[NO LIFT] Super Heavy Booster 4 Lift Scrubbed due to Weather

Publisert 4. aug.. 2021
Super Heavy Booster 4 is set to become the first rocket placed on the new orbital launch table in Starbase, Texas. The booster already has all 29 Raptor engines installed. Starship prototype Ship 20 is expected to follow Booster 4 to the pad in the coming days ahead of the final stacking operation to complete the stack.

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  • You are brave.

  • It's like I'm a kid again, it's like my favourite comic book.

  • What is the max heat the grid fins on the booster will experience anyone?

  • How is Elon going to put the booster onto the launch table, if the launch table is still being welded onto the pylons? They aren't done building that thing, yet. Are they?

    • thinking that this full stack won't launch.

  • Ha ha! Scrubbed. Yeah right.

    • How can they stream this but not electron

  • How is it the team providing commentary right to end of programming did not say anything about the loss of life from two shuttle missions , but you did manage to mention the three cosmonauts killed in a deorbit burn?? That seems like a glaring omission no??

  • The grid fins do not look 90 degrees apart from each other.

    • They are not needed to be at 90° for good reason. For one this allows the booster to be caught more easily by the catching arms upon return after launch. The B4 will not land at the Boca Chica site so that is not the issue in this case, but it will be for future iterations. There are apparently other reasons this team talked about yesterday when B4 was rolled to the launch pad having to do with aerodynamic performance.

  • Has Spacex considered a water mechanism (canal?) to transport large components from the build site to launch site?

    • Just think of the bureaucrats and the bureaucracy, the FAA, is but the tip of the “bureaucratic nightmare” and years of environmental studies and public environmental hearings and the environmental nuts out of the woodwork!!!! Hell, they outlawed God!!!!!

    • The area on both sides of the road a national wildlife refuge thus not an area that Space X can alter in any way.

  • успехов, בהצלחה

  • It's like I'm a kid again, it's like my favourite comic book.

  • hours of nothing.

  • Why no skirt around the raptors!

  • No chat stream, on the right? It's 1:52 p.m., Eastern U.S. time. How high off the ground is it? When is it likely to be sitting firmly on that launch mount?

    • If you look carefully, you'll find clues that the stream ended about 15 minutes ago, and that the lift was scrubbed for today due to weather.

  • Lift guys are having a pow wow!.

  • They could have did a fit check with B3 though right??

    • My understanding is that the important thing they are fit-checking is the outer ring of engines. They didn't have all the engines ready before now, and B3 was only intended to have a few attached.

  • I disagree, bureaucrats and bureaucracy can and have been a power unto itself. The mistrust is not unwarranted ask all the victims of tyranny of bureaucrats and bureaucracy.

  • They wouldn't call it the first orbital booster or starship if they weren't going to launch them. Elon keeps saying they are going to launch them so I think you guys are wrong thinking that this full stack won't launch.

    • I think they're saying its gonna be stacked first for show then taken down, before finally being stacked up again ready for the final launch

  • Omg it’s happening every one stay calm

  • How can they stream this but not electron

  • What pad was it being lifted to

  • Scrub due to weather? It's not even breezy... E: Never mind, there's 3 raindrops.

  • they need a flat rail line from production site to launch site. Safest way to transport such massive objects.

    • @crazydave911 why do it? Off the shelf self propelled transporters seem an economical and effective solution. Watch the Everyday Astronaut interview with Elon, his policy for everything is to simplify and make everything only just good enough for the job. Plus they don't have time or money to develop everything at once this early in the project. For example those grid fins are way oover heavy, made from cheap steal, and controlled by a Tesla car motor, not because it is the final solution, but simply because it will do the job for the moment.

    • @Crazy KT Not at all, I'm simply responding to the myriad "can't do it" comments I've seen. My only point, it can be done and not in a long time either. Also from what I've seen and heard of the SpaceX plans, it's likely that road will be there property someday soon so I could care less about the railroad lol

    • The space on either side of the road is a wildlife refuge and thus Space X cannot alter that space at all.

    • @crazydave911 who stole the cheese off of your biscuit? I am sure they know how to best do their job and spend their money, without needing to consult a random commentator who is overly butthurt their ridiculous suggestion is not being listened to.

    • it would be very expensive and would take a long time to build

  • Maybe they're hanging it on the yellow crane so they don't lose it and all the Clutter on the ground

  • Change the title name........

  • I'm as excited as a kid 🤣

  • There lifting lugs.

  • Booster 4 is heading to orbital table.

    • thank you 2 people who liked my comment

  • No lift yet sadly

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