24 Hours in Nagasaki | 6 Things to do in Japan's Hidden City

Publisert 20. juli. 2021
Nagasaki is hidden away on Japan's southern coast. We explore the abandoned Gunkanjima Island, enjoy mouthwatering street food and bring back Dr Jelly one last time.
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    • Hide and seek yeah: you could die of thirst or starvation if there is any water on the island before you found someone!

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    • I mean this when I say it, Chris literally sounds like a scholar when he speaks about Japan, you can tell how much love he has for the country! Good man! Much love!

    • you deserve an award for ''best youtube series'' i had a blast watching this and im excited for next years journey across japan!

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  • Loved this incredible journey! Nagasaki is my favorite city that I've visited in Japan so far, and I hope to go back again when I can. I've had the pleasure of visiting Chinatown, Gunkanjima, and seeing the view from Inasayama-along with many other great places all around the city. I love how you can feel the history and the centuries-old interaction of different cultures as you walk around. Thank you so much Chris (along with Joey, Natsuki, Ian, and Norm) for exploring, celebrating, and sharing these amazing (and often hidden) places with all of us. Grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Kyushu through these videos. The quality of the film production and cinematography that you put into these vides really shines through as well, and takes them to the next level. Cheers mate.

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  • I really love the content Chris! You keep it funny and entertaining but also very professionally shot. Props to you and anyone who is in and works on the creation of your videos!

  • I really love the content Chris! You keep it funny and entertaining but also very professionally shot. Props to you and anyone who is in and works on the creation of your videos!

  • I always feel like I am watching an episode of Fairy Tale when I watch Joey with Chris and Natsuki do a challenge LOL

  • Shogun burger is available in Kabukicho, Shinjuku

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  • Seeing the burgers, it reminded me that a small Ranald MacDonald memorial is located in Nagasaki. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranald_MacDonald

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  • I see the appeal of it being a tourist site but eerie in the same time since in World War 2 Battleship island used to have slave labor camps where Koreans and Chinese were forced to work in the coal mines.

    • Oh forgot this, there is no Chinese because they are not part of Japan. It's only Korean and Taiwanese they were Japanese citizen at that time. To know how the Japanese control on Korean peninsula, here is the quote of what former US President Hebert Hoover said: “I first visited Korea in 1909, to advise some Japanese Industrialists on engineering matters. The Korean people at that time were in the most disheartening condition that I had witnessed in any part of Asia. There was little law and order. The masses were underfed, under-clothed, under housed and under equipped. There was no sanitation, and filth and squalor enveloped the whole countryside. The roads were hardly passable, and there were scant communication or educational facilities. Scarcely a tree broke the dismal landscape. Thieves and bandits seemed to be unrestrained. During the thirty-five years of Japanese control, the life of the Korean people was revolutionized. Beginning with this most unpromising human material, the Japanese established order, built harbors, railways, roads and communications, good public buildings, and greatly improved housing. They established sanitation and taught better methods of agriculture. They built immense fertilizer factories in North Korea which lifted the people’s food supplies to reasonable levels. They reforested the bleak hills. They established a general system of education and the development of skills. Even dusty, drab and filthy clothing had been replaced with clean bright colors.” - “Freedom Betrayed” (1965) Japan immediately released Koreans from the current North Korean-like slavery system upon annexation and it kept spending like 1/4 - 1/3 of their own tax money to improve Korean lives (while there was even a famine going on in northern part of Japan). They built more than 5,500 schools for children even Seoul University and taught Hangul which was long abolished by Korean government. Both Korean population and their life span doubled just in 35 years, Koreans paid less than half the taxes the Japanese and foreigners living on the Peninsula did. It may sound a lot different from what you may have heard from Korean now but this is another myth for most Japanese elders who actually lived together on that peninsula. Japan treated both Taiwan and Korea equally, however although Japan and Taiwan are still good friends today, but Korea just hates Japan.

    • Here’s the testimony by a former Korean professor Lee Woo-yeon at the UN: “No Koreans were abducted and made to work like slaves. Many went to Japan voluntarily, wages were paid impartially to all workers Japanese and Koreans alike and they lived a free and easy life.” nowine.info/loft/qoJqiIfZhsiegmE/video

    • Yes, there were mandatory labor for BOTH Japanese and Koreans as a Japanese citizen's duty at that time (and many Japanese men were drafted to the military service instead of labor and got killed) just like the mandatory (against their will) military service in South Korea today. Both labor and military service were set by applicable law at that time. Therefore, the terms 徴用 or 強制労働 Japanese used for those laborers should have been translated into English as “mandatory labor (service)” instead of “forced labor” because they were all paid (at least more than what they earned back in Korea, although there were a few months delay toward the end of the war ) and it offered much higher standard of living - their children attended school on the island while they could not before, they frequented movie theaters on their day-offs and participated in every festival held on the island dancing and singing “Jotta Jotta” in their traditional outfits. There are loads of records that show them transferring big money back home. You have probably watched a Korean movie or storybook that drew their children locked up in a dark dungeon like but in reality they were instead bullying Japanese kids in the classroom. By the way, before it became mandatory towards the end of the war, the exact same labor was one of their dream jobs, very popular work to apply among Koreans (actually any jobs in Japan at that time) and very hard to secure (like one in 50 applicants) so that so many Koreans resorted to smuggling themselves into Japan just looking for better life. Yes, being a coal miner is one of the hardest working condition jobs not only for Koreans but for Japanese as well or anyone in the world, but it was indeed the profession that the former residents on this island took a lot of pride in. Some Koreans even oversaw the whole operation and lead over Japanese workers especially when more and more Japanese men were taken into the military service.

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