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Publisert 7. mai. 2021
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Pain au Chocolat:
Ham and Cheese Croissants:
Almond Croissants:

Claire Saffitz is here for the first installment of Try This at Home, a new series where Claire walks you through different baking projects and techniques. Croissants are up first, and while they may not be easy or breezy, they sure are beautiful.

0:00 - 2:13: INTRO
2:13 - 5:03 Détrempe
5:03 - 8:20 Butter block
8:20 - 9:48 Lock butter
9:48 - 12:04 First turn
12:04 - 13:34 Second turn
13:34 - 14:18 Preshape
14:18 - 19:00 Roll, cut, proof
19:00 - 20:09 Egg wash
20:09 - 23:11 Bake and eat
23:11 - 24:52 Pain au chocolat
24:52 - 25:42 Ham and cheese
25:42 - 27:42 Almond croissant
27:42 - End: Croissant party




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  • HHHHHHHUGE and don't look enough aerate. Humble french opinion. Not really what we can find in our bakeries. (I'm not saying these are not good).

  • No one can comments such professional performance ever for an awesome croissants much better than the famous bakery.. we should not blame our home appliances as long as there is professionalism prepare every step with tolerance. Excellent you are, you deserve the top mark thumbs up 👍. wish you always success and prosperity.

  • Damn that’s why they’re like five bucks

  • I made them and putting them in the freezer for 20minutes really helps, I was really impressed by the result.

  • "the length isn't as important as the thickness." Nice

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  • These came out spectacular. Thank you, Claire!

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  • Claire is so skilled at explaining 'why' we do certain steps and techniques and it was so helpful. I have tried making croissants at home before and no one ever knew because I don't share food failures. The heat and humidity in Hawaii turns pastry making into a frantic nightmare but these croissants came out so soft and crispy/flaky! By the time I got to cutting the triangles I was so excited and cut the rectangle in half by accident which produced 16 really cute croissants. No biggie because they were a hit at the potluck and there were more to share. Thank you Claire!!

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  • I failed on making this pastry so many times, but how detailed and informative Claire is, guided me through! Thank you! Will update later!

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  • Best croissant recipe from an American I saw...!! Love from france

  • It's Chocolatine. Not "Pain au chocolat".

  • I’ve made croissants ONCE! And let me tell you, they’ve been one of the best I’ve ever had. But Ima just stick to bakery bought ones. It’s a TON of work!!

  • Make one without a Stan mixer

  • I followed your recipe and it was AMAZING. We all loved it. Thank you 😊

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  • I will take a batch cut them(hot dog style lol) leave them crumb side up out over night and the next morning make them French Toast (in the oven not skillet)

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  • very nice recipe!!! is it ok with instant dry yeast. I only have it at home. Thanks a lot!

  • What can I sub for the egg wash

    • Fellow vegan?? :D U can use a) plant milk w high sugar content or I usually dont have that on hand so I usually use b) alpro custard (because it has starch+sugar, ahvent seen it anywhere though so this is anecdotal).

  • This is the second thing I’ve made from Claire’s videos, the last was her BA kitchen pop tarts. She is so knowledgeable and breaks down the reasons why certain steps are important! The croissants were buttery and fluffy - was honestly surprised at how well they turned out for a first time attempt! Thanks Claire xx

    • Sounds awesome! Sorry about this stupid question but I was a bit confused: do you roll+fold all the layers in the same direction ( with the folds, would make sense from looks) or do you alternate sides, aka rolling from one "opening"(three layer dough fold line thing) to another?

  • There’s no recipe wherecarecthexneasuremebts and weights ?

  • Hey I have tried many n many more recipes for croissants from last year but I was not getting any Ur recipes is just was a god’s gift for me every time I make this croissants I know I will get it perfect done ✅ thank you soo much for ur recipe

  • Loved the video! Inspires me! Side note I was confused at the 23:55 mark. I felt like a different clip was added it on accident.

  • Making it at home is more expensive than buying it from the bakery

  • .

  • I would like to say as a British person, instead of plastic wrap, when rising, we useualy place the dough in a large plastic pag, with a siz on - but don't know if something like that would be avalible in America.

  • OK! I got my first batch of croissants, BEAUTIFUL, laminated, got the honeycomb texture and all...a little leak of butter when baking but not much. The second batch to be finished tomorrow, should be just perfect:) Thanks for all the details! I tried this before, but didn't have much success until today. Blessings:)

  • I watch Claire’s videos everyday and I love her! I had tried some of her recipes and succeeded. Am I the only one who cannot enclose the butter properly? It keeps on leaking out of the dough. The country where I’m living is very humid, the butter melts quickly. Tried it multiple times and I still cannot get into the last fold. It’s mentally devastating me. Some tips?

  • Thanks for all the details. One question: every time I try to make croissants (or puff pastry, for that matter), the butter inside the dough "cracks" on the second fold! How long should I keep out of fridge before attempting to roll? Any other suggestions? Appreciate your reply!

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  • Squaring The Dough-Once I remove the scored dough from the mixer I place it in an 8" square baking pan that has been lined with plastic wrap. This allows me to force it into a near perfect square of even thickness, while deflating it at the same time. The dough can then be easily removed and wrapped as needed for chilling.

  • 6:56 no i cant see that lol

  • One of the most beautiful croissant ever seen!! Thank you so much for sharing, but still one Q about what type of your oven?

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  • :mumbles over quantities: Luckily, recipe is linked in the description. Paywall, lol, sucks to be you.

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  • I just started working at a little European bakery in the early mornings to learn and become proficient at croissant making. I am now making croissants everyday, and found this video an absolute delight. Great tips not used at the bakery. And I love the way she applies the yolk/cream wash. Brilliant.

  • You scratched your head than handled your dough. NO GOOD.

  • Great tutorial! One question--When you bake the almond croissants, what's the temperature and the time? Thanks in advance. I think I'll have to wait until autumn or winter to try this. We're having a very hot summer and my kitchen isn't air conditioned. :-( Also, I have to figure out where to roll out the dough. No kitchen table and the counters aren't wide enough. Maybe I just need to find another house to bake in.

  • In the proofing stage what's the point of humidifying the oven if the croissants are covered with plastic? People use the humidifying trick when their croissants proof uncovered.

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  • man I hope I could get all those organic ingredients over here

  • If you've been wanting to make croissants, use this recipe! I've tried Tartine's version 5 or 6 times and have always had issues. Right away this dough was so much easier to work with and all of Claire's little tips (like pushing the dough away instead of pressing as you roll out) made a huge difference. These came out perfectly. Claire has a gift for baking and teaching.

  • I'm definitely going to try this recipe b/c I absolutely LOVE real French croissants. First, I need to buy a house with countertops I can roll it out onto, unlike my current home. Then, I will buy a dough mixer. I will then move again where I can buy that fresh butter, and all I need then is a rolling pin like yours, cause all I have is the old-style rolling pin. I see me doing this very soon, like in 2034. Til then, can I buy some croissants from you?

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  • I used to spread butter on my croissants until I made them and realised they ARE mostly butter.

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