EXTREMELY Rare Whisky Hip Flask Restoration from World War 2 Battle of Bulge

Publisert 28. mai. 2021
Restoration of an extremely rare World War 2 whisky hip flask found in a barn yard in the battlefields of Bulge. This is a Memorial Day edition to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 2 ❤

About this Whisky hip flask
I have never seen something like this before. It is beyond cool. I have bought it from a family who lives near Bastogne where the actual battle of Bulge took place in 1944. I got this whisky hip flask and a lot of other really cool relics with me home this time including a Medic bag and a Medic helmet (unfortunately the family has already had the helmet restored a few years back). This family has been living in Bastogne for many generations, and I was told that after the battles there was military “garbage” (war relics) left all over the place. You can still go to France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belgium - yep most of Europe and do some awesome World War 1 and World War 2 founds. There were millions of military items left behind.

The restoration process
I know this is a special one, so I saved it for the US Memorial Day 2021. It was with a mix of respect and fear of not being able to restore this beautiful and rare whisky hip flask that I started this restoration. First, I Cleaned this relic with alcohol and soap and removed the WW2 Combat Medicine badge with blow torch. I was very careful not to melt the pewter and destroy the whisky flask. I soaked the badge in Russian vodka “Rocket fuel”.
I fixed and repaired a big dent in the bottom of the hip flask. For that I used heat and gentle hammer strokes.

I prepared the hip flask for casting by grinding and cleaning the big hole there was in this hip flask and fill it with casting sand. I filled the hole in the flask with pewter and after that I hand grinded it back to as good as it gets. I did a quick polish and attached the World War 2 Combat Medicine badge again and filled the hip flask with the VAT. 69 whisky which some of the soldiers used to drink in 1944.

I really liked this restoration and I hope that you enjoy this video. Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming projects 🙂 And DON’T FORGET TO SEE my EXTREMELY RARE WW2 D-DAY LIGHTER RESTORATION - nowine.info/loft/h418pWa2pdWoamE/video
Thanks for watching my channel. See you soon.

Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin
Music: From NOwine free audio library. And from paid licence at EnvatoElements.


  • In this video I do a restoration of a very cool WW2 whisky hip flask - Please let me know what you think! This is a Memorial Day edition to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 2 ❤ The men who sacrificed their life for my freedom ❤ And DON’T FORGET TO SEE MY RARE WW2 PICKAXE RESTORATION - nowine.info/loft/oqGxqa-oqLSsk3I/video Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

    • @Законопослушный Гражданин ㅜ

    • It is worth to waste few days or one week to restore such an useless masterpiece........., I would rather use few days to restore my peanut to make love.

    • It ment medic

    • I want to buy this

    • Very nice from the look of the emblem I'd say it was owned by a combat medic or field surgeon


  • Бро ты там живой? Когда новые видио? Если жив и здоров лайкни а то я переживать начал.

  • I can't believe I missed this video! Two months ago?! Anyway, it is a fantastic restoration, Martin! I couldn't think how you were going to fix the hole - outstanding! Plus, I haven't seen Vat 69 for years! I'll keep my eye out for it! Great work as always, dude! Keep it up and much love from England! 🍻🤘💜

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  • That is a combat medic badge. By the way, we should note that along with standard doses of morphine for an injured soldier… many medics not only may have chosen but even preferred to use a shot of scotch or something along those lines to assist in cleansing wounds and possibly even where they saw morphine as a bit too much or literally a last (moderately) painless goodbye. A shot could obviously also be used to settle the nerves in high intensity situations of the medics themselves as well. Medic or not it’s always important to remember that these were young men, much younger than my self and I assume your are now. Great and magnificent young men, but young men none the less. Hell, they still are. All these years later and look where we are. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not an anti-war nut. In many ways I fully support some skirmishes. But believe me, I’m not a “rah rah, my government is always right and knows what’s best for me” type either (so take what you will and toss the rest)… but it is interesting that one day our sons and daughters and grandchildren (should they follow in our restoration footsteps)… by the way, allow me one private moment, 🤫 I have to send a private message to my unborn children (“DONT!!!!!! DONT MAKE A CAREER OUT OF IT TO BE LIKE DEAR OLD DAD!!! I’M A DUMBASS!!! I’m also a perfectionist!!! and yes, I take extreme pride in that… but people want perfection for pennies and they don’t pay for the pride and love that we putting that into my work, it’s necessary!! So, I’m doing what I believe matters to me and the rest to pay the bills… but c’mon… I’m a moron!!! I have to pick and chose the pieces I can keep in my personal collection! That’s not right! So you can have my shop and all of my tools… and I’ll teach you all I know! But, only make it a hobby 😂). Anyway, what I was saying was that one day, our kids or great grandkids may be going hunting for and picking up rare flasks or lighters in the deserts or mountains of the Middle East… or Korea… or god forbid the Bikini Atolls or worse. Just know thay someone probably died for that to be found so many years later. So there’s a responsibility that comes along with that. A responsibility with everything we bring back to life in these situations… we’re bringing back a part of a young man or woman whose parents never saw them again in many situations and who never saw the white picket fence or flat that he thought he’d one day walk back into to take his bride and make his brood. It’s important work and I thank you so much for this channel and your posts. It makes me want to upload all of my footage but I doubt I ever will. I have terrible camera-work skills and I yap on like a dear old woman with Tourette’s syndrome and dementia. So, thank you for these posts. They really are important and you do them just as they should be done. Cheers from the states. 🍻

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  • Here's saluting another job well done...!!! (and NO commercial interruptions ever 2 minutes!)

  • You are amazing , it was great and exciting job

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  • Интересно при каких обстоятельствах могла образоваться такая дыра под значком??

  • My respect! Congratulations for this restoration!

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  • Made in my home town, Sheffield England

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  • Dont meant to be rude but someone working for hitler couldve drank out of that like a nazi spy probably not but still

    • @Awesome Restorations thank goodness

    • We determined that this is made in Sheffield so most likely this belonged to an English person ;)

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  • Um cantil de água dos formandos de enfermagem

  • Combat Medical Badge

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  • Beautiful restoration. Thank you for this special Memorial Day tribute. My uncle, a paratrooper, was critically wounded in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. He survived after a lengthy convalescence and died in 1995.

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  • The symbol is a cadueses ( can't guarantee the spelling) it's a symbol for medicine or for a medic or doctor

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    • Neither, I am from Sweden :)

  • This is a german medical flask, in WW2, medics used to get soldiers drunk before amputating or stitching them because pain killers weren’t as accessible in the late times of the war.

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  • It's the Caduses. Medical symbol. Prob clean water from a medic

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  • The Symbol is a ironic first aid Kit In germany have the pharmacy the same symbol Greetings from germany

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  • I'm wondering where this was found? That style of flask is from the ww1 era into the 1920s and those words are more in tune with what a ww1 soldier would write as life in the trenches was literally hell.

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  • Combat Medic Badge

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