Eurovision Review 2021: Italy - Måneskin "Zitti E Buoni" (WIWI JURY)

Our review video of "Zitti E Buoni" - Italy's Eurovision 2021 song from Måneskin.

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  • Πουλια στον αερα πιανετε!

  • I'm so pissed at Deban

  • 0:05 xiti e buōnï

  • Talk about videos that don't age well. Violent, ovverrated, gender neutrality seller Maneskin won Eurovision and also gave wiwibloggs their most viewed video ever (24 millions view as of today). Now everyone in wiwibloggs love them to bits! Well, except for Deban, he did not say a single word since the grand final... Hi Deban, hope you're doing well!

  • It's not "shut up and be quiet", it's "shut up and behave".

  • I love it how they get it wrong every year :)

  • Jonathan and William were the only ones who got it!

  • What an epic intro idea

  • how strange it is to see this rating video now, i think the original video of the song "hush and good" is not one of their best (personal opinion) maybe this has played on some too low ratings, in any case on your channel now shoots a video of theirs that soon reaches 12000000 views, to say everything okay, in Italy there are no channels that make reactions and therefore thanks again for all the information work you have done. 🤩

  • Coming back to this video when you guys had sooooo much doubt. How the tunes have changed. Suzanne giving this 6.5 and being disgusted by the music video to waving the italy flag by the end of the televote.

  • I dream of a world in which Eurovision fans will stop pitting songs against each other only because they're of a vaguely similar genre. This year's results should speak for themselves. Italy 1st with televote, Finland 4th with televote.

  • I've watched every reaction video out there about this song and your review is the most shallow and incompetent of them all. And there are pretty bad reviewers out there. One thumb down because I only get one.

  • How wrong were you guys, especially the long hair dude, Italy wins.

  • english girl doesnt like it because its not british rap hahahahaha typical

  • Some of the comments didn’t age so well. 😂😂

  • You guys have hated Italy so much, how could you defend yourself now after the winning of Italy?

    • @DoNot Care totally agree, I checked his insta story but couldn't find anything

    • Especially Deban i would have loved to see his face when italy won

  • I can’t believe Deban actually said Italy often. gets undeserved high placement. Italy should’ve won so many times after their last victory and they haven’t. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. And the “cutting throat” comment? Totally over the top. She makes them look like some violent ppl when in reality she didn’t even read the lyrics and obviously knows nothing about their character off-stage. I am not even an Italian, I am not mad that they didn’t like the entry (we all have different tastes) it’s the way in which they’ve shared their opinions that bothers me.

    • he said estonia will qualify lol.

  • I wanna hear what they have to say now that Italy won the best lyrics of the Eurovision award 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • You completely dropped the ball with your senseless votes.

  • This is the 2021 winner. No doubts!! It's perfect!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Bottom right, arrogant and disrespectful.

  • I think if you want to judge international songs you should study a little bit. You have closed minds and bad tastes. 🤮

  • watch Italy finally win. they deserve it most tbh and I'm not saying this bc im Italian, but bc the song has a very important message and the band are different and break gender norms are are against sexism, homophobia, racism etc.

  • 9:00 so Italy is overrated..... Well let's talk about Sweden 😁

  • The lady in red instead of judging the song, the interpretation, comments on the video for a gesture, or a cockroach does not qualify to be called to judge the Måneskin, it only has them for the association of housewives. Very poor.

  • It's not just about Italy or Finland, it's about the 37 other countries competing.

  • Deban has just lost me as a subscriber! Bye bye! And dear Mr., you are just another guy and not some music guru! I respect everyone's personal taste but this was unnecessarily unfair.

  • 2 points its too much of a Headace . But good luck ❤️

  • There are a lot of tens in the wiwi jury and a lot of sub-7s that's what dragged the score down. But we all know, it doesn't matter who hates you, only matters who loves you and god damn there are many who LOVE this

  • So, as I always point out, I listen to the full Eurovision playlist on shuffle, in the background, with the screen off. This grabbed my attention _Italy does it again:_ It delivers a song that _makes me want to know the lyrics._ Also? My brain keeps morphing the title into, "Ziti é buono," which makes me think, "yes, baked ziti is good!" and then I start to laugh. 😆


  • I was upset and disappointed. If some of you don't like the song or video, that's ok. But you talked about people 1. With the gesture "If you want to stop me, you better cut off my head" Damiano calls for violence? Against who? Against himself? Do you know what else he sang? "I've seen too many hands not standing up to help others and becoming slapped Remember, it doesn't make you a man - to be able only to swing a punch" This evil scary rocker has repeatedly spoken out against violence, harassment and disrespect. 2. They do not "sell gender neutrality", they stand for the freedom of any person to be himself, look and live as you want. And if you think that guys only get compliments and success for their style, you are greatly mistaken. 3. Many famous rockers were handsome and hot. To say "you will vote for this only because he is hot" is disrespectful. Would you say the same about David Bowie? About Kurt Cobain? Then why are you talking about Damiano David? Every handsome artist has some fans in love. But most fans like them for their music. Ignoring this fact is disrespect for them and for us.

    • Totally agree with you!

    • Agree on everything. Once upon a time Wiwiblogs was respectful youtube channel.......

  • My score from 🇯🇵Japan for 🇮🇹Italy: 7.5 Italy has always been the one Big Five country that takes both takes this contest seriously and doesn't get screwed over by the viewers, and I think that this is another year where Italy has truly stayed true to our expectations. It's not my favorite Big Five song, and it's not a song that I would listen to frequently, but I can see a very exciting stage coming from this. The non-English songs are very strong this year and I think that Italy is no exception. I'm really not sure how this will do in the final rank. I never thought Italy would be the Runner-up last year so this could very well get that sort of hype, but my gut says this would in the middle, between 13th and 15th place.

  • After 20 Years Maneskin Will be remember ...FINLAND forget...

  • Song is very irritant,anarchic and melodia for my ears! Italy in my score 2/10

    • Ahah what a tasteless boy, we won and you're a clown 🤡

    • @Iveta D 🤣🤣🤣 yes, I think the same 🤩! 🤟😜

    • @SaBibi it's just a strategy of desperate fan of tic toc song...

    • 🙈 What I'm reading? Anarchic? Ignorant? I'm sorry Miss, you know what are you saying? My gratulation for your good education 👏👏👏!

    • Tick tock open you mind, please 😂

  • Honestly I really don’t see quite the point. You give one of the Stone’s band a tune that is new in terms of language, fresh, baloony, tasty and inspirational and get the same cup of tea shush sips good kind of mud and sucks onto commercial same stuff. At this point I’d rather go for Violeta. I stick to this and only to this and if it doesn’t win I’ll be buying only Stone’s records and stay with the oldies for the rest of my life. The lead singer is so versatile 20 going to 35... polished and bruised not just polished if you know what I mean

  • This song is everything, love the Italian language and love that song. My favourite to win. 9 from me. Italy 9 Norway 9 Finland 8.5 Ukraine 8.5 Cyprus 8.5 Ireland 8 Russia 8 Belgium 7.5 Sweden 7 Denmark 7 Portugal 7 United Kingdom 7 Greece 6.5 Croatia 6.5 Israel 6.5 Estonia 6.5 Serbia 6 Czech Rep 5.5 Spain 5.5 Azerbaijan 4.5 Albania 4 Slovenia 4 Georgia 3.5 Germany 3 Northern Macedonia 3 Latvia 2

  • Italy much better than Finland....

  • "the lead singer, hes kinda hot.. I think" *everyone nods in agreement *

  • Bitch, this song cured my seborrheic dermatitis.

  • The attitude is the selling ticket here. I mean Finland has it to, but Maneskin do it with style. 10/10

  • Give them all curry Deban! Make it so hot it will burn their butts on the way out!

  • Hip Pip Hooray Jonathon and William. Scores the band deserves!

  • You all need to listen to MyrtleP on NOwine on this one. The bloke on the review really understands how good they are especially on the BASS GUITAR and Myrtle is great with vocal analysis. I also like the fact they really understand vocal ability all being musicians. While these reviewers are all Yankees and don't understand what will win Eurovision generally speaking, they give a refreshimg perspective. Why don't you get MyrtleP and her bloke and Georgina the Honest Vocal Coach in- she is really good on the nitty gritty of vocals also. I think Georgina would give a nice balance on some of these Jury panels- that is if she's willing to be a part of WiWi and/or some of your written reviews. You need more balance than you have and William, it sounds like you need to hand over some of the workload. Rebecca the Vocal Athlete is also great but has been sick with COVID and recovering from post viral chronic fatigue- but she's great like Georgina. There are many good vocal coaches on NOwine and you really need to tap into one and musicians who also understand what is going on. The ones I have mentioned are all great in different ways. I wonder if Lesley Roy would help you out in future years- why don't you ask?

  • Yes Deban- William should get you in more. Cinan is too scared to give low scores and wants to please everyone just like William and his excuses, and Oliver is a dead loss! Just saying Lucy and Oliver are broth Brits but they are more British formula in their tastes than you. In my opinion the juries suck without you Deban even if I don't agree with your opinion.

  • I'm sorry but imo Finland has just another mediocre pop rock song but Maneskin are the real deal, they've got it all: orginality, the sound, the charismatic vocalist with intriguing voice, great stage presence and yes sex appeal but since when this is a bad thing? No one is judging female singers for looking too sexy, c'mon. They look amazing, sound even better and they're just in their early 20s! Frankly, Eurovision doesn't deserve them, good that they're at least known and well respected in Italy.

    • I, from Finland, fully agree. But Finland acted as the shock to let Italy shine. And they did so with a magnificent power! Italy was my favourite as in so many years before. Finally a well deserved win!

  • It strikes me how Deban hijacks everyone's opinion with a pretty, if not extremely dominant "if you like this song, you have no taste" expression + comments throughout this video. There's only one guy who dares to stand up to this: Jonathan. Respect bro. You have some spine. The same applies to Maneskin.

    • @Antonio EF News I agree. They won. And so did I ;-)

    • Deban is tasteless, what did you expect? Italy won and that's all that matters

    • @P B he’s n so who cares?

    • @Justyna Figas-Skrzypulec Deban is built for controversy. There are a lot of positive comments in response to (t)his lukewarm vid about Maneskin. People don't agree. The other wiwibloggs girls and guys obviously don't agree either. I don't like Deban's "If I don't like it, nobody should like it" attitude, but in a way, it's also amusing. I find dominant people amusing. That's what they are ;-)

    • Yeah, more often than not I find myself uncomfortable watching Deban's rudeness and entitlement. But then, I suppose you and I are quite alone because every fourth comment here after the fights is "Living for the drama!" or "Why can't we have Deban in every video?!?".

  • Is this video for real?? Blind Channel's Dark Side better than Zitti E Buoni?? The two songs may both be rock but they are of two different tastes. Zitti E Buoni is bringing something new, while Dark Side is bringing something recycled and done (better) before. Also, not to mention the cringe lyrics of Dark Side.... The only thing in Dark Side's favor is the language but even then the Italian enhances Zitti E Buoni

  • When it comes to rock, Italy's song is unquestionably superior. It's much higher quality, much more rock, much less corny and forced. Also, the Franz Ferdinand comparison was spot-on.

  • All these people with Finland over Italy is just... no

  • "SINCE I DON'T UNDERSTAND ITALIAN THE SONG IS JUST NOISE FOR ME" this statement is the most superficial comment I ever should have more respect for other culture

  • I was not expecting a rock song for Italy. When I listened to it for the first time I was like " this really an Italian entry for eurovision?" Although I did not listen to the other songs from San Remo I'm very glad that this song won. I'm sure they will end up somewhere in the Top 10.

  • The way you guys overrate Finland is honestly impressive. Finland is the worst kind of rock, its an overproduced mess, all the instrument sound fake, like nobody played them in the recording is all made digitally, on top of that is extremelly puerile, so blatantly unauthentic and such a Linking Park copy, Italy is not among my favorites but is 10 times more authentic than Finland.

    • 💚🇮🇹❤️

  • lmao Italy is not overrated at all. Aside from 2016 and 2017 maybe, Italy would have deserved to win every year since their return imho, even if they weren't always my winner. I hope they win this year, it's my 2nd place after Russia and I would give this a 9.5 as well :)

  • 100/10 points from Croatia! 🇭🇷 i am l🖤ving it and can‘t wait!

  • It's just not my kind of music and therefore I really don't like it. But I'm not surprised that a lot of people do like it.

  • The lyrics make me like Italy more! As someone who speaks Italian very well, I love the lyrics! The Finnish lyrics doesn't do anything for me. Plus it is way too much rock. Italy's softer!

  • I'm sorry but in what world is Finland's song better than Italy's.

  • Love the Italian entrance they always do it.forza Italia.🥰

  • " the cutting throat", really🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️? Is not a violent gesture turned to someone or whatever other weird mean . Is just a gesture in line with the lyrics. let's not pass them off as violent, please.

    • ...and just as they are talking about discrimination ... they are doing exactly that!!!! Terribile 🙉!

  • I love reading the comments! Thank you all from Italy ❤️

  • I respect everyone's opinion, but I really don't get Suzanne's point. The music video will be 100% irrelevant during Eurovision, and I don't think it should be taken into consideration when judging an Eurovision song. Maneskin's entry is definitely polarizing, but I would have liked to see a score based on music, performance, voice, whatever, just not the music video, which is the one single element that won't count at all during the event. Also, half of this review was spent talking about Blind Channel (which I love and respect, but... really? Just because there are two rock entries we feel compelled to compare them? They are not even the same sub-genre).

    • Thank you for respecting everyone's opinion!

    • I agree 💯

    • Based on this they should compare all the other poppish songs in Eurovision🤣 (basically more than half)

  • It's a 10/10.... love from Italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹❤❤❤🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤❤

  • Måneskin is based, Blind Channel is cringe

  • Suzanne is getting more and more annoying tbh

  • MY NUMBER 1 SONG OF 2021 🎉🎉 a 9.5/10 for me and I see it going top 5 in the contest!! and I wrote this elsewhere, but it seems apropos to this video, so here is how I feel re: Italy and Finland 😊 - early on Finland was tied in my #1 spot w/ The Roop, and while watching Sanremo was very interested by Måneskin but 1) didn't think they would actually win, and 2) was worried if they did it would take 'rock' votes away from Finland (I also adore the country of Finland so that's part of it, too). But the more I watched and saw from Måneskin, the more I arrived at "why shouldn't rock/metal/punk/heavier-music people have more than 1 song to enjoy. bring it on and may the best song win!" And then over time, while I still really really enjoy Dark Side, it's partially nostalgia to my teen years and the catchiness of the tune, but Zitti e Buoni appeals to me more where I am now in life 😁 so yes. i want both to do well, but Måneskin is too intriguing and fashionable and exciting for me to have them anywhere but at the top!!

  • This one is the better song! The song is good and of course different. We need different 🌓

  • Finally, I agree with everything they say.😅 To be honest, I'd like to see Italy end up in top 10, but if Finland doesn't end up in, at least top 10, then Italy's top 10 finish will be undeserved. Finland deserves much more praise than Italy is getting right now.

  • Are u going bezirk guys?!? Finland has a rhythm of the Slipknot electro type of metal rock. What’s wrong with you?!? Maneskin is not just fashion it’s alternative rock something we need!!! Italian language doesn’t wash away the attitude of the song... would you rather go for an Italian Mick Jagger than an English electro Slipknot?!? Slipknot at the end are so commercial... nothing new... fizz... nothing more. I’m sorry I get your point but the quality of this contest will go low if the group of Maneskin will not win and def against Finland

  • Azerbaijan Loved This Song 😍😍😍🇦🇿🇮🇹🎤💖❣️💛💛💛💖💖💖

  • I feel like İtaly wants To Win Eurovision 2021 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💫💫💫😇😇😘😘😍😍😍😍 I wish İts gonna Happen Greetings From Azərbaycan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🌟🌟🌟

  • I agree with everyone in the comments. Italy's song is just better. Blind Channel is boring classic style rock. Very 90s. Maneskin is more the contemporary rock style and have a real In This Moment feel, but not as heavy. EDIT: This one is a 9.5 for me, one of my top 3 songs.

    • Shut up. Finland is so much better!

    • I prefer Italy but you can't say dark side is boring, that's nonsense..

  • Finland brings nothing new with Blind Channel... Black outfits, long flipping hair, jumping around on stage... Italy, on the other hand, is bringing FASHION (not with the music video, but they are VERY stylish), they're bringing class, bringing rock IN ITALIAN (how many Italian rock bands have performed recently at Eurovision? not many...). I think they are WAY above Finland, even though I really enjoy the dark side...

  • overrated noise

    • Yet won, oop

  • If i would pick one, I would go with Blind Channel 1000000% over Italy, sorry.

    • Well, GO...what are you waiting for???

  • Nothing beats Italy's Fai Rumore from last year, it most likely would have won. This is just noise.

  • Finland is a love at first listen Italy is not but Finland is quite meh at this point now. Finland is poppier than Italy that's why I like it initially. Italy is a grower. We love a grower.

  • Deban: It's decent but I'm not in love with it. That's me to Malta. Italy is 10/10

    • @Antonio EF News yassss. I called it. They deserve the win. Ukraine got the second highest televote too (greater than Malta's). I love it

    • @Jojo Elio luckily Malta flopped and Italy won

    • @Ben Amundsen Cool if they win. I'm not against that. I just can't connect to the song.

    • Malta will win this year. Its Amazing BOP. ❤️ they are the favourite to win. Top.👍

    • same happens to me!

  • I don't speak Italian but I'm pretty sure the title means "Shut up and be good" not shut up and be quiet. Any natives here to confirm this?

    • I think it is more "shut up and behave"

    • @giorgia sangiorgio Thank you Giorgia, that's exactly what I thought, that it says same thing twice. With basic knowledge of Spanish I could conclude that buono in Italian means same as bueno 😁👍

    • I think the most accurate translation I have heard so far would be “shut up and behave”. I kind of cringe when I hear “shut up and be quiet” because it literally says the same thing twice, while the words “zitti” and “buoni” have pretty different meaning, with “zitti” strictly referring to not speaking, and “buoni” more generally to “being good” and doing as someone says.

    • Thank you all for claryfing this for me :)

    • It means stay silent and stay calm. Buono in this sentence means cool down. Don't move. Be quiet. Think of a large noisy classroom and the teacher enters and says zitti e buoni to calm them down.

  • Why do I get the funny feeling that this is part 2 (or 3 or 4) of a jury session where earlier in the day, Deban and Suzanne were at each others throats? Anyone else? :-)

    • Yeah, the looks on their faces as Deban was talking... 😶🤔

  • For me this is much higher quality than Finland which is just dated

  • This is in my bottom 5 of the year! Finland is the true rock entry of 2021!

    • Finland isn't "true rock"'s als pop metal like in the 90s...all just hearing, nothing new!

  • I just can't see Finland appeal that's much to Eurovision audience, in order to translate to votes

  • ok I adore this song and band but I honestly do think Finland wins the "battle of the rocks" this year hahaha buuuut, Italy might inch ahead since it's in Italian...and it's an Italian rock song, which we rarely get here's hoping for Rome 2022

  • My favorite entry this year. Love it. 10/10

  • Palhaças...

  • Might as well rank all the female pop songs while we’re at it. Don’t get why rock songs at Eurovision always get compared. I think it’s cause euro fans know very little about rock

  • 10 out of 10

  • I'm surprised by the lukewarm reception here. I don't think I fell in love with a Eurovision song this year as quickly as I did with this song! I think it'll appeal to both the Eurovision public and the juries as it did in SanRemo/Italy. Also idk why we're judging the song based on the music video content when it'll have no impact on the actual song contest.

  • My favorite this year and I think it's my favorite Italian entry of all time. I love everything about them. I'm a Måneskin fan all the way.

  • well I think Eurovision really doesn't deserve Italy, they always deliver high quality and never get recognized for it

    • REDSUN incredibile 😂☠️ sono contentissimo per loro comunque e tanto tanto riconoscente

    • @gabrjxel e invece 💖💖💖💖🌝

    • They've been in the top for long! And finally a win! La mia citta should've been the last winner. And that Il divo copy came close too.

    • vabbè il glam rock non fa per l'eurovision è già tanto se ci classificheremo alti

  • My favourite in the contest. Perhaps my favourite Eurovision song of all time. I'll be rooting for Italy on the night! 10000000000...0000/10

  • Malta 🇲🇹 is gonna score above 9❤️

  • My no. 1 is Finland, because 2000 music i can relate more. I never liked glam rock. But Italy is my no.2. Song is just interesting and full of passion. Yes video was a bit weird, but it made me curious about the band and lyrics. They have many good covers that i like a lot, so at the end i like both songs and i hope that Italy staging is good, With Soldi they changed it for worse ( video and San Remo version were the best )

  • The title should be "Deban not feeling the jantasy for 14 minutes and 54 seconds"

  • What are y'all on about? This is a lot more divisive than Dark Side. Finland's is the kind of rock song most people who aren't into rock can get into it whereas Italy's song, unless you do have a spot for rock music in your heart, you just won't get it, and also, most people who dislikes Finland, absolutely hates Italy, so what was said at 12:55 is not it

    • @Sandro Casiraghi But that's exactly it, finland's is outdated, already heard, nothing new, and *therefore* familiar. Most people who aren't into this style of music do gravitate towards what feels familiar, nostalgic and so on. Italy's, in the other hand, it's a bit more modern, contemporary, and the chorus borderlines screamo which might be off putting to some people, you'd have to be a lot more open minded to get into it.

    • For me it's just the opposite. I love new age music, not rock. Never liked rock in my life. But I prefer Maneskin than blind channel. I find Blind Channel, outdated, already heard, nothing new. Maneskin is better. And the rap on rock part is so likable and modern.

  • Winner

  • Italy is always criminally overrated by the public televote. This mediocre and generic song, if sung, for example, in Lithuanian, would never even get 10% of the attention it gets just because it is from Italy

    • It's not overrated. We won, and you are criminally tasteless. You should be charged for 10 years because of terrible taste

    • We would never have the favors of many nations… they give us nothing… with Soldi and Grande amore The most voted ever by televoting .. the jury made us lose .. we will always have to work twice as hard .. or withdraw from this competition that I don't like at all 👎 More and more constructed and artificial.Where the songs are studied and designed exclusively for Esc. Ours remains the most natural selection

    • @July River I agree with you. Considering overrated Italy even though practically we won only twice and in geological eras that are far far away, is a nonsense. I would consider overrated the position of Moldova ahead of Francesco Gabbani in 2017. I consider underrated the position of Grande Amore in 2015, by the juries, because, I don't know why, juries doesn't think an operatic singing can deserve to win (Eurovision). I consider overrated the first place of North Macedonia on the jury vote in 2019. By my side I consider perfectly deserved the victory of Loreen from Sweden in 2012 but completely overrated the victory of Mans Zermelow in 2015, ahead of Il Volo. There again the juries have preferred Sweden against the plebiscite of the public vote in favour of Il Volo.

    • If I may, I think it's pretty impossible to like a song purely because of the language. You can appreciate the melody, or the lyrics, or the arrangement, or the singer (why not). So, for me, there's no such thing as an "overrated" song, just a song that most people like for whatever reason. It's quite unfair to think that way and there's no way to prove it. Not anger here, I just wanted to share my point of view on your comment.

    • @Mariusz Barcin My dear, if language is not important, as you say, why all the countries, except UK and Ireland, who have titles to do that, sing in english? Ah, yes. To sell more records worldwide. Maybe we are overrated (as you say) because the ensemble our music plus our language is more appreciated? Let's go back to make mandatory for each country to sing in their language and we will see if language is not important. I would like to see if Sweden is able to win singing in swedish. The difference between Italy and the other countries is that we send the best song in Italy, the one winning Sanremo, which is the festival of italian music. While the other countries organize a selection with only the ESC in mind. So everybody sings in english and the selection is artificial, done by a jury who has in mind the international audience of the ESC. While our song are for the italian audience, which become the one of ESC if the song wins. That is, the difference. Despite of this, we get good scores in both juries and televotes.

  • 9.5/10 My top 5. Love love love! Love their group dinamic. Love lead singers voice. Love their stage presence. Love the song!

  • Although i have also Finland above Italy i would like to mention that: 1. The song of Italy is definitely darker than the song of Finland. Not in the lyrics. In the melody! 2. The biggest scandal in Eurovision history was the jury vote for Grande Amore. So no Deban, EBU doesn't treat Italy well!