Destiny (Malta Eurovision 2021) "Je me casse" - Symphonic Version | Wiwi Jam at Home

Destiny - Malta's Eurovision 2021 singer - performs a symphonic version of "Je me casse" during the Wiwi Jam at Home Concert. The 18-year-old star placed third with the juries at the song contest and placed seventh overall. That is the country's best result since 2005. She also won Semi-Final 1, marking Malta's first-ever victory in a semi-final.

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  • Phenomenal ✨ Such a sweet person, super talented. Her voice is world class 💕 Love this version!

  • профессионал 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Her voice reminds me of Christina Aguilera🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wow! These acoustic versions are what I'm here for!!!😍😍😍😍

  • wow!

  • Amazing voice ❤

  • Her behaviour during the televote was awfull...

  • please let her come back in 2022 and let us have a ESC 2023 in Malta

  • Wowwww 🔥🔥🔥

  • She's lost many vote because the MES was very poor !!!

  • Destiny, my little girl, come back again, ever more dynamic, but this time not with an agenda song please. Get a song like the 2020 one and come and take the prize.

  • What a voice my from GREECE ❤️

  • damn

  • This version is better than Studio Version. It is perfect. Goog job Destiny from Italy

  • this is so touching. Love you Destiny!

  • Wow this is better 😊❤️

  • Girl you got an amazing voice...Malta, Azerbaijan and Manizha were the best 😘 Lots of politics but you guys won people’s hearts ♥️

  • I seriously don’t know what happened. The televote completely robbed her. 40 something points, cmon!! norway and moldova did better with worse songs wtf!!! 5/25/21

  • What an amazing human being 🎵🎵🎵


  • I am the only one who think, if Malta would have used this orchestral version we would have seen another result? Her voice set her apart and the orchestra would be unique at ESC 2021.

    • Seriously? Singing "I m not into dummies" with a symphonic orchestra? This is a crime only to begin with. The orchestra makes the song sound even cheaper than it really is.

    • I totally agree

    • Yes, with this version she could win ESC. It is perfect.

  • Underrated by the public but we have the song still! Please don’t come commenting she deserved anything near 47 points because it’s obvious looking at her semi final score overall and with the televote she deserved more :)

  • Honey for my ears! It's so adorable!

  • I voted for you 12 times! the televoting results, very surprising and harsh.

  • Her voice looks like voice Christina Aguilera

  • The verses lend themselves to this but the first chorus sounded wrong and very stilted.


  • Her voice is amazing!

  • God... This is better than the original

  • Omg goosbumbs all over ❤️

  • Love you so much Destiny 🤩❣️

  • My sweet girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Настоящий гимн сильной независимой самодостаточной женщины! Малышка Дэстини выиграла конкурс заочно!

    • Малышка??! Да она весит килограммов на 120 минимум!

  • Keep being you Destiny! - Winner of Junior Eurovision 2015 - Semi Finalist on Britain's Got Talent 2017 - Winner of X Factor Malta 2020 - 7th Place Final Eurovision 2021 Such an awesome journey! Looking forward to see where it goes!

  • Is this woman really 18 years old? I thought she's at least 40!

    • @esc TEDDx why would you make me mad? You are obviously young if you think that saying someone looks older or younger for their age is rude, having wrong opinion is not against the law

    • @Mark Einstein you obviously see that she’s not 40 omg men

    • @esc TEDDx Well, looking like 40 when you're 18 is not rude, and talk about it is rude? You're such a hypocrite!

    • @Rose Tyler have I made you mad by giving my opinion? 🥲 I think it’s rude.

    • Also, lyrics are unfit for a 18yo. she's singing about flaunting, I mean...

  • Queen 💙

  • TheQueen of Eurovision2021

    • No, the Queen is Gjon's Tears from Switzerland!

  • I'm glad the jury gave her alot of point because let be clear malta as always poor result with the televote. And they can just count for the jury for point. French fan.

    • @Kambariui, linksmai For you but for me she was amazing but again is just a difference of taste.

    • Performance and how she looked on the stage was awful