KSI REACTS TO Curb Your Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom | Curb Your Meme

Publisert 18. juni. 2021
KSI REACTS TO Curb Your Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom | Curb Your Meme | NOwine Vs Tiktok Boxing Edition | Rogue Speedgod


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the face to face interview By the Hollywood fix : nowine.info/loft/e2V5rHLaZ8ePpWU/video





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  • Bryce: KSI you’re next KSI: R2-D2 mode activated

  • bryce: dude youre gonna get fucked up face. match : bryce just god his face fucked

  • ksi sooooooo gay

  • When you're poor and not rich but you don't want to act like you're poor

  • Austin: Bruce you actual fighter i saw your video Bruce hall: nah I didn't say that I said I didn't said I'm a actual fighter

  • Can someone tell me who this guy is? The one saying "ksi you're next" ... I obviously know KSI, ever since he made videos of him playing football with his little brother and such.

  • This dude is a legend

  • When a 13 yro has more muscles than bryce

  • I am not a fighter I have never claimed to be a fighter

  • please take the fight ksi just want to see him get knocked ou

  • this is the asmr that ksi watches to fallasleep

  • Nyce Fall

  • 😂😂 very funny video

  • yall laughing at the vid then laughing harder beacause of ksi laughs

  • I mean I don't know why we are surprised bryce got his asked kicked. He is one of them trash tiktokers that are only popular cause of 10 Yr olds

  • Bryce did that to promote the fight he's pretty cool tbh, but wtf I'm watching this again and fukcing I feel embarrassed for him ahhhahaha!🤣


  • It was clear Bryce lost cuz of overconfidence.

  • Then he is hiding in twitter and keep acting like nothing happened and his delusional fans still support this guy

  • “I’m not a boxer I’m not a fighter I’ve never CLAIMED to be a fighter”

  • At least he was smart enough to not lose the one million

  • Being a Bryce hall fan and supporter i think he won by 3.8 points.. .. .. ... F*ck bryce hall paul

  • The bonk sound effects make it so much funnier lmao

  • jj saying "ksi you're next" in a drunken wheezing voice makes me dead

  • Bryce hall his next location is hospital🤣🤣

  • 2 round fight ksi vs Bryce that is if Bryce is still alive

  • lolBryce hall thought he go win in a fight KSI what do you mean

  • Austin was so calm

  • Should have included “I never said I’m a real fighter”

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  • The laugh after ksi is hilarious

  • I can see this all day

  • I love ksi when he laughs

  • I still wanna see KSI vs Bryce hall

  • Ksi acts like he’s knocked out people only 1 fight by descion

    • At least he won his fight before talking shit and calling other people out😂😂

  • Honestly, Bryce is the biggest clown, but I wouldn't make a bet with that scum bag either. He won't even honor the contract, he's going to honor a bet if he lost?

  • 40 street fights as a water boy

  • okkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Please KSI I want to see you break his face

  • Well Begin Paying Those medical bills Brice LOL

  • Bryce hall talking cap😂😂

  • b o n k

  • The The the the tgame thas thas ttttttt

  • I just keep watching this video🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • lol

  • Kol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣LOL

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ksi's reaction makes this 10x funnier

  • "KSI your next" lol

  • He must have been playing at a day care if he has knocked people out before :/

  • Plot twist: Austin pays for Bryce Halls medical bills

  • nowine.info/loft/noSkgYHHbJafaag/video

  • Did JJ just say,"lets FINISH on this video."

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  • I will fight KSI and I will drop him.

  • Bro byaue got the knock the fuck out its hahaha watching him getting bash 🤣🤣🤣

  • These white boys don’t learn 😔

  • Cn we see Bryce hall cleaning Austin's house ksi reacting

  • I can't help but laugh every time Ksi laughs LMFAOOO He has the most contagious laugh in the world.

  • I dont find the video on ksi chanel

    • It's called "laughing at Bryce hall"..and go towards the end.. You'll find the reaction

  • The bonk sound

  • Lmao 😅😅😅 dink donk*

  • Bryce hall is a boble head

  • bryce hall left the world

  • In Bryce’s defence, he only wins street fights and fights against waiters at restaurants

    • He'd lost to someone with a piece of Styrofoam

  • he was even bein nice to him XD

  • ksi's laugh is so fucking contagious lmao

  • This is so funny

  • I love KSI's laugh tho it is hysterical

  • 1:04 jjs eyes

  • Austin: chilling, not cursing Bryce: trash talking, cursing, literally tryharding

  • i think bryce meant "KSI, you're next, at winning"

  • *"EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED."* *"**Ff3.OnLiNe**"* *"**Ff3.OnLiNe**"* *"**Ff3.OnLiNe**"* *”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?”* *CERTIFIED CLASSIC* *CERTIFIED* *CLASSIC* *HOLY MOLY* *"完璧"* *GK9CP*

  • Biggest clown on yt

  • I love jj's laugh it make's me laugh 🙃


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  • Ksi you would get your world rocked

  • lol

  • Looking drippy still

  • 300 😂😂

  • Ksi laugh 😅

  • KSI you are next means, bryce wants to be a punchingbag for ksi

  • that sound

  • I feel like Bryce whole career is destroyed Bryce hall: KSI YoUr nExT

  • Bryce is the new jake

  • No kidding KSI might accidentally kill bryce High time video creators should understand boxing is'nt Mortal Kombat 1v1


  • Ksi will haft to go to the hospital for laughing so much

  • Dude I love this guy so fucking funny bro been watching since 2014

  • Bryce: KSI your next KSI: AHAHHAHAHAHA NO WAY FAM 😂🤣


  • Jesus is Coming Soon Accept him As your Lord And Savior Before Its too Late🙏

  • I don't know why I laugh soo hard just by listening to JJ's laugh

  • He hugged Austin more than he ever hugged Addsisson

  • He is so funny but I feel bad for Bryce Hall because Austin McBroom cheated on his wife so many times I think

  • I have a theory why he’s trash talking a lot maybe it’s because he’s trying to impress Addison Rae to get her back so he acts all tough and shit that what I think is going on tell me if you agree could be the theory

    • No , acting like a douche bag is in weak fighters DNA, they know that they are gonna lose but still wanna show of. Other examples:- Logan Paul

  • I have a theory why he’s trash talling a lot maybe it’s because he’s trying to impress Addison Rae to get her back so he acts all tough and shit that what I think is going on tell me if you agree could be the theory