him and his army. Also this 0:37

  • Napoleon used Nord VPN to bypass European firewall.

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  • C'est très simplifié....même si Joséphine embrassait bien en effet....

  • Absolutely love the storytelling and humor!

  • "Napoleon makes Egypt cry for its mummy" clever, très clever

  • British had money hah I wonder were it came from. 🤔🤣🤣

  • Nice

  • Oversimplified: Napoleon was short Also Oversimplified: Napoleon's head could be seen from miles.

  • i like how he watches as soldiers pile up on top of him

  • 13:02 The name is Suvorov, not Suvurov. Alexander Suvorov, one of the greatest military commanders in Russian history. He is widely known for not losing a single battle in his career while taking part in a lot of wars including Seven Years' War, First and Second Russo-Turkish Wars, and the War of the Second Coalition.

  • Hey, i love your videos! can you please make one about the Tyrolian Rebellion in 1809?

  • These videos are the best


  • Watching this the 2nd time, it is actually very inspiring and entertaining

  • Do Russian civil war

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  • This enranged the British, who punished him severely

    • This enraged Napoleon, who punished the rest of Europe severely

  • If Napoleon stopped at Germany and didn't invade Russia, he would have won.

  • “What did you say you little prick?!” Lmao I would say that

  • Intro.....

  • Could you please cover -Alexander the Great's life and the campaigns he went on -the Mexican-American War -South-American revolutionary movements -the Mexican Revolution -Seven Years' War -100 years' war -Julius Caesar's military campaigns (and life in general) in some of your future videos?

  • That nord vpn ad was too smooth

  • Napoleon being short This enraged his father who punished him severely

  • If France never surrendered in WW2, Austria will still be the one getting mocked for surrendering 😂

    • At least, Austria could claim to compete alone against the French Empire at its peak, and even beat Napoleon on the battlefield without the help of allies, in 1809. Nothing comparable with the Prussians for example, who lost practically their entire army in less than a month in October 1806, most often by capitulations. Special mention at the siege of Stettin, during which 5,000 Prussians surrendered to 800 French without siege weapons.

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  • Fun fact: “sacre bleu” is a French word for damn it


  • 12:17 I guess the Bolognese stole the bucket from someone too!

  • If anyone needs this 6:44 12:41

  • There's so much about Oversimplified that is great, but the horses with the googly eyes never fails to just kill me.

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  • The OverSimplified life: Learn 60 days of history then simplify them into 1 hour to make a video and repeat.

  • This man was a genius

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