Montaigne (Australia Eurovision 2021) "Technicolour" | Wiwi Jam at Home

Montaigne from Australia performs her Eurovision 2021 entry "Technicolour" at the Wiwi Jam at Home 2021 concert.

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Cinan - cinansdl

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  • ok but her outfit looks so good on her here

  • ❤️✨Queen ✨❤️

  • Eargasm

  • her voice is quite remarkable!

  • Love this performance!

  • She should of came first

  • Such a good vocalist! Her voice is so nice and effortless, her control is amazing and her performing skills are amazing as well. Love her!

  • Вона заслуговує кращого..... Моя улюблениця з цього євробачення🥺❤️🇺🇦

  • I'm so sorry she didn't get to take to this to the big stage - as an Aussie I'm immensly proud of her! Fingers crossed she gets to write the official song for the world cup here in Aus in two years!!!

  • 2:27 hahaha! Well this song is technically very difficult to sing but she did great.

  • Greetings from Ukraine! We love U!♥

  • She is an amazing artist, well done Montaigne! 💖

  • I personally believe she didn’t make the final because she wasn’t singing live at the event.

    • @Viorel Dima I think Iceland still performed on stage live for the judges performance but went into quarantine just before the live final. For the television voters it was that performance that was played so there was no loss of continuity.

    • @James Kinnear oh I thought you were saying she wasn’t SINGING live (lip syncing )

    • @ahl_ legx it was a live recording played at the event, she wasn’t live on the stage at the event.

    • She did sing live

    • @Viorel Dima Iceland had performance from the actual Eurovision arena so it is different..

  • She sounds so good

  • Oh my gorgeous Montaigne! you are queen of my heart

  • Love it - destroyed she didn't make it to the final

  • Montaigne is one of the most extraordinary person I’ve ever seen.I mean in the positive meaning.Should’ve qualified.That’s pity.

  • It's unfair that she didn't pass to final((((

  • 2:18 😍😂🤪😍😂🤪

  • love this song. it deserves to be in the final

  • I'm still so sad that she didn't qualify to final(( Literally queen

    • Same. But final was also a bloodbath so somewhat glad she didn't have to be part of that.

  • The vocals are better than in her live on tape video. I'm really sad that Montaigne had such a disatvantage

    • @Sailor Doggo idk, I've seen her live before. This doesn't live up to what I saw, she was absolutely incredible

    • @Absurd Bird Yes. She can sing. It's just in this take she maybe was very fried and had vocal fatigue. She is cool and the song is also pretty cool. Quite catchy and brainwormy.

    • @Sailor Doggo she obviously CAN sing (like keeping pitch, even doing vocal ornamentations and such), it's only a matter of taste if you like her *way* of singing.

    • @Sailor Doggo i totally agree, that was cringe

    • @Rose Tyler I am not trolling. It's just my opinion.

  • This song is so creative. Such a pity it's not in the final. It could stand out.

  • Excellent!

  • This is so much better than many that actually made the final.

    • *cough* Moldova *cough*

    • Why, serbia, why

  • ❤️

  • She is so great❤️. Europe shame on you🙁

  • Beautiful song! Magnificent performer. No final???

  • Jarring and messy song with patchy vocals Sounds like a cat drowning

    • @C A nah 90% 😁

    • @trojanpony more like 40% of it 😁

    • I don’t think you appreciate how technically difficult this song is to sing, and she nailed about 90% of it.

    • A great vocal tbh, some people just hear things differently for the better or worse i guess

  • She is amazing.

  • Robbed Queen ❤️

  • should have qualified :(

  • She really deserved a spot in the final... 😭😭😭 The song is a banger and she is so cool!