Eurovision 2021: Semi-Final 1 Split Results (REACTION)

Our reaction to the Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final 1 split results. Malta's Destiny won overall, topping the jury vote and coming second in the televote. Ukraine's Go_A won the public vote.


SF1 Televote Results

1. Ukraine (164 points)
2. Malta (151 points)
3. Lithuania (137 points)
4. Russia (108 points)
5. Israel (93 points)
6. Azerbaijan (91 points)
7. Cyprus (78 points)
8. Norway (77 points)
9. Croatia (53 points)
10. Sweden (51 points)
11. Belgium (47 points)
12. Romania (27 points)
13. North Macedonia (11 points)
14. Slovenia (8 points)
15. Ireland (4 points)
16. Australia (2 points)

SF1 Jury Results

1. Malta (174 points)
2. Russia (117 points)
3. Ukraine (103 points)
4. Israel (99 points)
5. Cyprus (92 points)
6. Sweden (91 points)
7. Belgium (70 points)
8. Lithuania (66 points)
9. Romania (58 points)
10. Croatia (57 points)
11. Azerbaijan (47 points)
12. Norway (38 points)
13. Slovenia (36 points)
14. Australia (26 points)
15. Ireland (16 points)
16. North Macedonia (12 points)

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William: williamleeadams
Padraig: justpadraig

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Thumbnail photos credit: EBU / THOMAS HANSES

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  • Can we all agree the roop was the best opening of any eurovision contest... Gave me chills

  • the biggest shock for me is malta doing fantastically in this semi with televoter and then coming 14th with the pvs n the final

  • Ireland! 😢 I feel the same as you William, Maps was my #5 this year but actually probably the song I've listened to the most. I really liked elements of the staging but there was too much going on, coupled with Lesley's nerves and the odd off-key vocal, sadly I can see why jurors and televoters were put off. Despite that though, I've watched Lesley's performance back the most and Maps will always be in my heart, it's so emotional and powerful.. I just adore it ♥ P.s the rest of the results pretty much went to the form book in my eyes.. Albina gave an incredible performance but the chorus feels really dated to me and Roxen's performance lacked impact but she did do really well in the end!

  • I don't understand why people are surprised that the results from the semi finals isn't necessarily the same at the grand final. After all, there are so many differences: - only the countries participating in that semi + half of the big 5 and the host country can vote - most people only watch the final - there are so many more songs at the final, so maybe people vote differently - some people might vote in the semi even for songs, which they just want to reach the final, but not necessarily win etc.... There are just so many factors that can have an impact on the results and therefore it's normal that there can be big differences.

  • Dont blame the staging for Irelands failure. If anything the staging was the only thing worth watching the performance. "Maps" was always going to do poorly as the song is the most monotonous song of the year with no change at all throughout. Fans overrated it because of Leslie's amazing personality.

  • Malta was so overrated in the Semi- at the end of the day it was visually boring. This isn't just about hitting the notes- it's the whole performance- so Malta really should not have received a jury vote higher than The Roop. The Roop gave a perfect performance and vocals. Malta gave a shoddy half baked and Lazy visual performance imo.

  • William just woke up? LOL.

  • I really hope Rté don't get discouraged by the results and go back to boring, safe staging. We need to keep pushing the boundaries and being ambitious.

  • Malta’s staging sucked. It was really bad and boring.

  • What I am starting to realise from Eurovision is that certain countries can do well up to some extend. Malta was a shoe in to win the whole competition, it was good enough to win the semi final but it did poorly in final televote because Malta, been a small island country is really difficult to get votes. Same as Cyprus and San Marino. Fuego would have WON if it was representing Sweden, or Greece for example.

    • I understand your point but i think Malta was too bad . I think EBU have some preference. She win the semifinal why 6 . And Spain is 13 .

  • I think a big group of people only watch the final so winning the semi final doesn't really guarantee a good place in the final.

  • To me, Miss Congeniality goes to either Tusse, Manizha or TIX

  • Excuse me, Sweden missed so many notes, singing was so off, they shouldn't pass to finals

    • @Simon B no, powresitta is correct. He was outstanding in the final and deserved to do well but that semi final performance was atrocious, and lets be real here, nothing more

    • haha you did NOT watch it then

  • Belgium at 70 points with Lithuania at 66 points is atrocious jury behavior. Sweden at 91??????? Horrible.

    • Agree, Belgium and Lithuania were perfect.... Sweden should have stayed in the SF

  • I felt Padraig was on point. He chose to just speak unpolished facts. Would love to see more of him 👍

  • Azerbajdzan and Efendi with Mata Hari... instrumental part of the song is great. Stage - great. Her voice is great also. But her english... I only understand when she sang Ma Ma Mata Hari. Other lyrics - nothing. If you can't speak and sing in english, just don't! 😅 I think that that is the reason why jury didn't support this. The same thing happened with Ukraine in 2018. I think. You need to google the lyrics during the performance to understand about what she is singing and jury does not have time for that.

  • Padraig has the right attaire 🖖

  • Padraig’s theory about how they showed Australia’s performance with the camera pan out compared with Icelands has me shook. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there.

  • no. 1 crime this year is that Montaigne didn't get to go. I may be biased bc I love Montaigne, but truly...

    • Yeah... Honestly at first I thought Montaigne made that decision and was satisfied with it, but when you saw her tear up during her press conference (or meet and greet), you can tell that that wasn't the case. I will admit that part of my support for her Semi-Final 1 live-on-tape was sympathy, but even that aside, I think that she deserved to qualify. I'm kinda upset that Australia didn't provide Montaigne with a bigger studio for the live-on-tape when so many other countries had better performance atmospheres for theirs.

  • I think that the results here were quite deserving. Croatia I think shined on stage but the song was weaker than the other female bops.

  • Who's gonna tell William that North Macedonia's 11 points from televote came from neighbours Croatia Romania and Slovenia 😂

  • I loved Maps from first listen

  • 8:50 - Albina won 50 euros following Italy's win so it wasn't all bad.

  • 45:41 vala ne and tinkara kovacks

  • Sanja Vučić or Natalia Gordienko for Miss Congeniality pls

  • I think in semi 1 Israel overshadowed Croatia

  • Sweden actually did better in the final with televote than jury

    • That still blows my mind. Could be the favorable running order the final.

  • Great video! I hope Deban's okay and that he'll be appearing in more videos soon!

  • IMHO, I would switch Norway with Croatia. And again IMHO UK was better than Norwegian. Sorry. Maltese performance relied on her vocal and staging which were both great, because the lyrics are kinda "forceful" so it failed in the final especially with more sincere performances like Italy and France.

    • Completely agree. Malta were very overrated this year. It’s a song contest, not a singer contest. No doubt destiny has amazing vocals, but the song was generic, subpar and cringe.

  • Everyone is talking about that Vasil faked Dotter light effect (disco shirt), but Raiven ( EMA 2017 ) wear it too.

  • Diffrent staging wouldnt have helped Irland this year. Her vocals was really shaky just listen to the first line of lyrics. Shaky from start, before busy staging. I think she was very nervous and overhyped and it caused her downfall. Sad, i liked that song.

  • "saturation of pop-bops... female-led bangers" - sums it up perfectly

    • Yep, exactly, both here and in the final. I think that’s why a lot of the Bops flopped because there’s just too many of them.

  • Ireland was the weakest package on the night. The staging was cute (as an idea), but it was too much and didn't feel natural to her. At one moment she hit that poor house or a tree with her fist, it was really awkward. Vocally, she was pretty off as well. The best part was the ending when she left that stage and started moving freely.

  • Padraig speaks exactly from my soul! :)

  • So glad that Padraig is back. As usual, top notch analysis and very good professional POV on Eurovision. Wished he was there in Rotterdam to give his views and coverage.

  • Croatia of course was a crime I loved the staging but the song just got dull after several listens to me. Romania was one if my qualifiers but her vocals were weak due to the staging and you couldn’t understand what she was saying

  • If Albina had kept the staging from Dora (with a minor tweaks in outfit and better camera angles), she would have sailed through in the finals. She won Dora by a landslide in the very tough competition as a complete unknown (correction of one of your comments from earlier video that she is a regional star: she’s not, tick tock is her second single). Marvin Dietmann really killed any charisma, sass mixed with innocence of Albina and dancey vibe of the song with his staging and Zigman’s outfit (the same designer of Nina Kraljic’s dress) And it’s really sad that she didn’t make it through but competing for the last spot that leads you in the final (that actually means competing for a 10th place out of only 16) when you have ingredients to make it top five is really a failure.

    • Agree. I’m from Croatia and the fact that all those people who they hired to amp up the performance actually did a disservice to Albina is infuriating

    • Agree. The staging didn’t translate the vibe of the song. I preferred the dancey r&b vibe of national final

  • Russian rap is disaster

  • Australia 2019 only placed 9th in the grand final but it still beat every act that qualified from the first SF in jury, televote and overall result

    • Only goes to show how weak that SF was. Not to be rude, but I was surprised when I found out she won the semi because my first thought was "Aren't there stronger songs?"

    • Not televote, Iceland was 6th, Australia 7th, but still Australia was above everything else from SF1 overall

  • When Norway was not only the worst scoring qualifier, but did horrible and almost got last in the final. Looks like milking your disability as much as tix did and trying to push a fake love story so people ignore how bad your song is for the pity vote backfired magnificently. 😂😂 Tix should be ashamed, Norway better have learned it’s lesson, and both owe Croatia a huge apology

  • I really really don't get why the jury vote holds so much weight. Our Jury was a bunch of 5 D grade celebrities, yet their say holds as much weight as hundreds of thousands of public votes. The jury vote should be abolished... THAT would be fair.

    • For me regardless, juries bring some quality instead of just mundane crowd pleasers.

    • @Srdjan Savic but at least it would be fair.

    • No thanks, I would prefer not to get winners like Believe again. If the juries weren't there, we would see so many more weaker songs and joke entries.

    • @Snowshowslow no... I just think everybody should have equal say. Those 5 jurors from each country are not more important than you or I...why should their opinions carry more weight.

    • @Micky Drew True. But that's not really a reason for or against a whole system, right?

  • I love these longer discussion kinda videos, really gets into the details that I like, wanna watch and listen to.

  • To he fair, televoters did not vote for North Macedonia for what he did. 8 of those 11 votes were from Slovenia... I mean... cmon now haha

  • Abolish the jury.

  • Although a lot of people weren’t satisfied with the results from the first semifinal, but I truly believe that the judges and the public got it right! Competition was tough, everyone did amazing.

  • I love that the subscribers numbers are going up up up, Euphoria! Today are 122 000+ 22 000 more than merely 2 weeks about. Congratulations to the whole team. You deserved it!

  • Missed an important points about Australia: technicolor is an aweful name for a song that has nothing to do with the meaning of the term. Then to say this word 50 times during the song... This is not Voilà...

  • Jurors and televoters: Do you want to be in the top 10 and qualify? Albina: Yes EBU: Hold my rulebook

  • Romania´s staging.. it gave me those Greta Salome vibes with those eerie silhouettes.. Cyprus on 7th by public is fine by me, cause I found it dull (the saturation on the red) in the Semi and her vocals were better in the final! Albina´s entry visually disappointed me. At times it was hard to watch and the lightsaber-flashes at the beginning were to energetic for that part. Prefer the NF staging much more somehow.. Australia´s song was catchy, didn´t like the staging, but she should come back sometime. Malta was better in the semi, in the final I remember me thinking she doesn´t smiled much or forced (not the voting, wich was surprising to many, for me not that much). Ireland had a Yüri Potsmann-Moment with that card.. Mayby an omen? I heared there was an issue right before the performance and a camera malfunctioned.. Is it true? Her vocals were better than I expected..

    • Yeah, a camera broke before she was sad to perform, that’s why Chantel was improvising in the green room so that they have time to fix and set it up again

  • thank you guys for an amazing analys of split voting, always interested in such numbers, feel sorry for Albina who really could go through if first semi wasn't a bloodbath 🥺

  • I think the problem with many of those were just that they needed needed couple of listens before you start to like the song. I definitely felt that with Australia, Ireland and Sweden even; whereas entries like Ukraine and Lithuania catch your attention already on a first listen.

    • @Texaslawhorn yes, I always detected that even in the studio cut. How can you get tour message across if no one can understand you?

    • @Rebecca Woolf I had such a hard time understanding Roxen, and I believe viewers probably did, too.

    • Romania also suffered that same problem too. Amnesia really takes more than one listen to really get it, but you only have one shot at eurovision and that’s the thing I was worried about. Heck the first time I listen to the song, I literally forgot about it. I couldn’t remember it The first time around.

  • yaaa! Padraig! I missed his insights on the ground in Rotterdam this year.

  • Malta’s staging was absolute rubbish. It detracted from the song and the message. The song also became tired fast. I thought Malta would win and was behind it, but like Switzerland, the staging detracted so much it became obvious they would never win. In my opinion, Malta should not have won the semi final. It looked like a heap of pink rubbish. Pop became so over saturated during Eurovision, it was tired. Sweden was the most undeserving semi finalist, followed by Norway in my opinion. Those songs and the staging was dead boring.

    • I agree, Malta was too overrated

    • Remember the year when everybody said Italy would win with "Occidentali's Karma" in 2017 and the song fizzled out and ended 6th? That's the meltdown that happened to Malta this year.

  • For me Ireland had more problems than just the ones mentioned. I didnt like the mess that was left after she was shown on stage, like that looked bad, as if they put effort In the first half and then said OK THE BUDGET IS GONE, GO AND DO AS U PLEASE NOW. And secondly, because the singer had to do so much it was actually uncomfortable watching her. I dont wanna see the performer struggle and hold my breath watching her struggle, seeing the veins on her throat and so on... poor girl

    • I don’t know why they decided to break the illusion if the staging it was just so weird and it definitely affected them also having to wait a few minutes before Ireland went on stage also hugely impacted it.

    • I was really sad to see the Maps performance flop so badly. I knew that song wasn’t gonna qualify after was over.

    • Let me also add that this song was a favourite of mine in the studio, and I love Lesley’s music. It’s a shame that the staging let her down.

    • The end of Irish performance was hugely immersion-breaking. If they had pulled away from all of the cameras filters and not shown that, it would have been less jarring.

  • I did see some people say on Twitter that they assumed Montaigne’s performance was just the studio track, I.e. that we were watching the music video, not a live performance, so it definitely doesn’t seem like it was obvious to everyone watching that it was subject to all the same rules as every other performance

  • My surprises are Sweden being low with the jury, Israel coming 5th and the jury loving Russia so much. All nice surprises! What happened with Albina sucks but she was amazing! One of my favorites this year! Nothing else about the semi results was surprising, it all makes compete sense.

  • The lesson from all this. You can't have more than ten songs in a Top 10 LOL In case of Semi Final one, we should have possibly had 12 qualifiers LOL

    • I think it would be interesting if they would add an extra Eurovision night. Like Andra chansen (Second chance) in Melodifestivalen. The top 8 from each semi would qualify. The ones on both side of the border of not qualifying, on places 9-12 in semi 1 get to compete in duels against the ones on places 9-12 in semi 2. Four will qualify. The winner of each duel takes the spot in the final. Like for instance Belgium vs Austria Norway vs Denmark Croatia vs Albania Romania vs San Marino

    • @Onewxrld Music yes,that'd be more fair. In this instance, 4 more would have joined from Semi 1. :) Croatia and Romania would have had a shot

    • @Micky Drew Exactly my point. If you were in 1st semi final, tough luck. If you were in semi-final 2, you got a free ticket. How about choosing 8 from each semi, that will leave 4 songs that can come from either semi 1 or 2, like three can come from semi 1 and 1 from semi 2 or any combination.

    • And there were about 5 good songs in the 2nd

  • William, your hair is getting messy again. Pradraig your hair and your beard are perfect LOL My favourite moment?? William lovingly addressing Pradraig as "Irishman" LOL

  • Im glad Eden from Israel did so well allthough Israel itself was in a middle of a war. Just to show everybody when you have a good song people dont care about politics and its all about the music!

    • But it wasn't so with the Russia and Ukraine conflict a few years back. Many countries gave zero votes to Sergey Lazarev.

  • The real Mata Hari song is by Ofra Haza also called "Mata Hari"

    • @Åsa S That was such a strange entry to me. The beginning sounds of the song, and the singer coming out in sunglasses. I could see why it failed at the '76 final.

    • Also, Norway competeted with the song "Mata Hari" already in Eurovision 1976.

  • where is deban

  • Hooverphonic as a band is 26 which makes it older than many singers and all of Maneskin. It is no surprise they exude quality.

    • Hooverphonics is so much committed to Eurovision with quality contributions for many years now. and through many countries.

  • How come we don't see Deban anymore? :(

  • I dedicate to Padraig the song by Irish "Country n Irish" artist Lee Matthews called "There's Irish in Our Eyes"... Like today for one..... LOL

  • Still sad and upset by Croatia

  • Why is Deban OUUUUT of this video? 😭

  • But it matters about the song tho right?

  • You have to put Albina to Eurovision 2021 crimes video!!! Both jury and televote wanted her in the final, but she didn't make it

  • When I was watching Ireland's performance for the first time it felt too much like a music video at the start and not like a live performance. For a year now I haven't gone to live performances and I wanted something that feels like a live show trough my tv and that's the reason why I loved for example Lithuania and Ukraine from the first SF. Love the song though 🧡

  • Malta was destroyed by running order in the final. Putting both feminist songs that performed really well in the semifinal (1st and 3rd) together at the beginning is irrational, at the same time the UK and Spain got 9 and 13. The gap with Ukraine increased from 13 points to 220

    • Lol. This happens all the time. SF and GF are two different scenarios. Eleni won televote over Netta in SF and that changed in GF. Closing helps. Bulgaria or Portugal also had over 100 points with televote this year and then in the GF they got way less because it was a bloodbath. And Malta did benefit from closing to get those televotes just like Belgium 2016, Iceland 2010 and many others. This things happen all the time. Nothing new this year.

    • @Verrottesok, I understand...)

    • @Olena Ivanchenko You must also understand that most watched doesnt mean that much since not every country has that many people. Malta is small and doesnt have a big population.

    • @R BB, Malta’s song isn’t in top 10 most watched in May, so it didn’t touch other people as much. Malta’s song is good, but many others were just better in the final.

    • @Olena Ivanchenkojust the opposite, if the song is good, the order matters. San Marino didn't look impressive enough either for the first or 26th. Order couldn't save them

  • William, you and Albina should do your own show...chemistry between two of you is amazing .❤️❤️

  • Albina not finalist ! But we love tick tock dance

  • almost a perfect semi final, remove Malta and put Romania in the top10 and all my favorites are in

  • Can't wait for the second semifinal discussions!

  • The big 5 should compete in semis, Croatia was better than Germany,Spain, uk and Netherlands

    • @Onewxrld Music Sorry, but I have to disagree here. Turkey wouldn't come back now, if the Big 5 were forced to compete in the semifinals. It is clear, that their broadcaster dislikes representation of LGBTQ+ artists. For example, they boycotted the esc because of Conchita Wurst a few years ago. The argument, that the Big 5 rule is unfair, is just an excuse for their withdrawal and the real reason is completely different.

    • @Verrottesok Turkey withdrew partly because of the Big 5 issue. It would come back if the Big 5 is lifted. But I am all for keeping the winning country as an automatic qualifier.

    • It has always been that way. The big 5 The netherlands was a host country. The host country always go through to the finals so live with it. And no croatia wasnt better then the UK and the netherlands to me. Croatia was a non qualifier for me anyway

  • Please make

  • North Macedonia and Dotter 'borrowed' from Raiven ( song Zažarim, national final 2017).

  • That's great. I need to cure my ESC post depresion But I want my Eurocrimes video soon. There were plenty of before, during and after ESC

    • Eurocrimes are an absolute MUST of wiwibloggs. We are anxiously waiting

  • For me Romania was weak vocally. Pronunciation was still bad.

  • Im sorry but Australia has a low score because the song isn't good.. Teknji teknji color.

    • Agree . It was awful. I literally wanted to tear my hair out every time they played a clip 😂 the tune was just annoying ... and the lyrics.... oh my god no words

    • Technicolour is an absolute BANGER

  • Every day at my job I hear Malta, Lithuania, Australia and Israel on the radio. Malta, Lithuania and Australia sound great, Israel I just can't stand, just annoying. I'm latvian by the way.

    • @m4cc663 still can't stand it. Things sounds differently when played on radio. Australia is not that bad.

    • lol austalia is horrible but israel's good imo

  • William you really need to stop describing the Jury as an entity looking for a 'mainstream Pop song'... For years now you give that example and in fact, it truly varies, Mata Hari is WAY more mainstream than The Roop, I guess your tastes truly differ on what you see as mainstream but clearly Mata Hari is Globally streamed... while the Juries tend to actually back more artistic songs. I truly struggle to see your point of always stating the Juries are always looking for something mainstream when they push Hooverphonic through for example & not Croatia or Azeraijan.

    • @E B My original point about Sweden was more so gearing towards the fact that the Jury tend to stick with mainstream pop which Sweden does tend to submit a lot of. They love a good classic radio-friendly mainstream pop song. Look at the difference in votes in 3 consecutive years below for Sweden: 2017: Public - 8th, Jury - 3rd 2018: Public - 23rd, Jury - 2nd 2019: Public - 9th, Jury - 2nd I'm not saying this is ALWAYS the case for Sweden alone - they are just known for generic pop song entries. But when it comes to the jury, they do tend to stick with ranking mainstream music highly and it is evident in the discrepancies between Public and Jury votes each year. Don't get me wrong, when there is a clear winner each year ie. Austria 2014, Ukraine 2016, Portugal 2017, the Jury has been known to agree with the public on those. But, the 2nd - 6th places the majority of the time are worlds apart and this is because the Public tend to go for the more unique/quirky/interesting songs & artists while the Jury sticks with mainstream music.

    • @Dara Sullen Sweden is generally liked by the public in the 2010s, yes in 2018 it was dramatically helped by the Juries but we can say the same about Austria in that year (which was more gospel than Pop). But statistically, the televotes DO give Sweden a lot of points or, rank it similar to the Juries, given the odd one year they didn't.

    • @Die Kommentare Kommentiererin I mean Sweden was in top-3 juryvoting every year ( except 2016 and 2021) since 2012.

    • @Dara Sullen 2011 also had much more points with the televoting (2nd place vs. 9th in juries), 2014 was pretty equal on both, and like you already mentioned also 2012 and 2016... So it's not always the juries helping them.

    • @E B they did it every year since 2012 ( except 2016 and this year).

  • The biggest crime here - Ireland.. When she didn't qualify I thought it was 11 or 12th.. Shocking My husband who doesn't follow eurovision truly loved two songs- Ukraine and Ireland.. So sad

    • @Adam Carleton Come on, even a wounded cat sounds better. That was the only place she deserved. I predicted it from the moment all songs were realised. The song is so boring and she has no charisma at all. Even a broom has more.

    • Ireland was horrible, weak song and weakest vocals in the contest. She can't sing. I knew from the moment that all songs came out that Ireland would end up very last. Even in the music video she can't hit the high notes.

    • I was the same. I thought 12th at minimum when I found out she was 16th I was gutted

  • Nothing against Roxen or her style of performing, but I think another reason she struggled might have been her lack of articulation. If you didn't already know the lyrics, it would've been really hard to understand what she was saying. And since this was a song that relied heavily on its powerful message, I sadly think not being able to understand what she was singing about contributed to her placement.

    • I noticed a problem even in the record a track. I also feel like the song didn’t really flow that smoothly.

    • My first language is English and I had to look up the lyrics from the music video even

    • @Eva There are also many Europeans who do understand English. Maybe not perfectly

    • Mm I don't think it was the main point. Maanny Europeans doesn't understand English. We can see that french songs scored high even though no one understands words.. I think the voice was at fault.. Sadly this isn't alcohol you :(

  • It's Efentix, not Tixfendi

  • I really thought Cyprus would have ended up in the top 3 in first semi final !!

  • I was surprised by Israel being in 5th place ( but happy about it 🥺) since everyone was saying, that they would be a borderline qualifier

  • Let me add that Ireland also wasnt very good at singing live, thats a big factor too

    • And yet they called it a certain qualifier in several prediction videos despite that...

    • @xFernanx I agree with every single word you wrote.

    • Yup Romania and ireland vocals were just bad on the night. I understand everyone is trying to be nice but it is what it is, both songs were in my personal top 10(out of the 39) but they had the 2 worse performances in semi final 1.

  • roxen could have really gone through if she had different staging 💔

    • It shouldve been like the live on tape. THAT was perfection

    • @xFernanx Yeah, Roxen’s vocals suffered when she had to do all that movement on the stage. That was a miscalculation.

    • Yup, her breathing coulnt keep with the movement, i dont understand how no one from the romanian delegation noticed. They overreached and we ended up with a confusing staging and sub par singing. Had roxen stayed still and just sang the song like in all her other live performances she probably could had qualified.

  • Jury votes make more questions, how Lithuania gets so few points? the song was more interesting than Israel or Sweden

    • @Pandatrix they were, unlike The Roop. The overall sex appeal is what a lot of juries look at... its fact. It is one of the criteria. In all regards, The Roop pailed in comparison to other acts. Back to my actual point. Why should 5 random celebrities be given equal weight to millions of voters?

    • @Micky Drew your argument is void. Sex appeal as a decent parameter - WTF??? Caveman!?! Lithuanian song is a bop, i hear on multiple radio stations everyday. Their performance was a cognitive move - for nerds who follow regional finals it get boring but for the vast majority (at least 90% of viewers) that was seen for the first time - why change something that's not broken? Your argument could literally be inter[reted as buying clothes online and getting something "creativelly changed". Who'd want that? I have nothing good nor bad to say about the other 3 songs mentioned, their performances were decent as were the other 35.

    • Israel most likely got given pity points from the jury similar to Malta due to their potential low televote score

    • @Micky Drew Thanks for fact-based, well argumented comment. Great stuff

    • @S V YOU don't get it. Its a SONG competition. A big bulk of points is the song. Then sex appeal, staging, performance. Most of the acts were pretty flawless. The Roop was boring comparatively and to be fair, finished much higher than they deserved

  • I personally think if Croatia and Romania (maybe even Australia) were in Semi 2, they would have definitely qualified.

    • @E B ‚To love EAeasiiLyy‘

    • @E B Australia were rubbish this year, just awful. Nothing to do with politics, Send Kate miller Heidke again

    • @A. G. y'all really mad when someone tells you the truth about Australia. IF THEY DELIVER... Bitch yes, they didn't deliver... In 2017, 2018 & 2021 they did not deliver. The public gave them below 10 points EACH time... Isaiah was only in the final because of the Jury. That note was horrific. The public gave him 21 in the Semi & 2 in the Final. Jessica got 9 televotes in the finale & Technicolor couldn't even make the final... Zero Gravity was literally there because of the staging. Aint nothing more to it, by the Saturday she went from first in the Semi to 9th? LMAO, please. Gimmicks.

    • @E B please don't talk nonsense. Australia has televote support if they deliver. In 2015 public put them 6th, in 2016 people put them 4th (with points from almost every country) and they came 2nd in the semi, in 2019 they came 2nd with the public in the semi and 7th I believe in the final. These are all excellent results for a country with no bloc to support them. So you are not right. Australian act in 2017 was ok and he missed one big note. That doesn't mean his vocals were horrific.

    • @E B i voted for Kate's Zero Gravity because it was a BANGER

  • 49 minutes? time flew by so quickly!

  • Russia coming 2nd with the jury was really surprising. I expected the juries to mark her down but they didn't

    • Russian song was genuine and real this year, not a constructed piece of work proclaiming something noone believes about Russia.

    • Remember the jury vote against the Russian song by Sergey Lazarev "You Are the Only One"? So tables have turned now and no more pro-Ukraine outrage? No boos during live performances of Russian performers? No vindictive zero votes for Russia by jury of so many countries? Suddenly Russia is pro-gay now?

    • I think the jury were swayed by the amount of international press that Manizha received. Similar situation with Jamala in 2016.

    • Nobody can't deny the Power of Manizha, not even the jury

    • @Aselya K Absolutely agree!!

  • The biggest crime of the whole ESC 2021 (and I say this as a Croatian) were jury points for Lithuania... Both in the SF1 and in the GF, only 66 and 55, what was that all about...? They deserved twice as many, at least... So @wiwibloggs thanks for mentioning this, hope it will be listed as one of the official crime

    • @Θόριν Δρυάσπις true :/

    • No, the biggest crime was Cyprus' votes

    • One of the unpopular opinions (at least among ESC fandom): Roops choreography was not good and it damaged a really really good song. I watched the finale with some of the regular ESC viewers but not a fandom and they couldn’t concentrate on the song, just on their constant weird movements. I can totally understand why some juries thought of their choreography as a mockery of dance and marked it down. It was just too much of it. And one of the comments I heard several times was that the Discotheque is more enjoyable when listened to on Spotify than watched on TV

    • @La La Yeah, those are some great points that Paul Drive brings up about discotheque. I’m not sure the song itself is that difficult to sing, but it’s certainly hard to sing while doing all that choreography and vaidotas nailed it every time.

    • Disagree, I would have given them half of that

  • William's hair is a mood

    • William's hair could become a meme for Eurolovers. Whatevr happened to the hair of years back, like short and sexy.

  • I love how William always says Is-real instead of IsrAel :D

  • Sorry, but I didn’t read any negative comment on Efendi and Tix video. Everyone loves(d) it! I don’t have any idea why do William think the video may have some effect on the televoting or where he got the negative comments cause I didn’t find any except for maybe people saying it’s a PR stunt.

    • @Hannah Barley of course it is still going and it will be for some time so it all looks legit. And than they will separate due irreconcilable differences :/

    • @Amanda_lyn 90 it’s odd you say that, when you just called me a sick person for having my own opinion. You are a goddamn hypocrite. As Anubis so eloquently put it, GTFO

    • @Anubis Jackal you can have your opinion about Tix, but I can have mine too. Have a nice day

    • @Amanda_lyn 90 are you blind? He 100% was gunning for the pity vote. If all you ever do day in and day out is talk about one thing just to get the pity vote, that’s literally the definition of “milking it”. I have Tourette’s myself and could see as much. And if I and he have the same thing and I think he’s using it for popularity, not to help, am I a “sick person” too for being upset he’s using the disability we share so greedily? Kindly GTFO.

    • I pretty much thought this was a pr stunt during the contest but It’s still going so I’m not sure if it was legit or not. 🤷‍♀️

  • Big 5+1 should've not been split between two semi-finals in voting

    • @N C Agree, except for your own country

    • @Matthew MTalking about other countries, they should be able to vote in both semis too

    • @N C why would it be fair that way? No other country votes in both semis...

    • @N C Because approx. one half of all competing countries are in the first Semi-Final and the other half in the second Semi-Final. It's only fair to split up the Big 5 and the host nation, so we have somewhat the same amount of countries voting in each Semi-Final. I think that's the reason why.

    • Yes I was dissapointed we couldnt vote in semi 2

  • Albina opened her own category: jury and televote qualifiers robbed by overall result)

    • @ESC Serg Probably three if you take into account that jury and televoters results in 2011 are not accurate, as Sammarinese juries were counted twice, both as televotes and juries

    • @LEI. Ale Ro Ni I mean is it really a crime in the same sense if both the jury and the people put it through, it's just unfortunate I feel like. Typically crimes like these are always about jury or televote robbing a qualification or whatever lol.

    • It has to feature in Eurovision Crimes 2021 video

    • @E B Two winners, actually, so it's more often case than Croatia that is first ever in this)

    • Well, we've had a winner who didn't win the jury nor the televote before

  • hiiiiiii :)