The Kid LAROI - SELFISH (Official Video)

Official video for "SELFISH" by The Kid LAROI.

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Director: Steve Cannon
Editor : Steve Cannon , Nolan Riddle , Mooch , Haan
DP: Logan Meis
Executive Producer: Nolan Riddle
Executive Producer Brandon “Bibby” Dickinson, George “G-Money” Dickinson, Peter Jideonwo
Producer: Charlie Ehrman
Producer: Griffin Howes
Production Manager: No Crdntls
1st Assistant Director: Kelo
2nd Assistant Director: Khyber Law
1st AC: Samuel Emerson
2nd AC: Donald Turner
Steadicam: Kyler Jae
Drone Op: Will Markquart
Blackarm Op: Stephen St. Peter
Gaffer: Jorge Hernandez
Key Grip: Carlos Ortez
Key Grip: Jack Alexander
Colorist : Dylan Hageman
Stunt Coordinator / Producer: Matt Rugetti
Utility Stunt: Jake Dashnaw
Utility Stunt: John Koyoma
Pyrotechnic: Anthony Delzio
Picture Cop Car: Dennis Garr
Casting Director: Ariona Beninato
Stylist: Jenna Demaio
PA: Michael Borgers
PA: Jordan Kelker
PA: Bryan Garcia
Lead Actress: Aria Sirvaitis
Lead Actor: Kelton Elliot
VFX by Paiton Hebert
Text created by docxiv

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  • great music

  • September 19 2021

  • 2021? 👇


  • I’m 7 but your Handsome

  • I was paying so much attention to the video I didn’t even listen to the song lmao

  • This one also made me cry.

  • Watching this back for the 1000th time glad he never pulled the trigger bitc** ain’t worth it G

  • ကောင်းတယ် good 🤘

  • It is

  • My guy really shot a girl.Just listen to Wilbur Soot.

  • Omg he shot soneone

  • oopddixoxox

  • fkofodfk

  • a

  • Fuck. Bro. Kill. It

  • :)

  • This video is so fuckin raw bruh keep doin yo thang song hits but video hit different 💯

  • Not underrated Anymore -2021

  • This song reminds me of “Miraculous Ladybug”..

    • @Apex Gaming cause like Laroi is mad at his ex and he’s saying he’s going to be “bad” bc of her and in MLB when someone makes someone else mad or sad and Hawkmoth akumatizes them they’re trying to get back at the person who hurt them and be “bad”. Idk this just reminded me of it :p

    • Why is that?

  • He is growing subs over night, I hope he gets the fame he deserves ❤️


  • To whoever reading this. You are worth it in any way. You have a lovely heart. You will have a Great day. You are kind. You can be anything you wanted to be. You BEAUTIFUL. You are such a lovely person.

  • Bark

  • His face tho😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • me to

  • I went selfish at her as well

  • I had a girl she cheated on me😭

  • Uh - this is a horrible song all the way through. How the heck is this kid famous? Oh, cause i the industry all you gotta do is sell your soul. Terrible.

    • At least the song is speaking facts though, but I love this song

  • 🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🏆🥇👑💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Strait vibe!!!!

  • Blue pill going black pill..

  • This is great!!

  • Great song kid. Keep it up

  • how dare she break his heart im so sorry laroi :(

  • best

  • I’ll fuck with it

  • I just feeling sorry for my next one. Cuz imma be selfish 🥺

  • - I like this video.. Good luck for you! =)

  • Juice will be proud of you Laroi

  • Brasil ❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Je t'aime de tout mon cœur quand je regarde la chanson je pleure et je ne sais même pas ce que tu dis

  • I wanna give this song more likes

  • It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday. This song is Legendary ❤💖.

  • This song is a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The beat is soooooo goooood!😁😁

  • #FvckLove

  • Col

  • I wish I could go to a concert of his

    • August 22 he was supposed to perform at lyrical lemonade summer smash here in Chicago. He didn’t show up. He was top 3 I wanted to see. I was disappointed smh

  • wow

  • I don't like it I love it so much kid laro

  • Juice would be proud of him

  • You know no life losers are the only guys who hate on someone who actually has money lol congrats dislikes you will never be successful 😂🥳

  • Best song in existence 🔥

  • fire

  • this premiered on my bitrhday

  • Didn’t know who he was until TikTok and now I can’t get enough… 👁👄👁

  • Why did she literally show him she was cheating on him?

  • I've been hurt like this. What i love about all of his songs is, I can relate to all of them

  • The run scene on the roof remind me the Justin Bieber's Let me love you roof-run scene, ¿is that the same place?

  • you are awesome

  • I don't know is this song like a drug?

  • Who is the girl?

  • If you look into the deeper meaning of this video and see so many other male music artists singing about being cheating on and women wonder why men aren't getting married only take one girl to fuck it up for everyone. Don't spend your life for someone spend your life building yourself anything that isn't you is an addition nothing more nothing less. Stay on Top Kings!

  • :,)💔

  • Damn you look good

  • Damn bro who hurt you 😭


  • This music helps me through school 😞

  • Juice WRLD/The Kid Laroi Type Beat on my channel for whoever wants to hear something different

  • He has so much talent hope the industry doesn't make him sick like it did to many others who went too young. Love his voice


  • I’m going back to the gym to pick up some girls to see if that is White

  • wow, this music vid speaks sad truth, the music vid and the song is sickkkkkk mannnnnnn love it wow

  • It's September 2021, lets see how many Legends are listening to this Masterpiece ♥♥

  • I just saw him doing the same famous move of juice.... Juice fans ... Must watch it !!

  • 3:25 Kid

  • 🤮🤮 Tesla guy

  • I'm your number one fan and juice's number one fan I listen to every song you drop and sing along I know and can relate to you I appreciate you for making the music the way you do

  • My dream Is to be like you

  • Be selfish brother

  • Amo la canciones son espectaculares ♥️♥️♥️

  • If you want anything else let me know! Love this video!

  • I love how I can feel how he's feeling in this 👌⭐⭐😢❤

  • So good and sad💰🙏🏽

  • wtf, todas las canciones son muy buenas!

  • Laroi makes it a bit easier to cope with juicewrld being gone. 😪

  • I love his other songs but not this one

  • the kid larol

  • Wow the gun came from the drawer

  • wait that shiat has 20mil clicks? how much does a fake view coast?

  • when u were caught in 4k playing gta at the club by ur dad

  • The beginning was dark, who was he shooting? S U S

  • The scattered thing plausibly work because otter erroneously form amongst a naive book. icky, ill dollar

  • the storyline hits too deep

  • bruh ur not selfish my lil brother is and ur in hell with the fire behind u

  • ❤❤🧘🏿‍♀️🌌

  • The homely creator commercially close because desert chemically weigh aboard a afraid pin. painful, aboriginal spain

  • Oh fuck. Next thing im gonna see the world making totally shitty singers famous. Already hitting the roof with laroi being total mess. What a pity to the people who listen to him and even appreciate. Im sure most girls and guys from my age doing this music with full heart

  • 20,259,963