Eurovision Song Celebration 2021: Grand finalists Live-on-Tape Livestream (Part 2)

Publisert 29. mai. 2021
We're watching Part 2 of the Eurovision Song Celebration live-on-tape performances from 19:45 London / 20:45 Rotterdam. This second episode will include backup recordings from the grand finalists. They were filmed in the run-up to ESC 2021 as a back-up in case artists couldn't make it to Eurovision. The UK's James Newman (along with Ireland's Lesley Roy from the semi-finals) has opted NOT to show a clip.

You can watch the actual show on the official Eurovision NOwine channel.

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  • A streaming expert here: the echo is coming from Wiliam actually. His mic is picking up the voices of the other 2 guests through his speakers. Best to use headphones whenever you have multiple people on the stream 🥰

  • She is got the best taste in music

  • hello to the girl in atlanta. maneskin should come to the usa :)

  • where is Deban??

  • Cyprus❤❤❤

  • I gave 👎 just bcs of Oliver. He doesn't want to hide his hate towards some artists, especialy to Hurricane. And I'm not gonna watch any other video with his comments.

  • The acoustics is terrible.

  • Oliver , Oliver Twist

  • listening to this while running is the best!

  • Go_A wins hands down

  • you should be ashamed of yourselves laughing at a contestants live on tape it is easy to judge from afar let see you do better sofa couch critic i use to enjoy wiwibliogs critic because it was discreet and it didnt offend anyone sorry oliver you act like an over grown teenager and all diego's remarks throughout rotterdam were way off !!!!

  • Lithuania didn’t film in Germany and they didn’t replicate the stage. Lithuanians replicated the stage and Germany came to ltu to fo film here.

  • Fun to watch this ❤

  • You need to stop saying that not singing in english ia a problem. 4 non english songs ended up in the top 5! And more people in the world speak spanish than english...!

  • What's with that blonde guy hating on Hurricane from Serbia every chance he gets?! Too negative! Bye gurl

  • More Oliver on wiwibloggs! Hope he goes to Italy next year.

    • Nah ... He's too subjective

  • Thank you for every country for their perforrmance, I enjoy this contest entirely, it’s an institution. I like so much the show and intermediary period with Duncan Laurence and David, the performances on the top of buildings were so great. In my favourite, I’ve forgotten Estonia, the song was catchy and the singer élégant, I don’t understand why he was not qualifed in Grandfinal.

    • Sorry, I would talk about Davina not David. But I am still frustated for not having the possibility to vote. I follow to support singers and groups by listening their song. Does it exist a muséum about Eurovision?

  • Very different from the result we have had, Moldova, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania and Switzerland were my favourite this year, so far. Then, Ukraine, San Marino, Iceland, Cyprus and Portugal.

  • While I agree that Efentix is a bit of showmance. However, I don’t agree with the comment about Tix using Efendi to get televotes. I feel he was genuine about his feelings for Efendi, I feel Efendi was using him to get the votes. Don’t come at me, that is my honest opinion.

  • I love Susanne so much she's adorable

  • 24:38 OH HEY DIEGO

  • oliver liked malta's standing like a statue but didn't like serbia lol i get that he hates the song but little objectivity and les bias would be appreciated. also, him laughing at greece. so disrespectful.

    • Def! He needs to go! Bye

  • malta's dress was terrible and if this live-on-tape was used she wouldn't have qualified. she's just awkwardly standing on the stage, moving her hands once in a while.

    • Yes- Malta's staging sucked as did Gjon's Tears

  • Ukraine is my winner here! This is even better than in Rotterdam! The light creates a better mood and the effect of people running work perfectly! This is so epic and for me the best staging!

  • Thank you wiwi for your effort this year

  • They should now do live-on-tapes of all the 2020 songs, then we can have the 2020 contest. It's not too late.