Publisert 25. mai. 2021

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  • NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

    • @Top Shotta10 Nope, he's Not a fawkin insect .

    • Go away

    • Nice Googin bait

    • Whatever you found,leave it alone

    • @Tanvir Hasan Here you go buddy: I can't vouch for the quran version. Uncle Moh liked to change things to his liking, and give credit to some newly invented "god" named allah-cadabra or something like that. 😉 Find a good Bible (Tree of Life version is quite good) for the full story of the Prophet Jonah.

  • You shouldn’t do that to a cicada there really cool and they are nice to look at but just recording it die for Tik Tok that’s stupid.

  • How is u not scared of that it’s has like 10 and 5 billion eyes

  • Hold on did he just pick up a bug with his BARE HANDS?!

  • It’s pronounced sac-ata

  • Dude, I think they really want that skin on your hand more than that cicada-

  • Poor bug 🐜 lol

  • DEEEEEE-famous last words 😔

  • That doesn't look like a cicada

  • They promote in animal cruelty (jkjk)

  • Yall here that bug scream for mercy?

  • No everyone is said that comment that's bad you're killing it innocent bug's Life what did the bug ever do to you didn't use it special karate skills and kill your mom no so you shouldn't kill him

  • the noise it made when he picked him up attualy tells you that he is a boy because if the cicada was a girl it would either make no noise or a clicking noise

  • Godamn he was just chillin then you fed him to fish wtf bro

  • 👁️👁️ 🦗⚰️

  • Secret? Since when, used to fish with them when they emerged when I was a kid. Crickets too. Man people today are like "hey I got this super secret life hack to share" yeah okay, been around for decades. Kinda like all these miniature ac commercials that are basically swamp coolers that the commercial claimed is some new tech.

  • That’s funny

  • No why did kill bug im actualy sad now

  • Dad: i got mcdonalds My siblings:what

  • Not cool man.. you just killed that poor thing for your stupid video. Leave nature alone man. If it’s land in the water and get eating then that’s on it.. but you don’t pick it and throw it in the water..

  • Me just wondering how he got the cicada so easily without it escaping

  • HandZ look crusty

  • This man is the cause of human extinction in 1500 years in the future

  • I feel like I just witnessed a murder 😨

  • He did not just pick up a bug with his bare hands and offer it as a sacrifice to those fish 💀

  • What is wrong with your finger bro , see a doctor

  • How do people just pick up bugs tf 😭


  • Hey! In todays video we are gonna brutally feed some fish a poor defenceless creature!

  • Ngl I feel kinda sad about this


  • The cicadas final scream made this short into a dramatic movie

  • I am😡 with you

  • 🦗:👁👄👁

  • Блять, даже жалко её стало. Это пиздец(😥😥😥

  • Cicada/roach: minds his own business eating Him: I'mma bout to ruin your life

  • Omg poor cicada was just chilling with a stick until the hand of god took and him fed him to fish 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • R.I.P cicada

    • minding its own business then you should too 🙄

  • Poor thing

  • This is why I hate tiktok

  • 😒

  • Killing living things for a video. Dick

  • Can anyone hear the Buzz Sound

  • He picked it up when I saw len yesterday and locked myself in the bathroom

  • Dude what’s your problem

  • awww no :((( his little one last cry in the end before he got yeeted

  • Yikes

  • The second cicada shouting murderer!!!

  • Isn’t this a cockroach?

  • okey l hate bugs and l want to puke when l see them and l feel scared when someone even touches them but l feel bad for that bug he was just chillin and then some random giant creature picks him up and throws him to fishes POOR BUG

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • noooooo

  • I've seen ppl fighting here on whether cicadas are harmful, useless, noisy etc. And whether they deserves or not deserve to live, and I was like WTF?! Humans are also harmful for environment either directly or indirectly, if cicadas are are harmful or useless then same applies to a human, you don't just yeet a person in water for a "Tiktok". If that cicada is minding its own business then you should too 🙄

  • The cicada screamed in terror in fear, for it had heard legends, not never expected to meet it's demise at the hands of the giant

  • Cicada 3301

  • It’s ok; they deserve worse

  • he got some balls just picking that up

  • The cicada is screaming

  • The cicada :- what a nice day Me Sees a tictoker comes* Me:-rip in advance

  • :Bug just minding their own business... :Gets grabbed by hand :drowns and gets eaten by fish 😶

  • This man just snatched my boi then he gon

  • A small price to pay For entertainment

  • Me and my siblings when my mom came back with McDonald's

  • Eeeeww

  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Uhhhhhhhh

  • Uhhhh

  • Thats fucked up

  • The cicada was just baskin in the sun and then gets sacrificed to the fish by a tiktoker

  • He say don't blink me: trying to hold my sneezing🤧

  • Poor cicada

  • Should have played Circle of Life at the end

  • Cicada was minding his own business until a TikToker came and feeded the fishes

  • nowine.info_CENunyEYTo?feature=share Hi

  • :

  • I used to love cicadas as a kid, watching this back then would've killed me

  • My man was just chillin then the fish fought over his legs!

  • U just got my mans killed

  • Cicada was just chilling with his friend and having a beautiful day and U JUST FREAKING KILL IT

  • Did he just kill Insect for his View .....Tik- toker Bloody Murderer....

  • Dude just killed a bug for a NOwine short I do not approve

  • Okay everyone be talking about the cicada but I’m wondering wtf happened to his thumb? I thought it was a bandage at first but on closer looks, it doesn’t look like a bandaid…

  • Rip bug he will bring missed

  • What kinda sadistic animal violence

  • Mom I've just witnessed a MurDeRrr😰

  • He realizes cicadas come around every 17 years so how are you going to use this bait

  • What's on ur finger

  • The Innocent cicada just vibing, why, why would you do that :(

  • ohmyagod hesdead

  • Cicada tiktok genocide 😔🙏🏻

  • wtf guys i cant bileve that people eat these insects tho. (this comment is not related to the video) i have seen that many selll these in choclates. wtf and if covid has came through bats then its your fault that you eat so bad and dirty animals

  • This is why humanity is bad. Leave it be. It’d be one thing I’d you were fishing with it but you killed it for no reason at all.