Overnight In The World's Smallest Airbnb

Publisert 1. jan.. 2021
I can't believe I stayed in the WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSE for 24 hours straight lol I'm so awesome!

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Ryan Trahan stays in the WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSE for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT. So amazing!


  • WE ARE BACK! 🎊🎈🔥 What do y’all think about the vid / new branding? 👁

    • Hiii

    • The vid was sick and Jeff is inspiring

    • great about the branding

    • Ur amazing 💀💀😂😂. But who breaks in at midnight?

    • How much to buy the bnb and how much for service

  • 10cence adeded

  • This vid is so akward

  • Jeff Smith is a 𝑳𝑬𝑮𝑬𝑵𝑫

  • Me please can I get a dollar?


  • Honestly there is smaller

  • "jeff energy"


  • Cool content bro. Your vids are like crack

  • Jeff Energy

  • He looks like bill gates

  • don't pick me for the money thing cuz ye

  • Jefh Smith is a legend love his art

  • Was that just a random kid?

  • Jeff is that dad every one wants ;(

  • 8:26 that my country lang Vietnam lel

  • Can u give it to me? Lol

  • Why does jeff look like he is in a documentary 9:06

  • that looks pretty sick ngl

  • how also amazing

  • ten cents added!

  • i grew up right where this video was filmed. Ive spent hundreds of hours at that library where he camped outside of. ive eaten countless slices of pizza from Pinnochios, had lunch on the science center plaza, and so much more. this video really reminded me how much i miss it

  • When’s the giveaway Ryan? 😮‍💨

  • respect that music ngl L0l

  • at 6:03 i feel like i know that kid in some 5th grade hell

  • Almost dies by park addict and fire and still is happy. Mine will be lighter

  • the house wont fit for me im like 162 cm im still 12 Y.O how much is ur tall ryan sorry my english is bad im from indonesia

  • jeff energy

  • it's ciao not chao XD

  • Jeff energy

  • I hata you because you said bad word

  • Who tf sees a tiny house and trying to break into it at midnight

  • 5:03 totally not me searching the yt

  • People in Tokyo: Ohh that's a nice place

  • E


  • you could be an ant, and PIzza can be delivered.

  • I just wanna let anyone else who sees this know that God loves them and that it’s not too late to give their loves to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior 🙏 ❤️✝️

  • Well done Jeff smith

  • Spending the night in the minions headquarters

  • This seems scaryyyy

  • Very good content You need more!! :D

  • Jeff Energy

  • 6:47 I thought the whole thing was gonna be burnt but the censor sound lol

  • jeff energy

  • I sub

  • 4700 comment

  • WHY

  • jeff energy

  • It's so small

  • I think the guy who made the house is insane

  • yes popcorn good

  • 1:15 My school principal is called Jeff Smith...

  • that guy that was trying to get in, in midnight was maybe a person trying to teach u some math or something. GREAT VIDEO LOVE ALL THE VIDS

  • Jeff is a legend

  • 🥰


  • why was this so funny!! lol. That overnight stay was jokes.

  • Powerful Jeff energy right here

  • Jeff energy

  • Bro the people including Jeff who pushed the little house are legends

  • Omg 6:42

  • Rrrrrrr

  • Bruh Jeff smith looks like bill gates


  • Lmao buddy let the gas run to long

  • Do you make a hotel flying but it's small

  • You almost died tryna make popcorn

  • another amazing video. did u find out who the freak of the night was?

  • Jeff energy

  • Anyone else got that Jeff Energy?


  • [visual pain] uuuuugg the cramps

  • I have been inside of that TINY house

  • Does he not know girls watch him too

  • The hell

  • jeff energy

  • Holy moly bigg

  • Wtf you swear

  • Man this really gives me Jeff Energy

  • Lets give it up for Jeff!😂👍



  • man I wouldn't have let him in either he was trying to teach you calculous

  • bruh the small hands nocking against the window killed me

  • Sleep On The Smallest hotel In the World for 50 Hours

  • Ryan: *Almost get's burned* Also Ryan : That was insane dude.

    • i don't get the joke he said bad words so that means he was really scared so is this post to mean something?

  • 6:49

  • wait have you got claustrophobia? (the fear of being in enclosed spaces) 616 million ppl are affected by it

  • jeff energy

  • 👁👄👁

  • I subbed now you know the deal

  • I was about to sleep it's 1:45am but then I opened NOwine and I saw the recommended list and I saw this so you know now I am watching it :>

  • Jeff Energy

  • Where can I buy one of these

  • I’m so confused on the police thing

  • :O

  • Jeff Energy

  • Do you speak another language?