I Made Lipstick From Scratch

Publisert 13. juli. 2021
Hello friends! Bad makeup science is back! Wait no, not *bad* makeup science -- potentially *good* makeup science! Or, at least okay makeup science.

So a few months ago while I was jonesing to melt something, I encountered this book -- called Make It Up, by Marie Rayma -- which details how to make pretty much every beauty and body product you can think of, custom and from scratch. And being the lipstick fiend that I am, I decided to follow one of her lipstick recipes to make myself a custom lipstick (color and base) from scratch. What do you think of my final color? What product should we tackle next?

You can check out Marie Rayma's channel here: nowine.info/dron/PoQ.html...
And her book here! www.humblebeeandme.com/make-i...

Just a quick note re: the mask test - this video was filmed in April, which was before the mask mandates were lifted where we live!

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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  • HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you guys enjoy this video in which i basically just nerd out over lipstick ingredients and pigments, lol -- what did you think of our final color? and which makeup product do you think should we make ~from scratch~ next?? xoxo, saf

    • Ok two ideas one make your own eyeliner and two you need to do cottagecore fashion

    • Blush

    • you should make some weird lipstick colors, or throw random amounts of pigments in and guess what color it will end up as.

    • Anything

    • nowine.info/dron/Lu4kF_dK33IS7Of79JgVdQ.html

  • Hello to everyone who saw this comment I hope you have/had a great day, every day is a new day and can be a great one as well! Try and do something nice for someone and it will feel really good!

  • My nickname is beeswax

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  • the painter in me was crying 🥲

  • "One could also say that I have issues" absolutely killed me lol

  • Thank you. For. Showing. PORES!

  • Ya'll should mix every blue bell ice cream flavor.. or your fav ice cream company Frankin ice cream..or a better name lol😂


  • Anyone remember this pancake art videos? I think it would be really cool if Saf tried it out. Or those cool diy candles. I just saw one where the wick burns along the candle and it gets shorter as it goes

  • many ppl would buy saf's lipstick

  • Make a giant bath bomb

  • You should have used the rest of the lipstick mixtures on the mold to make a multi-tier lipstick.

  • You look & sound like LaurenzSide ngl

  • the nude lipstick you made would probably be the only color I would wear! Too bad you aren't selling it. :)

  • I think I own the lipstick she was trying to make😂😂😂 Btw it’s snob by MAC

  • Noob is still use especially with roblox

  • When you realise Jojoba oil is pronounced "Hohoba" ....

  • you should make home made eye shadow

  • New series idea UNDER the MICROSCOPE look at different cleaning supplies hand sanitizer how they work . looking at different items food makeup dirt all kinds of stuff!!!

    • Lol. I thought she was going to say...to save us from the fractions, we'll be saved by the metric system. But the tiny measuring spoons were very cute.

  • I like it

  • Please do a video where you put on you're everyday makeup and take it of with different makeup wipes and look witch one works best under the microscope

  • What is this?! Lip stick for ants?!

  • God your first outfit in the video looks so SICK Safiya!!! You look like a badass!

  • I LOVE the first lip colour 😍

  • Oooooo love this content x

  • .

  • “Does anyone even use noob/newb anymore?” *Roblox: offended*

  • Cristine: jojoba oil Safiya: hohoba oil Tyler: hohobeabo oil

  • I find your voice verry soothing

  • Can you try on Roots long cabin socks from roots canada.

  • I’d love to watch her make more lipsticks on a livestream!

  • Dear Americans, ever heard of grams!?

  • so yeah this channel is now officially a cooking channel

  • can someone tell whats scratch and how its basically used n stuff like idk

    • "from scratch" is a phrase meaning you made it completely from ingredients, nothing pre-made. Making a cake "from scratch" means not using a boxed mix but measuring everything out.

  • Lol. I thought she was going to say...to save us from the fractions, we'll be saved by the metric system. But the tiny measuring spoons were very cute.

  • I'm a math teacher and I'm so so proud of you!!

  • nowine.info/dron/bP4qgn_Yh_YgEzlA7msjeA.html

  • I feel like the final colour she went with wasn't what she wanted. Seems like maybe she got bored of trying?

    • I mean, did you listen to what she said? She said she knew it wasn't the same but it was close enough that she was pleased with it for now.

  • Safe and Tyler are def my comfort you tubers and this is def my comfort channel!

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  • Where did you get the measuring spoons?!

  • Im a gen z and i still use noob

  • Omg I love it I want to see u doing more of this costome lipstick

  • Can you please mix your custom lipsticks

  • I'm watching the first attempt, and I'm already feeling like that frankenpinkstick is gonna need some blue.


  • I have missed her saying "HELLO".

  • "What do you thinking?" *Flashbacks from Simplynailogical*

  • I kinda wanna see a video looking at weird makeup gadgets or products. 😃✋

  • Wouldn't it be a lot easier to use grams instead of such weird fractions!?

  • 😘😘 nowine.info/dron/Lu4kF_dK33IS7Of79JgVdQ.html

  • I really like this format much better than your 2 hour long streaming channel with Tyler. I like him, but he nervous talks nonstop and it gets really long when the vids are almost 2 hours long. I hope you keep this format.

  • the ridiculously small teaspoon thing wouldn't be so complicated if the recipe called for measurements in grams/ounces imo

  • “The Iced Coffe Test” 😂

  • Castor Oil helps with longevity. we use it as a sealer in theatre to keep our lipstick on throughout the show.

  • “That was a song from Balto 2!” Safiya this is why I love you 😂😂😂

  • You should try lip gloss next

  • Bad makeup science has evolved!

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  • Make nail polish from scratch

  • Your content is now particularly irrelevant. We asked for Safiya, not Tyler and the content- it's getting really pathetic.

    • Wow, that's harsh and unnecessary. Saf can run her channel however she wants, and Tyler's always had comments in the videos so I don't know what you're complaining about.

  • That first color is beautiful 😍

  • Were you trying to say dusty rose?🤔

  • I think you should mix eyeliners as well some day, although they are generally black and might lead to black itself BUT there are many other colours in eye liners including white... So MAYBE they might turn out... Something different.... Please please 🥺

  • Saf if you ever sell lipsticks again i will be the first one on that, i didnt have a job or money when you were working with colourpop 😭 i looooved those too

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  • Necromancy Cosmetica has a great grey-mauve.

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    • I mean, everyone changes how they speak over time. Performers especially so.

  • Buy It, Wear It, Melt It, Eat It, Turn It, Leave It, Stop, Format It Technologic

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