Eighth Orbital Launch Tower Section Lifted into Place | SpaceX Boca Chica

Publisert 18. juli. 2021
As Booster 3 prepares for its first static fire test, crews lifted the eighth Launch Tower section into place at the Orbital Launch Site. The eighth section is a shorter section than the other seven and sports an extended platform on one side.

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Brady Kenniston (@TheFavoritist)

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L2 Boca Chica (more clips and photos) from BC's very early days to today.
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0:00 Crews Prepare Attach the Loadspreader to the Eighth Launch Tower Section
0:47 Booster 3 Prepares for Static Fire testing
1:17 The Eighth Launch Tower Section Prepares for its Lift
2:34 The Liebherr LR 11350 Begins to Lift the Section
4:32 The Section is Moved Closer to the Tower
5:20 The Lift is in Progress
7:48 The Crane Repositions to Install the New Section
9:14 Crews Align and Bolt in the New Section
10:23 Robot View of the Entire Lift
11:05 Mary’s Wide View of the Lift
13:58 2nd Robot View of the Lift


  • Time Stamps! 0:00 Crews Prepare Attach the Loadspreader to the Eighth Launch Tower Section 0:47 Booster 3 Prepares for Static Fire testing 1:17 The Eighth Launch Tower Section Prepares for its Lift 2:34 The Liebherr LR 11350 Begins to Lift the Section 4:32 The Section is Moved Closer to the Tower 5:20 The Lift is in Progress 7:48 The Crane Repositions to Install the New Section 9:14 Crews Align and Bolt in the New Section 10:23 Robot View of the Entire Lift 11:05 Mary’s Wide View of the Lift 13:58 2nd Robot View of the Lift

    • @Lensflare Deviant False, they show the stacking as it went, sped up, to show a very long real time event, in much less time. THEN at 10:28 they show a long shot. So the claim that it should have been 3 minutes is utterly bogus.

    • From 2 minutes onwards this was the same things from a half dozen different angles. OR a way to make a 3 min video into 15 minutes. Balls. A lesser offering by a great deal.

  • im ok at free climbing up to 100 ft...start getting nervous at 150 ft...and its a no go after that. LOL how tall is this structure ?

  • Are they going to test hop Super Heavy or are they just gonna go balls to the wall with a full stack flight?

  • FAA if he builds 1 more level higher 3 levels L8tr ok Mr musk just 1 more and where gunna send a warning letter . 2 more levels L8tr . ok were done . Next Elon needs to build lots inclosed cams around launchpad like nasa did

  • SpaceX Engineers on the ground- "Guys I think we need to set the load back down and make sure it's level" Iron Workers up-tower: "Cable Up"

  • Happy to be witnessing this 👍🍻

  • FAA: Build this at your own risk US Military: Fxck you, we want our point to point transport system. SpaceX: 😂

  • Monumental!

  • 0:16 The four cherry-pickers moving in perfect synchrony, like the fingers of some giant robotic hand.

  • How many sections will the tower consist of when it's all done?

  • Are you guys going to do any blue origin coverage?

    • Does BO do anything were people can cover it? Last I heard they keep it all behind closed doors.

  • I wonder if the FAA has approved it yet?

  • Hope Elon makes it past the FAA . It is this same kind of stupid government intervention that will cause him to move his operation to another country. He has accomplished more in the last 5 years than NASA has in the last 50. Our government from EPA TO FAA TO WHO KNOWS WHAT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING TO WATCH. They stifle creativity and destroy progress. America has all ways been known for true innovation and progress. Let's see if he can keep it going here without politics getting in the way again..

    • This is something spacex should have been on top of themselves. They can't move to another country. They're not stifling creativity, they just want Spacex to play by the rules. Your understanding of how it all works is a little flawed.

  • That crane operator must be the most highly paid worker at SpaceX...except for Elon, of course.

  • Is this the tower than may have to be disassembled?

    • It won't have to be disassembled. The tower is not the issue.

    • Yes.

  • Wow. At the highest point of lift, look at how little cable they have left. No wonder they had to keep adding sections to this crane.

  • Engineering..... Is Awesome!

  • Great choreography of the bucket lifts

  • Terrifying and wonderful.

  • Elon builds a launch tower, the tallest stru ture south of San Antonio: FAA - we're concerned about the environmental impact of your 500' tower. Dune energy builds 190 700' tall bird choppers in the same area, North Americas most densly traveled migeatory bird route: FAA - *crickets*

    • @Kevin Miller Doesn't change the fact that this is something spacex should have been on top of. People blame the FAA but it's not their oversight, it's Spacex's.

    • @Lensflare Deviant and any time a regulatory agency uses "the environment" as an excuse, it's never really about the environment.

    • The FAA has concerns about launches, not the tower. That's what the environmental study is about.

  • Crane: HAAH I’m so tall I look down on you tower: well guess what now I will crane you.

  • typo there in the headline

  • i wonder if frankencrane still has a few more jobs to do then get disassembled ?

    • still have a few more jobs like installing the crane on top of the crane tower and moving pipes inside the frame :) still tons of work to do

  • Liebherr cranes Germany & space x USA 💪The best meet the best!

  • 1:40 sort of says it all - the cherry pickers with the men to hook up the crane are moving in before it even stops - they really hustle at SpaceX! If it was NASA building the tower they'ed be round to hook up the crane a few days later I reckon.

  • To keep that section from spinning, looks like they used a very long kite string.

  • America's Eiffel tower.

  • Wtf 👎

  • The aggressive shop jelly contain because story phenotypically report along a early debtor. last, sincere century

  • Imagine being the guy activating frankencrane

  • These are some brave iron workers. Each section is the size of a multi story office building.

  • I’m hoping, against hope, that the feds and never a straight answer stays out of SpaceX’s hair! They’ve all done such amazing work this last few weeks. Don’t stop them now!

  • To the arsewipes taking shots at the FAA: grow up, learn to read.

  • I want to know how they align each section to ensure its perfect with such a huge heavy object... are there guides that stick out of the receiving end that they push into female guides on the new section so it slides perfectly into place? I need to look this up as I just don't understand how they can make sure its perfectly aligned before they start bolting it in and the weight is off the crane and onto the tower.

  • The FAA is under pressure to not let taxpayers leave the earth.

  • How tall is that?

  • Is this the final section?

  • The open shot looks like a choreographic dance!

  • beefy. gonna need to be hurricane proof. :)

  • I hope they can get the sea platform going soon. Those pricks with FAA are likely going derail this project fully.

    • You don't actually know what's going on..

    • Nobody likes bureaucrats, but nobody wants a world without them either. Because when something goes seriously pear shaped we need them to put the blame on.

  • They engineered the capacity of the spreader down to a single ton?

  • Even double speed was too slow.

  • This is Amazing to see SpaceX working so hard Gooooo SpaceX

  • Holy sh#t - they did it - the final section!!! A great video documenting a moment in history. I'll be watching it again and again.

  • Less is missing !!

  • Thanks Mary and the NSF crew!

  • Mary, your sense of wonder is amply displayed with your eye to capture this entire process. I misunderstood the need to load balance the lift load spreader because of the extension on one side - for the lifting mechanism. But you captured this process. The Liebherr 11350 must be at its limits to extend the load out by a "boom down" technique so it must move the pick point horizontally - the track move. Well done, BCG and team.

  • Go Space X!!!! Let's hope the FAA plays ball and don't get stupid.

    • @Lensflare Deviant the FAA is too slow, progress cannot move at their pace

    • Well, spacex should have been on top of this. It's not the FAA's fault.

  • They need to put a Christmas tree on top

    • Only if they have reached the highest point!

  • Abolish the FAA.

  • Another outstanding time lapse video!

  • Launch tower: Hahaha now I'm the tallest thing for miles in Boca Chica! Crane: am i a joke to you

    • Launch tower: You are only part time soon to be disassembled, I am permanent.

    • After the tower is finished: "Look at me. I am the crane now."

  • The Liebherr 11350 is a tall, crawler crane, but it can't touch the hoist height of the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1, with a hoist height of over 600 feet! www.liebherr.com/en/usa/products/mobile-and-crawler-cranes/mobile-cranes/liebherr-mobile-cranes/ltm-11200-9.1.html There's always a bigger fish... The Liebherr 13000 is the world's tallest crawler crane. www.simscrane.com/worlds-tallest-crawler-crane-assembled-liebherr/

  • I hate to do the conspiracy thing but it’s almost like NASA, the US Congress, the FAA and other government agencies are deliberately trying to slow down SpaceX development. It’s almost as if they are constantly being embarrassed by the advancement of SpaceX and all they are doing when it takes two years to just stack an SLS. Elon is going to be close to beating NASA and the US to the moon and definitely to Mars. Right now, SpaceX has more orbital rockets and is doing more development than anyone except the Russians and Chinese. It’s almost as if NASA and Congress are suffering from rocket envy because the just can’t seem to get their SLS up. Seems every government entity is doing all they can to make sure SLS gets to the moon before StarShip and avoids a small company being more efficient and effective than an entire government with unlimited funds.

    • You hate to do it, but can't help yourself. You're pulling nonsense out of your ass.

  • Would love to see some pictures from the top of the tower 🙏

  • Oddly satisfying.

  • Tankzilla feeling pretty tiny these days...

    • @Michael Deierhoi Oh, didn't know that. Thanks

    • Especially because it was dismantled and transported from the site weeks ago.

  • We wonder why it takes so long to lift this section.. well, here's an incomplete list of things to consider: Wind. Safety. Balance. Weight. and the fact that to lift a section this high (130+metres), with the numerous loops (I have no idea how many, but I would expect it to be a dozen or more at least) between the end of the jib and the hook, would require over a kilometre and a half, (a mile or so), of 4-inch cable (itself weighing many many tons) to be hauled back up over the jib, down the boom to the bobbin in the superstructure or the crane.. The real hero here is the hydraulic pump system in the crane. I'd be interested to know how much diesel the crane went through in the 5 hour lift.. Anyone care to speculate?

  • Tear it down huh, those environmentalists can suck it.

    • @Lensflare Deviant Elon can handle it.

    • There is no call to tear it down. That's the media doing what it does best giving half truths to make things sensational.

  • impresionante y arriesgado trabajo

  • This is probably the last section !!

  • Outstanding camera work!!

  • I don't know what the salary is for the crew....but it's not enough.

  • I'll bet that the guys doing the installation at the top will have a very comfortable compensation.

  • 8:50 -- When the clouds rolled-by I thought the tower toppled.

  • Good Lord.....now that was a cliffhanger!!

  • I think ULA had something to do with the launch tower having problem with FAA. Just a gut feeling.

    • Nonsense. Spacex should have expected that a 2nd review would be required. When they started they had the review done for F9 launches and never updated it for Starship. That's what the FAA wants, noting else.

  • Thank you thank you. I watched from across the bay.

  • maybe it is because of the perspective, but launch tower seems to be a few ten of meters higher than starsip's booster. Is the height of the launch tower incomplete until now?

    • ​@Michael Deierhoi thanks for the info bro.

    • That's a matter of perspective. The booster is about 250 ft or 77 m high while the tower with the 8th section is 459 ft or 140 m. Look at the robot view at 11:00 to get a better perspective of their sizes.

  • I wonder if it could be possible for one of the crew to take a camera up to the top of the tower and let us see the different perspectives I imagine it looks a lot different from up there? Tony from Western Australia 🇦🇺

    • @I have a name thank you for that I have subbed and will enjoy looking at the content Tony from Western Australia 🇦🇺

    • RGV Aerial Photography does weekly flyovers.

  • CATO!

  • Just like “sidewalk superintendents” of yore we are able to view the most awesome construction site of this century! Thank you Mary for making my day!;)

  • I'd rather watch two flies f__k than watch anything BO. Pardon the analogy...maybe I should have said watch paint dry.

  • Hi Mary! Awesome video!❤️🚀

  • Hopefully the FAA now don't say "take it down, we aren't happy" ....

    • Even if the FAA isn't happy they won't make them take it down.

  • None of the news stations even mention Bocha Chica the fake news media is trying to keep this from the American people as NASA fades into obscurity......

  • Just in time for the FAA to tell them to disassemble it 😒🤦‍♂️

    • The reality is that the tower isn't the issue so much as the environmental impact study that Space X must pass to be permitted to fly the launch the super heavy. The noise of the launch may be biggest hurdle to get the okay to fly.

  • Is the FAA gonna do anything about this

    • @Lensflare Deviantthey approved the tower!?

    • About what? They approved the tower, it's the launches they haven't.

    • Everyone is on a wait and see mode as far as what the FAA does.

  • I wonder how they were manipulating the tag lines during that pick.

  • I wonder what crane company they're using? I know those are proud people

  • I dont wish to to be rood however I have to point out that watching the activity with a few captions is far more interesting than listening to people dribble on about trivia with little to no value! Sorry had to be said . Cheers

  • At 3.33 that lifting rig looks all cock eyed and danderous.

  • The precision is unreal, and the risk of accidents very high. Really good work by that team of engineers and construction professionals. And a stop light too? When did that show up?

  • @0:57 what a great picture of the booster standing tall with the stoplight in the bottom right of the frame.

  • One Hundred Bajillion tons and they have one itty bitty rope to stabilize it. LOL

    • It's made from the tail hairs of unicorns.

    • @Larry C Its been forever since I've seen "One Hundred Bajillion tons" utilized in a descriptive sense. Good times, thanks for that ! :)

    • As one of the NASA Spaceflight crew said on the lift it doesn't take much to rotate the section because the lift stabilizes it against gravity.

  • FAA you might have to tear it down if we find it be unsafe MUSK STFUP

  • Curious - what's happening with the FAA review and the tower?

    • @Lensflare Deviant Yes I fell for that hook line and sinker lol. I find accurate news is almost always boring news, but I'd rather it be boring and accurate over sensational and misleading.

    • @I have a name Thank you for the informative and helpful answer - this is good to know! I was a bit concerned

    • @I have a name Unless you're a media outlet looking for a sensational story. Then half truths and a lot of BS and everyone is screaming about how it's going to be taken down.

    • SpaceX did an environmental assessment for Falcon 9 launches here back in 2014. Since then they have operated Starship tests under modifications to that environmental assessment. The tower isn’t part of that assessment. SpaceX is now working on a new environmental assessment for the Starship program. This will include the tower and the rest of the operations, but is not approved obviously. That FAA letter was sent 2 months ago and is not something to be worried about.

    • @Michael Deierhoi Darn, ok thank you!

  • thanks for capturing this video!

  • At 7:00 how long you think that guide line is and who's the balls of steel holding onto it 😆

  • Make sure to report any site which use any NSF or LabPadre footage without consent, get them de monetized. i have done so already. These guys have too put in a lot of time and effort and funds into setting these cameras up for someone just to come along and use them for their gain.

    • @jeric_ synergy Let's hope WAI has permission to utilize someone else's content. Crediting is great and necessary, however, it does not pay the costs of hardware/software maintenance, travel expenses, if any, or the overall efforts of those who are out there day in & day out capturing and editing the content.

    • I appreciate how WAI is always very careful to credit all the camera operators, they rock!

  • Watched what I could be live on my breaks at work yesterday... watched what I missed when I got home. Today I'm off, an I'mma wait for the LIVE STREAM of the static fire test today... already thinking of some super chat questions!!! Can't wait!!!!

  • Crazy that apparently spaceX hasn’t even got permission yet to build the tower and they’ve just done it anyway ahaha hoping the FAA let it slide as it’s needed for super heavy and our future in space

    • They got permission to build the tower. It's the environmental assessment for the launches they didn't update.

    • @Eduard Šajgalik Very true, legally it’s not good but hoping they say it’s fine. It’s ridiculous how long the process takes

    • Or maybe it takes ages for FAA to review and accept proposals. Another reason why NASA is so slow

  • That platform is for assassin's "leap of faith"

  • 1:20 - NICE shot, Mary!! Science, tech & art. 👌

  • Clouds moving past so fast is making me dizzy.

  • Great footage

  • It's like a road project that doesn't care about the corona outbreak, which is sure to keep going...

  • How high is the tower?

    • @Knowlege Isgood Fantastic! I'll update my numbers.

    • @Troy Macgill The maximum height is 143m plus 3m for a lightning rod. That is what the FAA pdf states. You could use the sections of the LR11350, which are 12m, to use as a ruler. [I make it 11m base + 18m section#1 + 6 * 16.5m sections #2 to #7 + 11m section#8 + 4m cranes, pulleys and roof.]

    • Assuming that stubby section #8 is 12 meters tall, I reckon that the tower stands 152 meters (concrete base: 12 meters, section #1: 20 meters, sections #2-7: 18 meters = 140 meters).

    • @Knowlege Isgood wow, do you know how tall the final build will be?

    • ~139m at present.

  • Really? Four different views of a crane lift? Even if it's an awesome crane lifting a piece of an awesome structure. Did someone say filling desperately?

    • It was filler material. Stupid filler material.

    • @Knowlege Isgood as do I.

    • @Jerry Collins They have no problems at all with that. No competions is anywhere close. I watch them all.

    • @Knowlege Isgood I did! Personally, I think they would do better to not burn credibility by filling up time with robot shots duplicating what they've already shown us, but hey I'm old and I've got less time to waste🤪

    • They have those cameras on all the time, so why not show all the footage? You can skip it if you like.

  • This is timelapse of timelapse in slowmotion.