9 AMAZING ICE experiments you must see (4k)

Publisert 25. jan.. 2020
Watch these 9 amazing ice tricks now as well as a hot ice tutorial.

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  • Let me know which is your favorite experiment and if you' ed like a part two? Hot ice 0:12 Ice in oil density demo 2:28 Ice fishing 3:07 Ice boiling water 3:59 Instant ice 5:01 Ice melting due to conductivity demo 7:15 Ice cutting (copper wire through ice block demo) 8:18

  • Instant ice. 1 hour later, put water.

  • It would be better to give us chemical or physical explanations for each experiment

  • The Ice ain't actually cOLd! Now .. Is It?🧐

  • Stolen from og wolfieraps

  • so if you reach purified water close to zero°C and then smash it it will turn to ice?

  • how the hell did he take his hand out

  • amazing

  • hm i did the instant ice experiment and it didn't work smh help

  • How it this amazing? I could predict the results for most of them.

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  • If not let viewers to try, then why to show the details of compositions of material? Better not to show. Those seems not the normal ice from water. These are Cristal from chemical reactions, that is why dangerous.

  • I can make ice in 1hour by fridge

  • No ice was harmed in this video


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  • Working princble

  • Me loking at the video ummm If i put the water hot it freazes proseds to doit and causes an explotion

  • My mom’s gonna kill me if I use 880 g of soda bicarb & 1 lt of vinegar 🥺

  • How did you stuck your hand in hot ice isn’t that supposed to be incredibly painful??? I’m scared of your power

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  • 6:15 I found a new way to make my smoothie, thanks

  • pretty cool experiments! ❄️

  • 3:50 NOW U'R GONNA WEAR IT??

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  • 5:32 here it looks like it was cold water, for me after 2 hours it would turn into ice, but it's so interesting that I'll find out for myself 💎🎲

  • Literally from the time I saw it for the first time and saw it long ago, I wanted to do it, but I thought it was definitely more complicated 💕 ( first exp )

  • The thumbnail looks amazing, and the movie itself looks amazing, amazing, amazing! ♥️

  • Is this ice edable???

  • Ice cubes are really easy to make than 9 mins cocking

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  • 2:34 I really thought this was edited no way

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  • I need an explanation for each one

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  • Is one of them is regilation ???

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  • 5:49 is this experiment is real ???

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  • It will in what temperature

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  • Ice boiling water!!! Funny &cool

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  • 9 Yr old me takes out a soft drink from the fridge *it instantly turns to ice* Me:😮😮😮😮😮😮

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  • 6:21 "you must learn to control it, fear with be your enemy" -Troll

    • I used it on my little brother when he was little. From then he cannot walk but he can travel by some annoying moves which he calls "gymnarsist" other than "gymnastics"

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  • I would just keep the water in the fridge

  • Instant ice…. Put the bottle of water in the freezer for 2 hours 😂

  • You Must make a plant in it like normal

  • 1:11 Cover and to room Let cool temperature

  • 3:55 Necklace for Summers 🤣🤣


  • Know the ones with purified water,when I stayed with Dad he used to go service his car he get free purified water sometimes it would have banana or strawberry flavour. Damn I loved that Toyota purified water pity I couldn't see it in stores

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  • Him : don’t do this Also him : give us exact measurements for the expirament

  • fun fact: the intro was reversed (the ice melted in reverse)

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