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Publisert 3. mai. 2021
Join Chrissy Tracey as she makes curried chickpea roti. This roti recipe is a special type of Trinidadian flatbread called buss up shut. Clapping the roti between your hands creates a torn up texture that really brings out the delicious flakiness.
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Recipe below:

Buss Up Shut (Paratha Roti):
3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling out roti
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. kosher salt
¼ tsp. rapid rise or instant yeast
1 tsp. sugar
Olive oil
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted
Sunflower or vegetable oil, for cooking roti

Curried Chickpeas:
2 scallions, sliced, plus more for serving
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 2” piece ginger, peeled
½ Vidalia or yellow onion, chopped
1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cubed
¼ cup olive oil
1 Tbsp. plus 1½ tsp. mild Jamaican curry powder
2 15.5-oz. cans chickpeas, rinsed
1½ tsp. kosher salt
2 tsp. dark brown sugar
Freshly ground black pepper
1 sprig thyme
1 Scotch bonnet chile
1 tsp. white vinegar
1½ cups vegetable broth
½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

00:13 Introduction
00:45 Make the dough: combine flour, yeast, baking powder, sugar, and salt
01:33 Add water, a little bit at a time, working the dough until it is supple and no longer sticky
02:35 Cover and rest the dough 15-20 minutes
02:50 Make the curry
02:59 Prep the vegetables
03:37 Add ingredients to a large saucepan and cook over medium heat
06:11 Make the roti: cut into pieces, roll out dough, brush with butter, cut and form cones
08:55 Add coconut milk to curry; remove pepper, thyme, and ginger
09:40 Roll the roti again
10:13 Cook the roti
11:14 Clap the roti
11:57 Assemble
12:15 Taste!

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Chrissy Makes Curried Chickpea Roti | From the Home Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • Omg bon appetit i will make u bus up shot roti noooooooooo my grandparents rolling in their grave come on i will mKe u roti

  • Comedy

  • Roti/Paratha looks fab. good to see the traditional methods being modified by hand. you can also soak the chick peas in tea for a darker curry

  • 9:12CAREFUL!(isn't hot!?)

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  • Well the busd up roti is called parotta here !

  • Caribbean is Indian food cuisine 🧡🇮🇳 Roti Curry is twice daily in India 🤘🏻

  • Chrissy becoming one of the vibrant and saving graces of this channel you just love to see it

  • I loved this recipe sooo much! Patiently waiting for the next Chrissy vid and recipe 😬

  • Aye big up to meh trinis watching this. Alyuh we come a long way and we just starting. I want to see doubles next lol

  • Looks so delicious

  • Chrissy's a woman after my own heart! Vegan, chill sense of humour and not to mention beyond beautiful! I love watching her videos both for her great personality and also recipe inspiration. I've wanted to make every one of them for sure.

  • 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • Curry channa and buss-up is one of my favorite dishes. It's very rare that Trinidadian food gets such a large platform like this! Awesome to see so many people love it! 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • The recipe transcription is not very helpful when cooking since the steps are not descriptive or concise. I shouldn't have to fast forward through and risk skipping info because the timestamps aren't very effective when paired with disjointed instruction within the video. Why isn't this recipe on the BA site for easier reference?

  • 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • Thank you for pronouncing roti correctly.

  • Imagine calling New Haven the pizza capital of the world. Not... you know... Naples, lol. Americans...

  • U no need to add any baking powder and yeast in roti dough. It is more healthy if u use wheat flour inplace of all purpose flour. But appreciate ur cooking.😘

  • Ehh. Thanks but no thanks

  • insult to the roti salan(curry) culture origin

  • I miss Molly :(

  • So. Much. Fun. these BA videos. So now, I gotta make a roti. Thanks for showing us how it's done

  • Big up all the Trinis out there. Buss Up Shut and some curry channa is my comfort food. Could literally eat it every day.

  • 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  • your new woke version of the channel is asinine. you deserve the new low numbers that go with it. people are sick of open and subtle preaching and caving in to the demands to give half of everything to those who haven't earned it, only complain for it. you deserve this and everyone is sick of it. and you.

  • Thank you for making it Vegan Friendly 💖💖🙏🏼

  • Are scallions and green onions the same? (Serious question 😞)

    • @XYZ appreciate it!

    • The New York Times has just published an article today, May 17, in the Food Section about different alliums. You probably can read it online.

  • Comments Add a public comment... I'm sorry. I'm Guyanese and we take pride in making Roti and Dal Puri. Roti is very much apart of Guyanese and Trinidadian culture and when other Countries imitate us and present it wrong, it's not okay. Roti does not have Yeast or butter.. " NEWS FLASH " PLEASE GET THE CORRECT RECIPE CORRECTLY BEFORE YOU PRESENT OUR MENU!🙄😡

  • Yesss! That's true about the curry 😭❤ Finally someone who does it right

  • yuuuuum

  • Indians also call their flat bread roti and we also call griddle a tawa amazing how indian and Jamaican have some similarities

  • I think that it's a bit inefficient to use that much ginger and then discard the rest away. You're better off using only a very small amount with the surface area amplified by grating. You should USE a small amount of ginger, and not simply have the essence of it. Even if you don't want to incorporate ginger solids in the dish, you can still grate the ginger into boiled water and then filtering it out, I guess.

  • Chrissy! Can you make doubles??? 🇹🇹

  • Omg that looks so delicious. And definitely gonna try to make roti/bussupshot next time I make curry

  • love her

  • 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Paratha :D this is one way to make a roti, basically everyone house in my family makes it this way :) and we're all Surinam/India heritage.

  • Chrissy makes my heart melt! She is so awesome!

  • You CANNOT be CARIBBEAN and refer to it as chick pea and not channa. Caribbean card revoke activated

  • Hey chrissi ! I made roti with kashmiri dum aloo and it was suoer delicious. Thanks a lot for sharing. I'm gonna this save in my book. And I will surely try the curry too.And I love the way you say roti and tawa.

  • Looks so delicious! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Priya is like 👁👄👁

  • good try nice

  • You can feel how excited she is to bust up the roti 😂 love it

  • There is something so unique and delicious about Jamaican Curry. In Guyana 🇬🇾 we rely on the sweetness of the coconut milk.

  • Blacky cooks not as bad as i thought. Looks good

  • What is the difference between Jamaican curry and Indian curry and the curry you find at regular grocery stores?

  • Love me some chana and some roti!

  • Yo that’s crazy hahaha, my whole family is Trinidadian and I never knew why it was called buss up shot until today😆

  • "Bob Ross the Roti" I love it!

  • That is one of the most intricate roti ever

  • There is such a great influence of INDIA and its food on african and carribbean region because of indians being taken to all over world for whatever reason by british colonisers. Good to see an amateur but none the less tasty version of indian chickpeas curry by an African.❤️

    • She's not African. She's Jamaican. Which she said. And she's making a very traditional Jamaican roti. Not an "amateur" Indian roti. This comment section is NOT passing the vube check.

  • That's called lacha paratha or rumali roti in india

  • This is not legitimate roti. Roti has to have dal which are crushed peas included in the flour. Thus is bastardized roti.

    • @This Is Kassia Like the difference between white bread and an organic artisan multigrain bread..

    • @Ira Wechsler Sure, maybe that's true. But that doesn't mean this isn't roti.

    • @This Is Kassia The Dahl puri is far better taste wise and nutritionally

    • That's dahl puri roti with the peas. This is buss up shot roti.

  • Its laccha paratha not roti

  • soft and supple

  • That'a the most disrespectful way to prepare a roti. How do I unsee it? 😬

  • Made this tonight and it was delicious! Thank you!

  • Wow! Look how fast they got a black person on here after they were called out on diversity and not paying people of color equally!

  • "Already bussin on itself" 😏

  • What would you replace coconut milk for if you despise coconut milk with the core of your human existence?

  • Holy god the way she did the roti made my heart stop.

    • @Southerngirl 16 well, here i am

    • @roseberry6202 Since your heart stopped you shouldn’t be here complaining.

  • Hey I made Trinidad roti...Yummy.. Thanks for posting👍😊

  • Awesome to see real caribbean food on Bon Appétit. I think the clapping of the roti is Guyanese though or is that the Jamaican way? Because in Trinidad we use a dabla which is like a wooden spatula to buss it up. Lol

  • I'm so happy to see plant based recipes on BA! And Chrissy is my new favorite!

  • Mouthwatering!! Please bring more of her and her recipies. She is so beautiful too and her frames are everything!

  • I love that you actually shared this recipe with us! Now I need to learn how to make Dhalpuri roti!

  • You cook the curry first because some curry powders were really starchy and needed to cook it into a paste with water otherwise it would be grainy and not dissolve well into the dish

  • Can we see more of her?? She’s awesome!!

    • back off dude!! I saw her first...

  • I did not hear a single word.

    • There are captions available if you need, by clicking the CC option button

  • those rainbow glasses are sick omg i need them

  • 😂 in Jamaica the e in escallion is not pronounced. It sounds like "skellian"

  • i love chrissys look, those glasses!! and her recipes are always bombbb


  • My grandmother, who is british guyanese, taught me how to make roti this way. I am passing down the tradition to my own daughters!

  • YASS! I could eat my weight in Trinidadian roti. My Trini friends taught me to bust it up using two wooden spoon handles. I made these dishes for Thanksgiving last year and they were a huge hit.

    • That is the true Trini way and it should have a little oil while it's cooking to make it softer.

  • Laccha paratha❤️

  • The dishes of India has inspired ppl all over the world.

  • I can confirm this recipe is AMAZING.

  • why do u need yeast and baking powder if it is a flat bread? interesting eh......

    • why not cut a chunk off of the pepper dice it finely and add it to the curry so everyone gets some hotness?

    • Chrissy beautiful ebony gal but i feel she can out arm wrestle me if i tried!

  • I am definitely not a vegan, but I actually love watching her videos. Keep it up!

  • absolutley beautiful!!!! i will try this but no peas lol -

  • The pizza capital of the world is New Haven, Connecticut? I don't get the joke.

  • Would be great if the recipe would give at least a rough estimate of how much water to use for the dough.

  • I made this for dinner, it was bloody delicious.

  • It's very famous in India.. it's called dhakai porota in Calcutta

  • I love Chrissy! I'm definitely going to try this sometime soon. So happy BA is putting out some vegetarian friendly meals :)

  • im allergic to onion. where do i find good curries without onion? :-)

    • You can leave it out in the recipe and replace it with leeks if it's possible for you or use fennel with chives added. If this isn't to your taste then omit the onion for your health. There are low fod map recipes that you can follow that exclude onion for sauces/bases.

  • that looks fycking amazing

  • love the vegan recipes for real!!

  • This looks good af.

  • The roti look so flaky and delicious! Clapping them makes them that much more tender and a inviting for the curry. Thanks for taking a "real" bite. 👍

  • Sorry to say, this is a poor representation of Trinidadian cooking.

  • She has asbestos fingers. 😳

  • Its been 14 years since i commented on a youtube video, but I wanted to say thanks. You made my roti dreams come true. Also, does the dough survive the freezer?

    • It does, after i do the butter layers i freeze a couple and either defrost in the fridge overnight or at room temp before using.

  • Love seeing Trini food represented on such a large platform ❤️🇹🇹

  • Excited to make this. thank you for sharing .

  • The picking up the roti by hand made me laugh, my mother in law does this all the time too

  • I love the Chrissy content yes! Her persona and recipes are just 🤌🏻