'Hot Ones' Guests Impressed by Sean Evans' Questions (Seasons 1-4)

Publisert 24. april. 2019
Evidence for why Sean Evans is the best host on the internet.

This is a compilation of the best questions asked on 'Hot Ones', Seasons 1-4, where celebrities are impressed by Sean's questions, research, and general interviewing skills.

Part 2: nowine.info/loft/mHiprqW2ibeYZqA/video
Part 3: nowine.info/loft/b3yWa4zdaatsh4Y/video
Part 4: nowine.info/loft/nGmOsKXHpthwh3I/video
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Featured Guests:
0:00 Tony Yayo
0:24 MGK
0:51 T.J. Miller
0:56 Joey Fatone
1:12 Key & Peele
1:31 Eddie Huang
2:33 Chris D'Elia
2:40 Redman
3:26 Rob Gronkowski
3:48 Joe Budden
5:11 Bert Kreischer
5:52 Jay Pharoah
5:57 Post Malone
6:15 N.O.R.E.
6:57 Padma Lakshmi
7:08 Charlie Sloth
8:37 Dax Shepard
8:49 Charlamagne Tha God
9:31 Neil deGrasse Tyson
9:45 Andy Cohen
10:38 Coyote Peterson
10:57 Cara Delevingne
11:06 Steve-O
12:39 A$AP Ferg
12:52 Kevin Durant
13:23 Henry Rollins
14:11 Dillon Francis
15:00 Artie Lange
16:35 Wale
17:24 Bob Saget
17:37 Alexa Chung
18:10 Logic
19:34 Bobby Lee


  • okay i know i misspelled gronk's name pls stop

  • I wonder if sean tells the guest afterwards how he knows

  • YEA Chrono Trigger has the best OST!

  • i am Zackary Allen Jensen i need to be on your show, challenge me to hot ones i dare you?!?!!!?

  • “I’m having a stroke Sean!” lol

  • Get Nardwar on freak each other out with obscure details about one another.

  • 2:00 anyone that goes around still believing that there is a difference in between Democrat and Republican. you are correct but you're also stupid because there is no in-between. what happened to that. the in between the understanding in between two sides. that believed in their own selves but we're willing to compromise with the opposite

  • It's the Graham Norton show but with hot wings. Celebs get to be themselves.

  • It's cute how he gets low-key embarrassed each time they compliment him

  • I have a feeling him and NikkiTutorials will vibe with each other. Knowing the fact that she's the host for an interview segment in Eurovision 2021 called the LookLab, and she did a pretty great job in interviewing the artists. I'd love to see that.

  • Out of everything he could’ve ate from liverpool, gravy and chips what the fuck 😂

  • I’m sorry, did you call Rob gronkowski “Ron”???????

  • the henry rollins answer was really cool

  • Ron Gronkowski? Who is Ron Gronkowski?

  • Eddie Huangs answer was the most thought trough and well spoken idea ive heard in a long time, big respect to him!

  • This just makes me want to make my life goal to interview Sean and impress him.

  • Can’t tell if you clickbait on purpose or if you’re just stupid

  • I love bert kreischer saying he was let down cause he thought there'd be beer, followed by post drinking a beer lmao

  • Is it just me that thinks steve-o would make a great joker in a movie or voice joker in a animated series?

  • Sean I’m having a STROKE 😂😂

  • Apparently when i skydove for the first time, it was with the guy that skydove with steve-o in a speedo for his comedy tour. I wore too many pieces of clothing and he wore a suit lmfao

  • 7:55 This man is describing his countries BEST cousine and its literally 2am drunk food lmaoooo

  • the funiest part is always that Sean, when asked "how do you know all that" is just like " o.o "why wouldnt I?, im interviewing you, its my job" like he obviously feels the bar is low for interviewing

  • I thought there would be beer😂


  • Watching Andy Cohen freggin realizing, in real time, all his friends smoke all his weed is hilarious as fuck

  • Love this! nowine.info/loft/n6-hpIu0h76bgJw/video

  • How about Bobby Tarantino, shit!

  • who the hell is nardwuarD

  • He's really Nardwuar in disguise

  • Man, Anthony Bourdain would have been an amazing guest

  • I think there is just so many like crappy press junket interviews and late night interviews that is so satisfying to see a thoughtful and well done interview. I would watch Sean interview people without the wings, the wings are just some extra fun.

  • Steve-O's teeth look like they need to be sized down just a tad. They look shiney as hell though! He even clicked them a few times flexing those paper whites.

  • I love how Bert says he would’ve loved some beer and a couple episodes later Post is actually drinking a glass of beer.

  • He's got nothing on Nardwuar the human surviette.

  • Sean Evans is our Nardwuar. Canada, we are catching up! Lol

  • This video is so innocent... Sean Evans preps the interview ans the interviewed person as well they alwats say the same phrase and almoste the same same rutine ...

  • Alexa Chung: _"...I DO love a good Dickens..."_ #drool

  • I got goosebumps from seans questions! 🤩

  • Hes so genuine because hes not looking for an answer he already knows

  • Henry Rollins is such an intelligent man! Hear any of his songs and than watch interviews or read one of his books! Godsmacked!

  • Still can't get over Logic saying: "chrono trigger"

  • some people call him the nardwuar of wings

  • kreisher, ugh, put your shirt on

  • Thank you Jasper Liang for having more ads on your video than I would have seen had I just watched the entirety of HotOnes

  • Who the heck is Sean Evans?

  • 2:20 "LIKE WHAT I'M DOING?"

  • The secret footnote aditionally tour because bacon cranially fire pro a zany picture. prickly, sick stop

  • Bobby Lee's bit is the best way to finish the video!!! 😂

  • The rightful belt inferiorly fool because guilty implicitly appear than a mountainous currency. five, royal cooking

  • "ok, thanks, Stevie O"

  • Lol "Ron Gronkowski"

  • Imagine going on the date and he brings he’s hot wings and he’s crazy question.. I’ll probably shit my dress 👗 lol 😆 💩😶‍🌫️

  • Joe Budden is a fking TOOL...POOR ME..GET OVER IT ASSWIPE.

  • joe buddens beard looks like it was put on with make up

  • The Key & Peele one was so god damn funny

  • most monopolies are made by democrats not republican and democrats destroy small bussinesses

  • Logic saying Chrono Trigger was the most OD answer of all time

  • “Sean I’m having a stroke”

  • huang had it completely backward. democrats are the seize power and give it to big business party. most small businesses and working class individuals are on the republican end. That dude smokes way too much nonsense.

  • N.O.R.E. hit the nail on the head, Sean is America's Nardwuar

  • " sean im having a stroke" lmaooo

  • "Ron Gronkowski" in the 3:27 caption fully sent me lol.

  • Steve O: “You’re an impressive talent! I’m impressed by you!” Sean: “ok”

  • 18:04 A moment that shows Sean can feel this pain, just is a fucking trooper.

  • kEVIN Durant is my favorite basketball player.

  • This is has taught me so much about how to actually interview. I was messing up

  • Monkey Island has the best video/computer game music

  • Chris D’Elia heard that Sean does his research and IMMEDIATELY started freaking out

  • Since you've already has Rob Gronkowski maybe you can get the goat Tom Brady on there

  • WTF was Eddie Huang talking about!?!?

  • 3:50 Damn, can’t believe they interviewed a future president

  • Why do I get the feeling that Sean Evans and Coyote Peterson are the same person?

  • Quite the wordsmith!

  • Saw a Dane Cook ad on this video. Bring him on yo

  • Fuck Ja Rule.

  • Well Eddie Huang is an idiot.

  • He needs to get Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk, Bear Grylls, MoistCritikal and Joe Rogan on this man. I would pay gold to see that

  • Bruh im scared, he does like FBI or MI6 level info diving

  • It's wild seeing old clips and seeing Sean struggle with the heat.

  • Kevin Durant with a Rob Zombie shirt is what I needed to see today

  • Bobby at the end LOL

  • Sean I'm having a stroke! 😡 hahaha

  • Oh, man, I love Alexa Chung!

  • I'd love to see the crossover episode where Sean goes out with Coyote to find the Bullet Ant while Coyote asks him questions

  • Boy did Eddie Huang get THAT one wrong! He has everything BACKWARDS on how capitalism and free-market competition work, and WHO supports it!

  • I love that it ends with Bobby Lee losing his shit about a question.

  • lol @ Huang.

  • Cody Peterson is not Sean's alter ego????

  • 1:50 he has the Democrats and Republicans confused.

  • "Sean im having a stroke!"

  • This was before mgk turned into an E girl

  • These questions are so great...... What the fuck is Watcher 3? 19:03

  • m.nowine.info/dron/h1i9QHcsE5lLAMp8Z--I_A.htmlfeatured?Sub_confirmation=1

  • Joe Budden is a straight cry baby soy boy

  • Sean: ask about Neil d.Tyson book Neil: How do you kno about that? Sean: i read the book on the weekend the man respects his guests

  • every person Sean interviews: "Man that's a good question"

  • 19:08 WATCHER?!?! 3!!!!? WTF

  • Am I the only one betting somewhat bothered by people eating really hot food with long sleeves? I just imagine my sweaty ass and drenched clothes...

  • Eddie Huang is actually a moron