Senhit (San Marino Eurovision 2021) "Adrenalina" - Special Version | Wiwi Jam at Home

Senhit from San Marino performs a special version of her Eurovision 2021 song "Adrenalina" at the Wiwi Jam at Home 2021 concert.

You can watch our full Wiwi Jam at Home 2021 concert here:

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Cinan - cinansdl

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  • Furriesssssss

  • She deserved so much more for all the effort she put in. I hope San Marino doesn't go back to their joke entries now.

  • I adore that it's called a special version, it for sure is special. Love it. Senhit is such a character and this song is great in any form.

  • thank you, 13 points lmao

  • SHE WAS SO ROBBED love from Cyprus 🇨🇾

  • always my number 1 22nd? insanity

  • Mi dispiace che hai avuto così pochi voti dal pubblico, sicuramente meritavi una top 5

  • Adrenalina ❤️❤️

  • Is she wearing a wig?

  • Sweetheart.

  • What a cool mum!!!!

  • Senhit, la tua mamma è bellissima, che figata! Grazie per presentarcela e auguri stasera, comunque vada, hai gia vinto! Spacca!

  • the queen of esc

  • Thank you WiWi blogs .This is beautiful. I love the fact her mother is part of it. Xx

  • Sweeeeeet!

  • I'd love for this to win and I'm loving this version of the song

  • Her mom is cool 🙌

  • I love it

  • stupenda

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • These versions should be compiled and released in Spotify.

  • Wow!! Her mom is so cool!

  • Kobila

  • This is real cool!!!! (But my heart is taken by Italy 🔥)

  • Is Senhit from a Yemeni decent? Her mom hair piece and also the golden crown in her eurovision performance... :)

  • когда она всё успевает)

  • Lovely. Her mom is lovely too.

  • omg !!! applause WIWI .....for getting this !

  • I love her! Her Mum looks so good, what do they do in this family to stay looking so young? She has mad budget too!

    • That's the eritrean ancestry, most of the eritrean/amharic people age very very well 👑

  • Suzanne? It looks like you!

    • Now i cant unsee it haha

  • Wooow

  • ICONIC 😍

  • epic