EXO 엑소 'Don't fight the feeling' MV Behind The Scenes

Publisert 12. juni. 2021
EXO's Special Album "DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING" is out!
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🚀'Don't fight the feeling' MV: nowine.info/loft/a36iqITOppqNp6Q/video

01 Don't fight the feeling
02 파라다이스 (Paradise)
03 훅! (No matter)
04 Runaway
05 지켜줄게 (Just as usual)

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  • 13:08 marah betul kai

  • Hi guys! I invite you to watch this ~Don't Fight the Feeling~ DANCE COVER nowine.info/loft/fXytonCxo7F7jKQ/video ,hope you enjoy and support it thanks!

  • Baekhyun

  • 우리옵빠들 난 믿어…

  • I am so happy for their comeback and more happy that Lay is back... 😍😍

  • Where Layy

  • Los amo, no saben el gran rescate que llegaron a hacer a mi vida, estaré siempre agradecida con ellos ❤️

  • 먼지 하나가 계속 있어서 너무 거슬려욥 ㅠㅠ CG 로 지우질 못했나 ? 겨털은 지우면서 먼지를 못 지우네 ㅋㅋ

  • Alguien mas vio la sudadera del staff que dice "Acapulco" jajaja Pd. D.O i love you so

  • خودا فدای مهربونیشونننن

  • بچه هام چقد خسته شدن

  • کیوتتتتت

  • واییی تولددد شیومینووو

  • جذابااا

  • وایییی مکنمووو

  • دی اوووو

  • E-408

  • سهونننن

  • بکککو هقق

  • بعد از یک ماه

  • من هنوز ت شُکم-

  • گینککک بکککووو

  • اخ شیومین کیوتممم

  • دی اووو

  • شیومیننننن

  • واییی چاننن

  • عالیییی

  • King:)

  • وایییی هق

  • میسی گشنگاممم

  • هقق

  • من هنوز باور نکردم(:

  • Owwww, como los extraño

  • Aww it's my boy marshmellow's birthday!!🧡

  • Sehunnn

  • 4:48 Baekhyun singing to Lay’s part🥺🤧❤️

  • I love gays i m blink and exol both group r my fev #BLINKLOVEEXO

  • Minseok's wish being for Chanyeol😭🤧❤️

  • Suka

  • Can't stop laughing hahahaha!!!

  • .....

  • Always baek

  • I'm watching this again because I miss them. Btw @11:16, is that Kai shouting to Sehun "Wow, you're cool"? These maknaes are the cutest.

  • Thanks EXO you did the best

  • We may speak different languages, but music is a language we all understand

  • Kangen

  • Real happiness

  • So much hardwork it takes to make a best MV. Our EXO members hardwork and love is seen in this behind scenes. Great respect and immense support to you boys. You each one of you are the BEST

  • SWEETIE chanyeol went to the wrong studio T_T

  • Awalnya gw cuma coba2 aja tau exp eh, tau-taunya sekarang udah CANDU Banget😭❤️

  • Love you EXO 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Seriously miss them...

  • I love them... thank you EXO for coming into my life

  • 4:33 is that Baekhyun's or Xiumins's voice? The one singing Lay's part?

  • Can we just appreciate that they left a space for Lay there?

  • It was nice to see how happy they are ... while making mv.. we are happy too...

  • Saranghae ❤❤❤❤

  • DO so cute

  • So fun hihihi👏

  • chanyeol and kyungsoo is so adorably ridiculous when together

  • chanyeol explaining how he went to the wrong studio was the cutest thing i've seen

  • i cant stop crying i miss the exos

  • i miss chanyeol

  • I really miss them 😭

  • I miss Chen ❤ hope he is doing fine in military

  • 😍😍😍😍😍kim jongin(i want emoji that crying with loveEye😻😭😭)

  • here i go again 😍

  • lucu parah pas menit 15.09 ahha sampe kai marahin kyungsoo haha

  • ARMY는 모두 당신을 싫어합니다.

  • Stream Rose by D.O let's support our dear Kyungsoo

  • I miss them.

  • let's goooo

  • My boys, I love you

  • 💫💕💕💕💕💕

  • suho sama chen gak ikut ??

  • mv nya keluar kapan ini beneran 2021 kah?

  • Love you

  • Liat kelakuan chanyeol pas xiumin. Dikasih hadiah kepoan orangnya 😂

  • I love u

  • So, did Lay shoot separately?

    • @Pushpa Shrestha ahhhhh. So that's why

    • @Tonette Grace Orbeña as you can hear the lay part(4:49) was originally sung by kyungsoo or xiumin (though i know their voices really well bt I'm confused here) probably he wasn't part of this comeback initially bt was added later on so they didn't knew about him

    • @Procrastinator ahhhh thanksss~ but they should at least mention him like "ahh we can't shoot with Lay right now bc he's in China" or "we really wanted to and we miss him so much but we can't", that's why I thought he wasn't part of it.

    • Yes, since he's still in China.

  • I wish lay's behind the scenes were also showcased

    • I've seen YT videos with Lay's behind the scenes for DFTF.

  • Chanyeol ganteng

  • So cute~

  • 디오 너무 귀여워어어엉😭

  • 디오❤️

  • EXO is the best. Wow.

  • Baekhyun and chanyeol and oh sehun is so cute

  • 10:02

  • Exo.. keep fighting guys and happy always.

  • Miss you guys, hmmmmmm...

  • I'am happy, because it exo. Exo...

  • Kai, devinition is king expretion

  • We Are One Exo

  • Чанёль и Бэкхен отличного служение вам и берегите себя пожалуйста и возвращайтесь поскорее.

  • Бэкхен и Кай и Сехун и Чанёль и Сюмин и Дио и Исин успехов и удачи вам.

  • 5:47 어떻게이렇게잘생긴

  • Cute

  • I adore you EXO forever ❤ #EXO #weareoneEXO

  • the fact that these behind the scenes videos are basically the only dftf content we got