Running A Marathon In Skinny Jeans

Publisert 5. feb.. 2021
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Ryan Trahan runs a marathon in skinny jeans.

Disclaimer: The wellbeing of our talent is very important to American Eagle. We took measures to protect them against C0VID-19 and encouraged everyone to stay safe during filming.


  • Jesus loves yall so much

  • First one

  • My asthma could never


  • I run like 8 houses down my street and I’m already dieing so this is just embarrassing

  • Pretty quick… I’m a cross country runner and my fastest 5K time is 22:56

  • the next this man is dead :')

  • You have to do this in traditional raw denim.

  • Shawty gang!

  • I respecccccct you now.

  • The whole time watching this video my knees felt strang

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  • Ryan: -dies- Also Ryan: It's not the jeans.

  • When this man is an old man he will have lots of story’s to tell…

  • Mile 22 is a movie...

  • are we going to talk about how well edited this video is!?

  • We use to run cross country together so I know this boy can run 😂

  • Anyone know the music at 5:35?

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  • My 5k time was 24:28

  • How fast can you run a 5k

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  • milk is way better than any sports drink

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  • Next Video: Running the marathon without running

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  • Oh I thought he was gonna do 15000 squats

  • 5:55 yikes when you start running 8min/km you just gotta stop at this point... its almost walking pace

  • Me: *sees the title* “Haha. Good luck.”

  • Ryan, what you just did show me what kind of person you are. You are fricken tough, hell tough as a soldier to do that and have that GRIT to do that. Keep up the awesome work!

  • i have no clue how u can run a marathon i ran 1200 metres with a 2 minutes break at 600metres and i was dying

  • Good job :D

  • You're about to tell me he did that in three hours? Sweetie I spent three hours watching tiktok today.

  • She a runner she a trackstar

  • my highest double under streak is 65 and btw im just a lil boi Edit: no im not going to say my age

  • me when im so skinny that skinny jeans are the only ones that fit me

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  • I worked at a arcade and had skinny jeans on and I would Chaffe and bleed at my thighs EVERYDAY

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  • The more chugs the more cramps you will get

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  • 5:28 that noise makes me want to pee my pants every time.

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  • You litteraly didn't Naruto run. That's why you were slow


    • Cringe

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  • Why is nick so gay 🤦‍♂️

  • Like a Karen on black Friday and I made it😂

  • I feel secondhand exhaustion for this man

  • Bro you literally ran a marathon most people finish marathons in 4 to 5 hours dude

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  • Guys I think they are wearing American eagle , but I’m not sure tho

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  • “I could never do that in actual life”- Ryan Trahan

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  • his quads = tree stumps

  • as a runner myself are you asking death😐

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  • 3:44 who loves this part ❤