What Koreans Think Of EXO Billboard Chart

Publisert 17. juni. 2021
i asked koreans what they think of exo charting on the billboard
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    • @Shelley Thompson-Brock u urself made a diagnosis of Psychosis for me in ur prev replies, thats why a healthcare relevance. Also command over Eng has nothing to do with ur education level. U dont need to be as proficient in Eng with replies under yt comments section. Do whatever ur doing, stop tagging me💀

    • Hii!! Thankyou so much for making videos on EXO. I'm so happy that apart from some rotten eggs, many knetzs do acknowledge EXO's achievements. 😇

    • @ㆍ How being a healthcare provider has any relevance, is beyond me. If there's any beef, its because of the way some of y'all act. Don't deign to speak to me of decency, when you think that you can yell at me in caps making demands that you haven't the acumen or wherewithal to stand on. You can't even command the English language, therefore, your education is already made evident. Nor can you see how try hypocritical you are. The only one riled is you, and only you can do something about it, for yourself. This isn't a medical theatre, so there's no diagnosis made except upon your lack of 'healthcare provider' expertise. I feel your prognosis is bleak if you wish to continue acting like a libtarded twit with your hostilities. You should seek professional help.

    • @Shelley Thompson-Brock & if u want to bring other groups under a post related to EXO, u need to learn some basic decency knowing the beef btw the two fandoms going on for years now, DO NOT BRING THE OTHER FANDOM UNDER EXO POST, as simple as that, stop popping ur veins here & thr & making random diagnosis. Btw just to educate u a little, m a professional healthcare provider.

    • @Shelley Thompson-Brock & if u do stan EXO, then u might already be knowing how EXOLs everyday call SME out for their shadowban to EXO, & yet ur bringing hybe every now & then for how hybe is better than SME in promotions & marketing stuff, in fandom comments( for which basically fans have no control over). Also u act condescending every now(acting as if ur more educated than the EXOLs) & then, ur obsessed to comment same stuff under every comment under this video. Ur an EXOL card is not gonna work here, since u dont know the inside fandom stuff & yet ur the loudest one(anti to EXO) here. Saying EXO is getting promotions everywhr, when they r not promoted even in Korea, whr GP dint even know that thr was a cb even after the album dropped. When album went sold out in pre-orders era in Synnara, mumu shop, yes24 & several other platforms. When SME delayed shipping for EXO specifically, that despite having 1.22 million pre-orders, they dint even cross a million sales on Hanteo till now. See I read most of ur beginner comments under every post(u commented on) whr ur obsessed, condescending & also making random serious mental health issue diagnosis when ur not even a healthcare provider(in this section) & yet its polite enough to tell u that thr is ssly something wrong with u for having beef with EXO & their fandom in entirety, since no single EXOL till now has agreed with u other than that SirSimonCowell(looks like ur bandwagon account).

  • I can't understand the part in which they said EXO practiced for 2 years hahahaha like how

  • No Promotion in western countries.. No Collaboration with western artists. But they are one of the most popular male group in western countries. I mean real talent will never fade away.

  • bts was mentioned more times in an exo video shows how irrelevant they are.

  • EXO ❤️ fandom internacional AND Cherries


  • influenced by bts that's why they charted in billboard? lmao.. growl and exodus era left the group.. they charted since 2013 and exodus album even charted too and that's even before bts became big.. cmon pips don't discredit exos and exo-ls achievements

  • exo worked hard,sm worked hard,exo-l worked hard always on streaming to make exo song on top chart and in album sales record meanwhile some korean people: because of b*s’s influenced👏🏻👏🏻 💩💆‍♀️

  • i got to know exo by some members of exo,i got into kpop because of exo,exo is exo,exo is standard themselves,the achievement that exo have earned is because of exo not through influenced of another group.stop mentioning or hinting that exo achieved billboard chart because of influenced of another group cuz exo worked hard and we exo-ls too

    • some people really think our fandom is small but bro that’s not it we are still large & strong like old days exo-l hwaiting.to those exo-l who never switch their fandom,who never showed their back on exo i love u guys.

  • I don't understand. Armies are so insecure that they try somehow compare exo with bts. Come on man exo is standard exo is class. I am getting super pissed off. Such insecure armies all around

  • It would be better if Exo join some other company sm entertainment dosent value exo they are gems


  • ЕХО успехов и удачи вам. ЕХО и ЕХО L мы едины.

  • I am an international fan. Well in my case, I didnt know EXO because of Bts. Actually, I get to know them because I saw the Love shot music video and then I search about them. And I think many international fans are like me. I hope that EXO can promote in the future for the people that really appreciate them.

  • I don't know why people say that some other group is responsible for EXO's fame. Even if you know them through some other group you won't like them if you don't like their music and obviously some other group don't sing and dance for their music. I mean come on every kpop group is different in their own terms.

  • EXO charting on BB not of of a certain group. They've been charting since 2013. It's bec of the fans. We are the strongest having had to deal with members leaving and issues like marriage and fake rumor that a member had to hire a legal team himself without the initiative of SM but EXO still breaking their own records in this comeback with basically zero promotions. #1 on iTunes in 85 countries without any promotions breaking SM records too. So yea. It's bec of the fans. Some local fans esp delulus leaving the fandom but it doesnt hurt EXO's achievements.

  • Exo is the best kpop group at all time❤

  • It's funny how years ago I wasn't into Kpop just because of groups like bts

  • 2:18 The phuck ? 😂

  • We international EXOLs don't care about rumers and ... That's why we always support EXO.

  • Wtf!! So they think that this achievement is the result of superm impact ??!!! If superm can have such an impact they first did it for themselves! Exo is exo ...EXO's achievement is the result of just EXO and EXOLS!

  • For those of y'all who are calling BTS "just another trendy group" let me tell you. BTS had the highest charting kpop album in 2016 without having stepped foot into the west. They had the highest charting kpop group song on hot100 and were selling out concert before signing a western label deal. Trends die after 1 or 2 years. BTS have been the highest selling group with equally successful songs on digital platform since 2016. It's been years since they reached the top so stop calling them just a trendy group. There was no need for exols to bring BTS into this discussion. The Korean gp is giving their opinion which is kinda true BTS really did open a gateway for international fans to enter into the kpop scene.

  • Exo deserves the world. They are the best Kings of Kpop ❤️

  • Obviously, these koreans don't even know what they're saying. What a shame, given that EXO is a kpop group and living in the same country as them. Loll They should be proud because this group is also one of the reasons why Kpop music is known worldwide.

  • LOVE EXO VERY TIME 🤴🤴💛💛💛🤴🤴🤴💛💛💛

  • Neither superm nor BTS affect EXO's success, if their success had influenced by them, then these other groups would have achieved this success as well, but if only EXO has had this much success apart from BTS, it means they have achieved it thanks to their own talents and efforts. Koreans don't know the value of EXO anyway, and when they're told about the group's achievements, they selfishly criticize EXO's achievements as if they're doing well because of others, and I'm sure all of these are people who are jealous and wish their group would be like EXO when EXO is popular in Korea.

  • Why just whyyy always compare exo to bts or bts to exo they are kings no matter whattt please thiz is disgusting don't do thizzz I hate this when I am exo-army thiz reallyyy bothers me like exo did besttt bestest why always drag bts theree don't campair any group please


  • Some people always bring out BTS how ridiculous. BTS influenced the chart of Exo in BB COMMON! EXO Already enter the BB even before BTS did. They romantizing BTS so much! Put BTS in military and see if they can do what EXO did! Coming back in the midst of military hiatus and still top no.1 on itunes in 85 country, still a million seller and topped no. 6 on billboard without any promotion. Let see if ARMY is as strong as Exo-l. I hate to say these things but people really think that every achievement is because of BTS! EXO's achievement is not because of them. It is because they worked hard for it and because of the support of their fans! Not because BTS is "famous" right now it doesn't mean that Kpop is all about them! I hate to think that some people really jumped on the bandwagon.

  • International fans just understands and appreciates EXO better than their own country... Just sayin'

  • That group didn' t influence Exo to be on the Billboard.. They made it themselves and because we are with them!! Exo doesn't even collab with foreign artists but look at the amount of International fans they have.. No proper promotion too!! That just proves how powerful they are.. EXO themselves can make it on top..

  • "Exo is not famous like before"....like what they mean?.... Exo is becoming more flawless every time they show up... and I think they are breaking more new records everytime they show up...without any promotion for two years

  • Exo doesn't have any promotions and they are still famous I think it's very important after 9 years. ♡ and this is the reason that we call them king of kpop

  • help this is so funny

  • Yo, brother we intl fans, cherries and some OT9 k-exols carried this comeback. Does it need to bring BTS into this? EXO manage to the billboard by their hard work .KPOP isn't only about BTS. BTS IS BTS. EXO IS EXO.

  • My personal opinion: There are a lot of idols who charted their songs at a high ranking before and EXO is already one of them, it's just that people don't use social media that much way back then and that fans of the second generation of kpop were not that over to the moon about charts. They're not that loud and much bragging. They're just happy to see their idol to have a comeback. Now, before the boom of kpop to world, we all know that US is a first world country and everything famous around the West are being known immediately to the second and third world countries..anything trends there become a trend to other continents, it's what I have observed. So for me, when you promoted there..it's a one step closer to fame. As what Mark Lee mentioned before, to be able to debut in this time where everybody is into Kpop, they felt lucky. But because NCT has their own style and never gets away with their concept and their own sound, it's what makes them unique and have their own identity in the West. Even their sound and concept is different, their talent will just slap you and for that, they are really deserving to be promoted in a bigger stage. Everybody have their own preference in their taste in music and if you would produce songs that targets audiences that prefer only pop then it is what it is..companies would focus there. But SM didn't want NCT to be that, they have vision for NCT from the very beginning, and I'm proud that they are known to be not just a pop group, NCT is NCT. Now let me tell you why EXO is out of everybody's league. Some may get triggered but EXO's vocals combined is an indeed threat. Every freakin single member has their own identity and style in singing. RnB, Ballad, Musical style..name it..they have it all. It's the only group that I enjoyed watching their concert because it was all damn live vocals, you wouldn't regret buying a so expensive VIP ticket at all. But maybe one of the reasons why SM didn't promote them in the West was because their concept may not click to the Western audiences and may see them as a joke but not to me. People prefer concepts that are easy to understand but since EXO-L love their concept so much, they maybe wanted to stay as it is. So the fact that SM lack promotion for EXO, I do only rely to my co-EXO-L's around Asia who are still supporting them wholeheartedly. I expected EXO to top the charts because one, fans are very hungry for their comeback and two, it's a special album prepared not for ranking but for the true EXO-Ls for the 9th anniversary of EXO. Lay even participated in this comeback that's why it trended even more. Some may say, EXO charted at Billboards because of Kai and Bak being in SuperM that is promoted in the US..I mean, they do gain popularity and fans because of that but remember that before that..there's Love Shot. EXO did gain a lot of new Western fans after reacting to Love Shot MV and..the rest is history. EXO is just one of the groups that may not seem that famous now in other people's eye but trust me that you're missing out bigtime if you didn't know what EXO is capable of..their not just a group..their are all a total package of individuals that not just famous in singing..they are more than that..they can be known as a best actor, great model, great dancer, composer and many more. They're not just famous in the world of kpop, they do gain fans out from acting and more. EXO is EXO..have some respect at least. They are the group who are trying their very best to improve everyday even they are already good enough. And the best part out of them was even they've been through a lot of shit along the way to success, they still stay as a well-mannered group up until now. You can definitely see through it through their fans. They do not tolerate bad acts and they do stand when their fans are being too much. They are a good example. They don't need charts to redefine how great they are. EXO is the standard.

  • Fact: they have no visual hole.

  • They're the KINGS tho😊

  • They are real king..love them from Bangladesh

  • Exo is my Standard

  • Proud to be an EXO-L

  • Real talent can only be seen by a real people! Its you Exo-L! No matter what Exo are the best!!

  • Exol

  • Well views and awards are not important copies are also important and EXO comeback is a million seller

  • Some people are saying that bts make exo famous by the way exo chart on billboard In 2013 and both are different in charts BTS did pormotions EXO did not do pormotions Even BTS did interview in india so many you can imagine not doing any pormotions buy still on chart wow

  • I am reading the news in india on vh1 the news is that EXO sell 1 million copies making their album a million seller wow

  • Exo is Exo I got into K-pop through Exo

  • You know what kills me is every time media talks about EXO are somebody does a story about them on that channel a certain group fandom always shows up. And start obsessing over them again EXO can't do nothing without them always hating their group is successful but they always concentrate on what EXO is doing which is pretty pathetic because I can to fucks of what their favorites is doing why don't they learn to do the same. Stay Where You Are and we will stay where we are EXO L stand up

  • Koreans don’t deserve EXO. This video proves it. I am sorry but these people.... they don’t Know anything about EXO! Dang it these people are so annoying. Stop associating EXO success with bts. EXO DID CHART ON BILLBOARD WAY BEFORE BTS. EXO didn’t practice in those “2” years. They had members in army and others doing solos. EXO IS EXO. I shouldn’t have watched this because I am now annoyed by these people. can exo leave korea and start promoting in the USA people will appreciate them more

  • I am sorry but these people.... they don’t Know anything about EXO! Dang it these people are so annoying. Stop associating EXO success with bts. EXO DID CHART ON BILLBOARD WAY BEFORE BTS. EXO didn’t practice in those “2” years. They had members in army and others doing solos. EXO IS EXO. I shouldn’t have watched this because u am now annoyed by these people.

  • We Exo-ls hard carried this achievement. Don't ya'll try to bring in other artists and say they influenced their achievements or blah blah blah..... Such nonsense

  • I think BTS must have influenced their chart achievements gyna namaiduda chabet2 netlona hwriye

  • Just because a person in this video said his opinion that doesn't mean you have to shade that group! People here are like bts were so highly promoted in western when the main fact is that they had started gaining a lot of fans in the western that's why many interviewers called them! For example they were invited to billboard awards because they gained a lot of popularity and won awards! They were in the western because westerns fans wanted them nor because bighit arranged all this bighit didn't even had any influence in kpop industry like literally not even on SBS so western industry is really far! BTS were just there because they needed them!So just because a person has given his opinion or something that doesn't mean you have to shade the group and exo is also doing amazing and we armys will always love them!

  • EXO es el estándar, osea, más de dos años en hiatus y regresan con un Special Album de 5 canciones con cero promociones y 4 miembros en el SM; y aún así llegan a Billboard y se vuelven million seller.... Déjame decirte que todo es gracias a las Exo-l internacional y las cherries que siempre nos hemos mantenido fieles a ellos!! Ellos solitos han llegado a dónde están ahora (me refiero a que la empresa nunca los ha ayudado) nunca les dieron promociones en el extranjero, no han colaborado con artistas extranjeros y tampoco han promocionado con canciones en inglés y han llegado a Billboard, este logro es debido a el fandom tan fuerte que es exol y porque EXO es EXO, no hay más que decir...

  • EXO truely deserved it

  • One thing that i notice from kfans that if a another group will rise they will forget the old one's..That's the reality someday some group will rise and i'm sure that the rising group now will be forgotten too.

  • Exo and exo fan r something which no one ignore no matter the sm itself if ignore their most popular group....exo is king 🤴

  • I don't really get it..why the very own people of the country is saying these kinda discouraging things (more like bullshits for me) to their own team. I mean frankly speaking EXO did more than just making MVs they were the 1st team to make k-pop, being recognised in the world. After that came BTS. So S-K people should really stop saying they were influenced by BTS. They have enough influence themselves....!! And I am so...very... happy and proud of myself for being an EXO-L after watching this video. I am proud of every international EXO-Ls...!! South Korea doesn't deserve a team like EXO. But... anyway...we will keep supporting our boys...because we believe they are the Kings of K-pop!!

  • International and Chinese EXOLs make this comeback success And Korean exols send the balloon to say chanyeol leave exo Sorry but k-fans always think their oppa gonna date or marry them? We didn't need klrean solostans International and Chinese fandom is so much big and we don't need useless Korean fans

  • But it's kokobop 😂

  • Dont get me wrong, but I hate it when EXO's success is being paired with BTS, saying EXO became famous and topped the chart because of BTS' influence. Dont insult Ls. We worked hard. HARD. 😏

  • Dont get me wrong, but I hate it when EXO's success is being paired with BTS, saying EXO became famous and topped the chart because of BTS' influence. Dont insult Ls. 😏

  • Geez it hurts my hurt to see these Korean ppl being so toxic towards Exo༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Exo never wish for any chart toppings or awards, they just want to make us the Exo-Ls happy, this album itself was just a gift for Ls, the amount of selfless devotion they have for their fans itself makes them the kings...

  • The girl said they must've practiced in the 2 years rest, I mean excuse me, they were not resting, baek had his 2 albums, 1 SuperM comeback and many more singles, Kai had his first solo album and 1 SuperM comeback, EXO-SC released 1 album, Chanyeol did many singles/OSTs, Lay is busy with his solo activities and his new company stuff, and lastly DO and Xiumin are barely back and they already managed to participate in the DFTF album, is this what you call rest? (Sorry if I might've missed something)

  • I don't understand why the heck they have to compare EXO to OTHER idols, like why would any other band influence the dominance of exo when they didn't even promote their album anywhere!? Entering billboard album charts with zero promotions is kings behavior indeed and they need to give the full credit to exo's hardwork and exo-ls devotion, that's it, not to ANYONE ELSE!

  • 0 promotion and they still chart on Billboard. Of course EXO did that.

  • 2:39 Let me get straight, I don't hate SuperM in fact I've supported them throughout just because Kaibaek was there. SuperM would've been nothing without Kaibaek so just stop saying that SuperM might've influence Exo's chart. My opinions might've hurt some people but truth is truth you can't deny it.

  • 2:18 Uncle Thanos was right about swiping the half population

  • No promotion at all = no. 6 on billboard. Crazy right? Thats EXO for you😏

  • having baby and live the mf life is not scandal they are famous because they have the talent

  • I acknowledged their opinion but this show how Korean gp really didn’t know how big EXO is internationally and just go after what is trending at the moment. EXO’s fanbase in Korea currently isn’t as big as what they probably think esp. after news related to members’ personal lives back in 2020. But to their point, big factor of the comeback’s success is the fandom (esp. China/ International). I just wish people could appreciate them more..their music is really good. And please, they’re achievement is all because of them as EXO, not influenced by other groups.

    • @nrn Yeah. I agree they used to have a big fanbase in korea. exolab in particular but it seems they didn’t acknowledged the statement of SM on behalf of the members. I have edited my comment to clarify that point. :)

    • Exo' fanbase in korea was the biggest one. But after the news of chen married and chanyeol's scandal, i think a lot of fans left exo.

  • Im sorry but saying that their success was influenced by other group is such a bs. Their success is because of EXO and EXO-Ls only not by other artist.

  • They were talking about popularity but exo is already well established group and the industry has already recognized them. They don't have to be popular, popularity fades as the next generation is taking over and those who were asked in the interviews are not exols however they know exo, knetz are still talking about exo after their hiatus and now 6 out of 9 members are soloist. Exo is still relevant they are beyond "popular" artists.

  • I have been EXO-L for my all life... it's really heart warming seeing this. No one can denied that they're kings of kpop since the debut era.

  • Exo is more on talents than popularity. They are Vocal Kings! ❤

  • Exo is the best even though they don't have a promotion they achieve very well.. congrats EXO. and EXO-L Stream don't fight the feeling

  • EXO IS EXO period! They achieved US Billboard because of EXOLs that’s it.. and in fact, we don’t usually mind for the billboard the import thing here is EXO made a song for EXOLs only... its just a bonus for those nonfans who listened for their music. EXO, SARANGHAJA!

  • EXO album don't fight the feeling is now number one on United World album charts for the seventh time they are now SM artist with the most number ones on the charts. With 939,000 copies sold another million coming soon what a year for EXO

  • Upto 3rd generation it was all about quality, nowadays kpop is just quantity over quality. Only a handful of groups has good music nowadays

  • If BTS has influenced EXO's achievements, wouldn't that be the opposite of what happened now? Are we international ExOls, Clowns? I'm really tired of these Knetz's stupidity.. I hope there will be a platform which will punch into their brains the influence kpop groups has outside Korea.. Not that just that particular group🙄🙄

  • Seriously no other groups has such a response for a comeback after 2 years of hiatus and that too without any promotion. That's purely because of their talent. What "EXO is still famous because of superm members kai and baekhyun?" lol.. I'm sorry to break this to you bestie...but superm is still around because of baekhyun and kai, it's not the other way around

  • exo

  • I don't agree that EXO are still successful because of SuperM.All members are famous and talented.Really,SM has known EXO's popularity,so, Kai and Baekhyun are included in SuperM.EXO is talented and successful 3rd generation group.At this comeback, although EXO has no promotion,they has many achievements.EXO is slay.And plz don't compare EXO with other group.EXO is EXO.EXO's competitors are EXO.

    • If anything, SuperM influenced negatively.. I like two of their Title Tracks though..

  • I have nothing against other idol groups, especially BTS. But to say the success of EXO's recent album is just an extension of other idol's success, is ridiculous and absurd. EXO succeeded because they are talented. Their vocal line is one of the bests, if not the best, in the industry. The maknae/dance line is idols of many idols. They proved their worth and capabilities so many times. They did not get better promotion and yet they charted, you know why? Because we international EXO-Ls love EXO. We supported them. Hiatus for 2 years, several members in the army duties, still managed to sell more than a million copies. DFTF is their special gift to us. So stop saying that EXO's success, or other idol groups' successes, is just an extension of other's.

  • Please ask these to an EXOL

  • No soy fan del kpop, pero me encantan las canciones de EXO. Creo que su fama viene por la buena música que hacen, que no es cualquiera. Creo que la mayoría de los que escuchamos o seguimos a EXO lo hacemos por el talento de todos los integrantes. Me gustan un par de canciones de otros kpop groups, pero solo algunas. Realmente, EXO es otro nivel, su música es de calidad premium. No se compara.

  • V

  • I can't with the wrong song titles 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bro, EXO is the first 3rd gen Kboyband to top the billboard and broke the Kmusic drought, what influence are you talking about aside from their talent and music production 😂😂😂

  • I love the fact that he mentioned " Without any promotion "

  • Sad to see that most Koreans don't recognize and appreciate EXO's TALENTS just because they would rather follow trends. They don't deserve EXO. EXO is above and beyond KPOP at this point, especially with the low-quality, overhyped and popularity-obsessed state of KPOP.

  • Everyone who's dissing EXO, especially ARMY: When your group goes through members leaving, dating and marriage news, previous comebacks with the bare minimum promos, military enlistments and a 2-year hiatus, and finally a comeback with zero promotions, then let's talk. Otherwise, stay on your fave's overrated lane and let EXO-Ls and EXO enjoy this comeback in peace.

  • They comeback once in a year, not to miss their hiatus for almost 2 yrs. Still their net worth didn't drop. I mean just one album per year!!!!!! And still one billion! Tell me who else has done this ?????????

  • D.O. n Xiumin didn't really have whole 2years to practice tho

  • In this comeback Korean fans didn't participated in any thing because they wanted Chen to quit exo , but international fans did everything for exo and exo is still famous and stay famous for long time with our supports, foreigners support,we don't need toxic Korean fans .

    • @Mansi NiniXO they always cause problems to idols, they have a life,they deserve to be happy,why should they put their nose in everything, we need good music and their love and they give it to us, so we have to understand and let them enjoy their lives

    • Not to mention their stupid hate against Chanyeol cuz of baseless rumours🙄

  • We know that BTS is korea's pride but koreans needs to know that BTS has nothing to do with other idols achievement especially EXO because to be honest EXO could have been bigger than BTS if SM Entertainment didn't fcked them.

  • She is right. EXO don’t promote their comeback that much. And they really have a strong fandom. They won it by their talent. Let’s stay and love forever EXO and EXOL

  • Hope Koreans will love EXO the way international fans do. We love exo for their vocals, dance moves and visuals

  • This video made me emotional......our boys no matter how many times many antis tried to drag them, they never gave up and always made us proud......Proud to be an exol!!! (ㄒoㄒ)