Dua Lipa - Love Again (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Dua Lipa - Love Again

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About Dua Lipa:
Born and raised in London to Kosovar-Albanian parents Dua Lipa signed to Warner Records in 2015, releasing her self titled debut in 2017 which featured the hit singles, 'Be The One', 'IDGAF', 'Hotter Than Hell' \u0026 her first UK #1 hit 'New Rules'.

Critical success soon followed as Dua Lipa picked up Brit Awards for 'Best Female Solo Artist' and 'Best British Breakthrough Act' as well as Grammy Awards for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Dance Recording' for the track 'Electricity' in collaboration with Silk City.

Her second internationally acclaimed studio album 'Future Nostalgia' was released in 2020 and included the hit singles 'Don't Start Now, 'Break My Heart', 'Hallucinate' and 'Levitating', with the remix album 'Club Future Nostalgia' following shortly after featuring guest appearances from 'Blackpink', 'Missy Elliott', 'Madonna' and 'Gwen Stefani'.



  • You are amazing Dua. Greetings from Romania 🇷🇴

  • the horse :(

  • hot

  • Strem it more please lets get to 100 milon in a month

  • Dua te rezo a ti y a tu música

  • Which is the old song whose melody starts at 1:34 ? Anyone have a clue ?

  • full süper

  • Короче... песня чёткая, клип слабый.

  • little mix and Dua lipa collab

  • Wow love this song

  • Woow

  • Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face.

  • Лучшая!!! Обожаю ее

  • OMG

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  • How high is the size on my head today?

  • Thanks to your Dua, I have made life more wanting, I don't know what I'd do without you I love you more than my own life!.😭💘


  • Dualipa is a legend

  • Hope she never gets fat

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  • Cantas bien chilo

  • It's been years since someone suprised me. That girl...is unique!! I m run out of words!!

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  • The hat is actually levitating 😂 0:13

  • cowboys, colors, clowns, and... eggs. Im sold.

  • the backround melody sounds exactly like "Oder nicht" From Kontra K

  • Хочу быть вашим мужем..))))

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Billboard Hot 100 🔝🔝😍

  • لبى استكي ولله 🙄😍

  • Woooow

  • So beautiful 😍 💖

  • dua lipaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • She's wearing too much.

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  • Love this song

  • nope, the original is vastly superior.

  • I see that you have 18 million subscribers of which you place yourself as leaders ... you decide where you want to take them and how

  • She never disappoints. It's actually incredible.

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  • i want collab with bts😫

  • yo la sigo desde que saco NEW RULES pero hay que reconocer que es una gran artista

  • good thanks for all this feeling , dua lipa

  • Madonna - Don't Tell Me 20 years later. :) I mean the video.

  • Whe love u Dua

  • gave me chills when the horse rides in the arena

  • wait sooo, the hat at the beginning represents the "love again" and then the egg blue and red like magnets represents love finding its match, then whisking the eggs together means the love connection happening

  • Saving the really great music in a spectacular way. You are the best! ¡Regards from Mexico!

  • Absolutely phenomenal

  • I found the song to be average at best.


  • Happy birthday to Anwar Hadid!!!!!!


  • DaBaby♥️

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • This is a great song! My absolute favorite from the whole album, but I do not understand the video.

  • Copy refree

  • I love how she look like she did I. The beginning 💖with her long black hair

  • What is the original song ?

  • AŞKIM💋

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  • çok kötü klip kimin aklına geldi böyle bi fikir acaba

  • dua lipa be looking more like James charles everyday

  • Dua Lipa es mia.

  • I am thinking of Darth Vader 555+

  • she bad

  • She has its own style her own unique voice which make her popular and successful no doubt in it

  • I wanna be her, she's goals!! 😍🔥

  • Good morning sweetie pie

  • my god girl, i’m so proud of you!

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  • You got me in love again

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  • Ver a Dua Lipa vestida de vaquera es lo mas hermoso que veras en tu vida.

  • She is Beautiful.

  • Producer: how much symbolism you want in the video? DUA : yes

  • crap

  • A lot of people believed that best New artist curse will haunt Dua too. But continued success of FN is quite relieving

  • Wonder seeing that after 10+ years

  • I have heard this music before.. like 20 years ago. 🤔

  • Еду по России...