I watched one SNL episode from every season

Publisert 31. mai. 2021
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Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since Moses left the show in 1400 BC.

00:00 - Intro
01:31 - 1975-1980
05:40 - 1980-1984
08:37 - 1985-1990
11:59 - 1990-1995
14:38 - 1995-2001
18:11 - 2001-2006
20:21 - 2006-2012
25:35 - 2013-2021
30:47 - Conclusion

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  • why does drew always do something no one asked for?

  • Drew Gooden hasn’t been funny since the 70’s

  • This is the first time I've ever watched you and I think you sound kinda like John Mulaney. Not your voice, but the way your sentences flow and your cadences. Oh also the video was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  • Drew makes a good point that comedians on the internet are funnier. I personally enjoy comedy on the internet/youtube because it is unfiltered comedy. SNL having a short deadline to write sketches does make it hard, but I think the bigger problem is that it is corporate humor. It needs to be greenlit by the higher ups, I assume, and there is no cursing. It's not like I hear a swear word and bust out laughing, but on youtube a properly placed f-bomb adds a sense of realness to the sketch. With uncensored comedy you are getting the artists pure thoughts/feelings that makes it more relatable/funny.

  • 3:55 John Egbert and Dave Strider. Sorry I’ll go now

  • congrats on winning the website award

  • I have always have thought this your not wrong.. It wen to hell after the 90s

  • Damn. Odenkirk, Daniels, and O'Brien.

  • bb its okay im not gonna @ u

  • Drew. I have always felt the same way. The show has ups and downs but there are sketches from every era just tickle me. I love one off sketches like the whip master, the orange Julius sketch with Stalone, alec Baldwin as a soap opera star that pronounced key things wrong etc.

  • Watch til the end. (Since you said you would appreciate this, Drew, I absolutely hated your job on the 90s evaluation. Probly an age thing. I'm 39) His evaluation of SNL is accurate, cuz I think the actors there right now are horrible and focused on stupid bullshit but their audience is what matters every season.

  • I always see the terrible parts of the show everywhere. And in my opinion it is mostly bad, but some of these clips you showed were decently funny, and that's interesting. Although it's still not enough to make me like it.

  • the issue with "modern" SNL is the fact that they constantly look at cue cards and never at each other and it makes all character interactions super awkward and detracts from the skits. of course there are a few hits scattered throughout those seasons but majority of the skits are just bad and boring

  • im commenting bc otherwise you will get poor. so now bc i commenet you will be rich :) But wait!! rich ppl have bad taste :( plz don't get bad taste now that I've made you rich. THX

  • Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Adam Driver are the best hosts.

  • President Carlson. Noooo. Don't even say that 😂

  • Honestly, maybe part of SNL's problem is the show's episodes are currently just too long. It goes from 11:30 (where I am) to 1:00 AM. Maybe that creates more of a drive to fill that time, and leads to fewer unnecessary things being edited out. When I think about sketch-based shows that I think tend to be funnier/work better, a lot of them are/were about a half-hour long (in some cases shorter, although that's mostly just "Robot Chicken"). Maybe cutting the show down to even just an hour, including the opening and musical guest (plus commercial breaks), would force the sketches to be more stripped-down and rapid-fire? In my opinion that would make a lot of the sketches seem funnier, even if the sketch concepts wouldn't be especially funny when drawn-out or explored. There would be a punchy aspect to them, where you end up laughing even if it's just out of surprise at the premise or twist. It seems like the pacing of the earlier episodes might be better-suited to comedy bits than the show's current pace, imho.

    • 27:59 well, except when they decide to blame trans people for Trump getting elected. That was an interesting take. If it was written for them, that writer is sus.

    • Jon Hamm playing the "himbo/handsome guy who turns out to actually be a bad person/the villain" archetype is one of my favorite things

    • unpopular opinion maybe but Will Ferrell was good on the show; he actually had some pretty funny bits. The "Welshly Arms" sketch is really underrated. Also "Robert Goulet covers hip-hop songs" was funny, although it did involve Will Ferrell in-character dropping the N word (the joke was kind of him being too old and white for the lyrics to sound at all normal), so that one is probably ill-advised. edit: oh shit I forgot about "Celebrity Jeopardy," he was good there too (especially when someone was doing Sean Connery in the sketch)

    • SNL *fired* Bill Murray I can't

    • 4:00 also Gilda Radner (maybe she wasn't on the show yet) edit: yeah, she was on the show since it started in 1975, until 1980.

  • Watch MadTV, it was waaaay better than SNL

  • The samurai/Saturday Night Fever spoof won’t land if you don’t immediately get the reference.

  • SNL writers need to get with the times! Where's the "Green Thanos struggles to eat a Chipotle burrito because the contents start spilling out of the bottom" sketch? More like SMH

  • I'm always pleased when Justin Timberlake is on the show because he works so well with the cast. Many of his sketches I watch many times.

  • I am a fan of SNL, even in the modern Era, but do you know what host made me frustrated most? Jessica Chastain. The whole episode really flopped for me, and it might just be because Sam Rockwell of all people hosted the week before.

  • Holy shit. I actually watched everything. Drew Gooden is good at what he does. He really researches. I’m on an SNL somewhat binge so this is really helpful.

  • People like to parrot everything they hear. If one person says *SNL isn't funny anymore * and it gets a couple likes you can bet everyone and their dog will be saying the same thing, regardless if they've ever watched the show or not .

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  • Almost all sketch shows have really really bad sketches. Monty python is one of the funniest sketch groups ever conceived, but had sketches that are extremely unfunny and do not land. Kids In The Hall is another amazing sketch group that had hit and misses. All sketch comedy groups will have hit and misses. Just sometimes writers think it's going to land but it just doesn't. It's normal for any sketch show.

  • you remind me of john mulaney. i love it

  • Neat

  • Thank you for explaining why I still watch SNL 💖 It’s not great, but the good sketches are worth it. And the live musical guests can be amazing, too! So much work went into this & it’s appreciated

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    • His shirt gives me big kageyama vibes.

  • Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be! -Yogi Berra

  • I had the biggest crush on Maya Rudolph 🥰

  • What’s interesting is that sense of humor changes with every generation.

  • Mr Bill was MASSIVE in the 1970s. I thot it was stooopid, but you wouldn’t be-lieve how HUGE Mr Bill was.

  • Steve Martin is a god!

  • in my opinion snl could be better if they would give pete davidson the light of day. i’m not trying to be a fan girl but the guy is genuinely funny and has some good sketch ideas that just get trashed unless john mulaney is host. weekend update is really solid though, michael and colin have really good chemistry and work really well together. there are many people on this past season that i do love a lot. keenen is also really solid. overall i think the cast is amazing but it’s just some of the sketches that are interesting

  • in my opinion snl could be better if they would give pete davidson the light of day. i’m not trying to be a fan girl but the guy is genuinely funny and has some good sketch ideas that just get trashed unless john mulaney is host. weekend update is really solid though, michael and colin have really good chemistry and work really well together. there are many people on this past season that i do love a lot. keenen is also really solid. overall i think the cast is amazing but it’s just some of the sketches that are interesting

  • SNL was never funny

  • Bill hader is my favorite by far.

  • I dont think ive ever had so much of a video go right over my head in all my life.

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  • What about bill hader? He was great on the show.

  • I will always favor mad tv over snl

  • love this

  • His shirt gives me big kageyama vibes.

  • I love that you mentioned Chloe Fineman and Kyle Mooney at least once. They are by far my favorites!

  • “President Carlson” 🥲

  • this was so good omg

  • I really enjoyed this look back from the beginning to the present, but did you have to diss Mr. Bill? OH-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • So are you saying SNL is rarely funny? I agree.

  • why did i watch a 37 minutes video about SNL i don’t even live in usa,,,

  • I did the math when he said he was 12 in 2006. And he does not look 27

  • He didn’t mention Kenan Thompson once when he’s been one of the longest, most reliable cast members in all of snl history... this rubbed me the wrong way

  • this guy again?


  • Great job

  • How can I trust beta boy here? Does anyone with a beard have an opinion on new vs old SNL?

  • "Hi, I'm Walkin' Here" gave me a hearty chuckle noice one

  • This is such a beautiful love letter to the show. I grew up with SNL as a huge part of my life, and this honestly got me kinda f e e l i n g s y

  • very thoughtful and insightful, loved this!

  • Can you do one of these with Key and Peele or/and Drunk History, plssss?

  • Most over rated SNL performers: Chevy Chase, Adam Sandler, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Sandberg, and freaking WILL FERRELL.

  • Phil Hartman = genius

  • My favorite SNL era to this day is the Sanberg Era, and the Digital Shorts. Also Jimmy Fallon breaking character constantly.

  • I love Ted’s milk shirt 👍

  • My biggest regret about SNL is not selling dogecoin 3 hours before Elon hosted

  • SNL has never been good

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  • 14:25 dude are you trying to get me fired? i can't have rob schiender saying "weed" loudly 3 times in a row in a smoke shop. i had a customer in here dammit

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  • That one wax figure line was performed so poorly. My God, my nephew could have tried harder, what even was that?

  • SNL is quite clearly liberal brainwashing/propaganda at the present time.

  • Interesting

  • SNL poop

  • 90s snl is good but it's dull to me because my bothers watched the same few scenes every day when I was growing up 😐

  • when bob odenkirk was a writer for snl it was so good 😩☝️

  • good video

  • Well said! I have mixed feelings over Adam Sandler as well, but his operaman will always be one of my favorite snl skits haha.

  • Season 3: John Belushi as a Samurai sketch is a parody of Saturday Night Fever. I highly doubt that you didn't know it, or that someone else in the 19,000+ comments hasn't already been seen. I just wanna comment.

  • Great video

  • How people look at snl is how people look at vine. Now that vine is gone we think it’s some amazing content but in all reality we only think that because we only remember the good stuff through the youtube compilations but if you had the app back then it was just a mess of unfunny lele pons with a few gems

  • One of the best things Adam sandler also did was “uncut gems”

  • I cant even try to watch SNL anymore because of Kate.

  • SNL leftists politics went too far. They forgot to be funny. Cheerleading for the left was all it was.

  • Is that a young Tina Fey at 15:18?

  • Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey were my favorite Weekend Update hosts for a long time but honestly Michael Che and Colin Jost are really funny together.

  • This is amazing. Your content just gets better and better. You are a real commentator you make good points while keeping it funny. Your videos are long and the whole thing is entertaining. Great job keep up the good work

  • Just imagine if lily singh was a host in snl

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  • I need drew to talk about the people who make food in a toilet bowl

  • SNL has never been good actually

  • I think 1990-2012 is the best time for the show

  • Ok listen idk how to explain this Adam Sandler isn’t funny, the prospect of him walking onto a set and making a movie is fucking hilarious

  • this video was amazing and i completely agree with everything. love ur videos drew 😊

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