This Fish Can Stick to Anything!

Publisert 8. juli. 2021
A Remora has a special feature that allows it to stick to virtually anything. Watch how well this remora sticks to Austin's face

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  • Suck you say? :)

  • they’re mostly around sharks

  • It’s also Bluetooth enabled...

  • Lol one stuck itself to my oxygen tank. I had no idea until the dive was over and the others told me

  • Why does it have a rubber sole?

  • Fish can go pretty long without water so don't get your banana hammocks in a twist.

  • No one: Me: Actually me: *"what if I put that fish on my DIC-"*

  • Oh yes the fish who stick on shark right ?

  • For everyone concerned, fish can live without water for 3 to 4 minutes. It’s not like they’re watching it die. It’s a 20 second video so they most likely put it back in the water after filming it. I can see people worrying about this if the video was 5 minutes of them messing around with a fish out of water, but it isn’t. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a good day.

  • Wait… is this what remoraid is

  • For the skyward sword fans out there, is that mini levias?

  • Ummm he ain't chilling he is dying ಠಿ_ಠಿ

  • Hes suffocating

  • Octonauts already explained dis

  • It’s jus a little fish and they know what they’re doing 😐chill out. Sure you won’t be going vid to vid of fisherman yelling at them in the comments to let it go

  • Man i thawt that was a fancy car key at 1st😂😂😂😂

  • Remora

  • natures tampon

  • I get it. Fish sticks....

  • Wonder if this guy was hitching a ride on em and that’s how they caught it.

  • What kind of fish is that

  • Ohhh... I thought they're the babies of a shark

  • Hold on is that fish is still long did u guys take it off the water

  • Bro put that thing back in the water!

  • Plot twist: him and the fish have actually been lovers for quite some time now 🥺

  • I want to slap someone’s face with it so bad but it’ll never happen

  • “He uses it to suck on fish” teenage boys: interesting


  • Anything you say? *pulling down pants* Im sorry little one

  • “He’s just chilling” The fish:Gasping for air wanting to go back in the water

  • How do you get it off

  • Jouske joastar fish frfr

  • Will remember for when i come across this fish

  • Tell ur buddy to brush his teeth daily..🤣💔

    • Funny fact, Remoras are known to die when they are way too far away from their host. That poor thing must've been done for.

  • I hate those things I always think they are sharks in animal crossing 😂.... Gosh I need a life

  • One time when I was fishing for Kobe out with my family we got a remora

  • I'd bet you did that to a cute girl it would make her wer.

  • *Fish:* I can suck to anything *Teenager:* Interesting

  • The man: “He’s just chilling on ya cheek” The fish: Dying fish noises

  • *This fish can stick to anything* 11M people : *interesting*


  • I thought he would shave himself with her))

  • Nike should design soles based on the fish. Nike Inspired by remora. Basketball shoes with great traction…

    • That was the rare flexseel fish

  • I catch these in animal crossing new horizons. Sucker fish

  • When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought it was just a man casually shaving his beard clean with a knife.

  • How else would you take your fish out for a walk ?

  • Glad to see humans are evolving. So many of the comments below are sympathetic towards the fish. Yes guys it is funny putting a fish on your face but please consider the welfare of the fish.

  • Funny fact, Remoras are known to die when they are way too far away from their host. That poor thing must've been done for.

  • i know where i'd be putting that, my arse

  • Snail fish

  • And that’s how the Pokémon’s ramorade that evolves into octillery got its name

  • fish: drowning in air them: look at him chilling on your cheek

  • The underneath of that fish lookin like a shoe

    • So it is the lamperay of the ocean.

  • Imagine the hickey...

  • When you thought this was a suckerfish from animal crossing

  • It's just animal cruelty

  • I caught one before

  • That fish is dying…

  • Remoraid makes sense now

  • You guys know alot of fish can stay out of water for atleast 2 to 3 minutes right?

  • That was the rare flexseel fish

  • That's one weired ass fish

  • I thought it was a remote😂😅

  • So that's where Remoraid's name comes from!

  • I think this fish got the vaccine

  • Fish is busy dying there but cool

  • Soo you’re suffocating a fish for the vid 😀 nice one buddy

  • You mean Remoraid?

  • So it is the lamperay of the ocean.

  • What a fascinating way to exfoliate 🥰

  • Pls put my guy back

  • ..just casually suffocating to death but yeah thanks for showing us the obvious..

  • You could use those fishes to suck out bad blood from your body💯👍

  • コバンザメ

  • Like lizard's feet

  • Wow

  • Imagine he goes home and there is a giant fish hickey on the side of his head, and he has to explain that he just went on a fishing trip XD

  • ohhh thats how they be staying on sharks 24/7

  • "He's just chilling on your cheek!!" Fish: *Starts to suck out his life*

  • That doesn’t even look natural. It looks like someone stuck a sticky for a phone to mount to a car on a fish.

  • *Now get him back in the water.*

  • How about putting it back into the water?

  • What smart lads we have here

  • Why ia this disgusting Video have so many Likes 😔

  • He's like Pleco but in the sea water

  • Ngl this is the first time I see a close-up of a remora.

  • "he's just cHilLiNG on yoUR CHEEK"

  • And I always thought that those swam along with the other fish Didn’t know they stick to fish

  • PFFF i saw this on wild Kratts already

  • Sharks best friend

  • “HES JUST DYING HES JUST DYING HES DYING PUT HIM BACK GRRRRR” what a world we live in. we eating them anyway :)

  • Wait is this the fish that are always around sharks?

  • Nice you killed a fish

  • I thought that was a Vape at first.

  • Why people are so upset about a fish i will never understand

  • Congratulations you’re pregnant now.

  • I never knew you can get hickeys from fish