David Harbour Feels Out of Control While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Publisert 15. juli. 2021
David Harbour is an Emmy- and Tony Award-nominated actor perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jim Hopper in the Netflix megahit series Stranger Things. His latest is the highly anticipated Marvel Studios action spy thriller Black Widow, which is set to hit theaters and Disney+ Premiere Access on July 9th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Harbour takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from Shakespeare, to penguins, underground poker clubs.






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  • Top 5 actors working today? Go...

    • I think I'd rather take a dab than go down that rabbit hole.

    • Pick a random stranger off the street, change the questions to how their day was and how lifes going

    • Keanu Reeves and Sebastian Stan

    • Anya taylor joy

    • Get cena and rock

  • God, that dnd “degradation” sweet spot talk is so it, that’s such a true statement

  • This has got to be the best episode of HOT WINGS I have watched ... David Harbour willing to take multiple hits for team

  • This was so wholesome

  • He's easily top 10 favorite guest of all time

  • I would love to see Stephen Colbert on this show.

  • Man was straight wing drunk

  • Wow, what an awesome dude

  • Bro, I dont LIKE stranger things... I do like your character, and I like you as a person, SO much for this. And I love you even more for the thumbnail. Im serious man. Respect. Continue staring in Hollywood. I would love to watch your roles bro. Just respect. Mucho. Stay strong man. Love you. You too Sean, but I've left comments for you 😘

  • Harbour looks fantastic! Incredible actor. Incredible show.

  • Why does this episode make me think this is Sean doing an episode with his dad 😂😂

  • I genuinely think David and Winona are my favorite actor and actress ever, they're both great actors and great peopld

  • Just saw this. Seriously liked David Harbour before he came on, loved him after. One of the only ones I never wanted to end. Can't believe I'm saying this about Hot Ones lmao

  • Sean with a coolio dab at the end and his face when he sees what he just done was so funny

  • Was that, perhaps, an Amber alert on those phones? Oh no, looks like Hopper has to leave lol. He was so nervous to start eating these

  • Sean Evans interviewing Sean Evans. Love to see it.

  • Who made the music 1 minute in?

  • I wish they would get Benedict Cumberbatch on here!

  • I love this man he has something really soothing about himself and the way he talks

  • This was such a great interview, I would love to see David on the show again

  • My name is Enzo Virgilio and today I learned that I needed to pursue a career in the movie industry. Thank you David 🙏🏻

  • who hates a dog...

  • You should invite Tom Hiddleston or Tom Holland

  • Anybody that makes you feel better.

  • "What are you doing shaking that up?" MOMENTS BEFORE DISASTER HE'S SO INNOCENT

  • David Harbour and Sean Evans are from the same clan.

  • Has anyone else noticed how David looks like mc Bob? (Cheddar Bob, 8 mile)

  • Holy hot sauce, my favourite episode yet, no questions!

  • He seems like such a sweet person

  • This Episode is one of my Favorites! David Harbour is a real down to earth, great convo type of guy and that Smile and laugh is contagious!! lol

  • Finished Season 3 of Stranger Things last night, now I'm depressed like every average white girl.

  • I think this may be my new quintessential Hot Ones ep., I keep returning to it when I want some comfort and weirdness, and it never dissapoints... lovely!

  • I love the movie "Rounders." Glad to know you had a little something to do with it.

  • I was really drawn in to this eps man he did so good and this was so fun to watch man. What an incredible guy, I felt like I was in the room with them and I really enjoyed it

  • Damn….so David Harbour is a giant? That side by side made Sean look like a chipmunk!

  • Such a handsome, eloquent, and charismatic man, I love him!

  • I put this one off because I wasn't interested. Now I'm sorry. Excellent interview.

  • Reverb burp 18:40 !

  • I love how much he is enjoying the interview and the overall experience. His laughter and smile is infectious. I can feel his adrenaline. What a cool guy!

  • Can we have a Hot ones episode with the iceman ''Wim Hof'' Would be a wonderful episode.

  • hey I thought they run away with the money of the the heist?

  • One of the best episodes i saw ❤️

  • Keanu Reeves

  • David Harbour, what an entertaining man. I love him because of the frogs!

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  • Please get Ryan Reynolds 💯💯💯💯💯💯 #RyanReynolds #CanadianActor #Deadpool For Canada! For DEADPOOL!! For WOLVERINE!!!

  • Sorry I slept on this one. One of the better episodes of Hot Ones.

  • How did no one warn him there would be "real questions"?

  • you two look exactly the same

  • I liked David Harbour before this interview but after this, I love this dork lol. Great interview

  • ...this was an AMAZING interview Sean and David! Thank you....I could feel the realness of this interaction...for reals. I'm not even very familiar with Davids work...Those last three wings...soooo good!! Terrariums?! DnD?!! Just awesome.

    • ...like...the epic music was EARNED!!

  • What a great interview!! David is so expressive as well as honest about his experience.

  • And Sean seems like the most likable dude ever, and he's killer at his job. He's like a more serious nardwar or whatever that dudes name is.

  • He seems very insightful and intelligent.

  • At the end..."You got me on hustlings?" 😂

  • The slow hammer clearly match because police histopathologically cause over a naughty soprano. energetic, disagreeable minute

  • Mercutio is the best character in the play

  • I must say, this is by far, my ABSOLUTE favorite Hot Ones to date. Sean & David have the same demeanor, intellect & mannerism. Are they sure they're not related?

  • David was on a full on capsaicin spice-high there.

  • He’s so fine with a shaved head

  • Dude i think there were a few seconds available to fit in a few more commercials

  • ..great guy..

  • This was a really heart-warming episode!

  • i think it's better without the background music

  • i only knew about him cause of lily lol great interview

  • How are there 1,1k dislikes?!?! This interview is literally perfect!

  • That milk bar sounds awesome.

  • This has to be my favourite episode, great guest.

  • He’s so wholesome

  • David looks so much better and younger, if he put some muscle on he would look incredible

  • Courtney b Vance....Zendaya...Hallie Bailey& Chloe Bailey Jennifer Hudson ❤

  • Twins? Whos interviewing who?

  • I'm gonna need that shirt David is wearing! Also, great interview.

  • That finale. "Only do it if you have to do it." Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful interview

  • David- I haven't been drunk in fifteen years Me- Jesus Christ...I'm drunk watching this

  • Omg David made me laugh so much through this episode I love it!!

  • Not much for leaving a comment. But this was a fun journey great interview.

  • Hot Ones x Epic Meal Time

  • Were Sean and David seperated at birth by accident and grew up in 2 different households, only to meet each other again years later in a show where people torment themselves with hotsauce? I'm seeing double. Must the matching shirts :D

  • He has such a "why not" personality.

  • Your top 4 cured meats of all time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • i absolutely loved this interview so so much! this is my favorite interview thus far. david harbour, love you and all of your work!

  • will be fun to see Tony Hawk on the show !

  • Looks like two nazis having a blast

  • My favorite part of all these episodes are when the guests are just like " How the F do you know about this??!!"

  • Probably put that dog down that’s fucked

  • This guy has such amazing face features and Hollywood didn't use him as much as he should.

  • his comments on method are so bang on. that stuff Jared Leto did off set when playing the joker....furthest thing from method. what davids talking about is method. there's also a little known actor called, i don't know if you know him, Daniel Day lewis who is a great method actor too.

  • "i didn't know you were gonna ask me _real questions"_ Thats one of the things i love about this show, is that its real questions, constructed in a great way. But my fav part is when you get someone on that thinks its just some mess around thing, and then the real questions come out, and they are like ''oh shit....this some real interviewing'' its frikking awesome, cuz you see that glint in their eye of like ''this guy really wants to know about me'' as opposed to the questions asked at promos, where its the same questions over n over, but they dont really care about your answer. on hot ones, they care.

  • Just two bald guys eating chicken

  • don’t talk to me or my son ever again

  • I love how sean really ask the guests questions about themselves or their passions. Theres no "your wife just starred in this film blah blah" if it is referencing another person, its in relation to the guests art or passions and how that person shapes/influences/inspires them

  • such a fun interview

  • Amazing interview! Tom Holland for season 16?!!

  • One of the absolute best interviews for me! Loved it!

  • This was so fun to watch, I found myself giggling along with David the whole time

  • He looks so good 😳

  • I really like this guy's personality ❤

  • Best.