Eurovision 2021: What happens on stage during the postcard segments?

What happens on stage during the Eurovision postcards? We filmed some of the action to show you how quickly and efficiently the crew works not only to set up props and get artists on and off the stage, but also to sweep and wipe down the floor to ensure that performers are safe. This video mostly focuses on what happens between performances, so if you want to see the actual performances just search on NOwine. We're not playing favourites with these clips. Sometimes we had our cameras on for key moments and sometimes we didn't!

00:05 The stage crew roll off the piano and other equipment from Belgium's Hooverphonic to make room for Russia's Manizha. A male crew member wears her Russian doll dress to get it on the stage before jumping out so Manizha can get in. During the opening bars of her song you see a steady-cam operator swirling around her.

01:46 Albania's Anxhela Peristeri concludes her performance before being escorted off the stage. Israel's Eden Alene and her backing dancers then move onto the stage (which is drained of smoke in a matter of seconds) as wires fall from the ceiling so that the crew can raise some equipment to the ceiling. Another steady-cam operator stands in front of Eden for her opening notes.

02:59 A crew member helps Bulgaria's VICTORIA climb onto her rock (which is really a metal frame with wooden exterior and a man inside steering it). Two camera operators get close to capture our girl in all her glory. Notice that at the end, as she shouts to the crowd, a door opens on the right of the rock. Presumably this is how the operator inside climbs out.

03:58 Ukraine's Go_A stand at the back of the stage as their wintery forest props are rolled out and put together. We count at least nine crew members who sweep the floor and assemble the main stage piece. If you look to the front of the forest, it seems they struggle to make sure that two pieces are fully joined and several people pile in.

05:43 Spain's Blas Canto sang beneath a beautiful moon, which connotes the cycles of life and the ever-changing tide. But the moon is actually a giant balloon! At the start of this clip you see what appears to be deflated rubber or some kind of sick bag that, in less than 30 seconds, inflates to create a beautiful moon.

06:10 This final clip comes from the end of the performance from France's Barbara Pravi. She doesn't have any props. Instead, she finishes the song by singing directly into a camera held and operated by a man right in front of her face. It's obvious they have developed a close bond. You can see Barbara give him a fist bump as she exits the stage for the final time.

To see what happened during Italy's postcard, watch our separate video:

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  • Barbara's fist bump with the camera man is epic

  • No longer a song contest.

  • the moon was a ballon yall 😭😭

  • Very interesting!

  • What did they hang before Israel's performance?? A black tube?

  • i was live at the Family Show and i have to say the people who work behind the scenes should get wayyyyy more credit!!!! It all happens so fast but they work so precise!

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  • I love how Barbara fist bumps the camera man so cute

  • 5:38 Come Oh Go_A You Can Do This Come On!!!!!!!!

  • Love that fist bump at the end between France and the steady cam operator!!

  • Been waiting for this kind of footage. Thank you @wiwibloggs.

  • Thanks so mucht for putting this online. I was there during thie first live show, I was seated across from the stage halfway on the second ring, I had a blast and an amazing view of the whole arena but it's nice to relive it from upclose.

  • Ukraine's platform lights up in the SF, but on Finals it didn't

  • Et voilà you lost!!!! Looks good on you!!

  • the person talking is such a mood

  • I'm now extra mad at the modern trend towards augmented reality during performances because it made me assume Spain's moon wasn't real, mad respect to them that it was.

  • The crew beating up the moon after Spain’s song was one of the most chaotic shit I have ever seen 💀😂

  • Love the quick fist bump Barbara (France) gives to camera man 💚

  • It is so nerve-wracking to watch them assemble the staging in such a short amount of time. I’m so worried they won’t finish by the time the postcard is over even though I know they did finish every time 😂😂 I love watching these kinds of footage sooo much!

    • When they don’t it cuts to one of the hosts to kill time

  • The camera and staging crew are the real MVPs of the contest.

  • Love to watch all these footages! So sad eurovision finished already ....

  • Ruin the magic

  • In an interview with the guy of the Ukrainian delegation who was in charge of staging.He says that in the semifinal, the people who assembled the Go-A platform, forgot to fix it in the center. Everything could go away at any moment.

  • I need to get something off my chest: I’m a straight male Eurovision fan and sometimes I see people on social media say that Eurovision should only be for LGBTQ+ people and that it’s not for straight (male) people and that bothers me a bit. Any opinions on that?

    • @dasmysteryman12 " While most of the fanbase is from the LGBTQ community," that's debatable. They maybe the most vocal but in the terms of sheer numbers I doubt that.

    • I'm a straight male Eurovision fan as well. While most of the fanbase is from the LGBTQ community, I do think that the contest is not just for the LGBTQ community but for everyone as well. Of course, this is not to exclude that community, but to emphasize that Eurovision is all-inclusive. Eurovision brings all kinds of people together. It's first and foremost a celebration of music and of Europe. It's supposed to be, and it is, for everyone!

  • Where are the crimes???

  • I like that Barbara gave the cameraman a bro fist lol so cute


  • the guy walking on in manizha's dress----

  • frech singers pretentious as always

  • Lmao the man moving russia dress

  • Thanks for sharing this video .I've always been wondering about the backstage

  • My favorite part is when they punch the air out of the moon (in another video)

    • @sarinakbl me neitheeeer, it should've been in my 'watched' / history, but I think they took it down... perhaps some copyright issues? i found it super fascinating and it was a lot more of these in-between moments

    • yeah same. do you maybe kniw which video it was? i can not find it anymore :/

  • So cute from Barbara (France), she also signed and gave a vinyl copy of Voilà for the camera man. How sweet is that

  • Asiavision get set up ( Eurovision 🏳️‍🌈🤮

  • The moment of Barbara and the cameraman reminds me Freddie Mercury at Live Aid with the cameraman

  • This is SO COOL!! thank you! Also I should be studying...

  • 12 points also for camera man for France

  • For those of us who are obsessed with the whole contest, not just the songs, this footage is gold!

  • Cool video, as an *extremely* amateur lighting geek, I love seeing any behind-the-scenes stuff (tho, I guess this isn't really 'behind' , it's just not on broadcast!) Was the problem/delay with Go_A's staging just literally "slotting the pieces of a giant , snowy, foresty mobile jigsaw together", or were there prop problems?

  • Were the flag lights on the title cards real?

  • the way they escort the performer

  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this

  • Manizha walking dress 👗👍

  • So cinematic! Everything!

  • big salute to all the sweepers for their hard works!!!

  • Have you ever found the one who controls Manizha's Russian Doll Roomba dress?

    • It could very well be computer programmed, so no one actually sitting somewhere with a joystick.

  • Very interesting for all those helping on stage.

  • Barbara 💘💘 And I dont feel post-ESC depression because no one allows it to end just yet :)

  • This year was the strongest final we've had. And hats off to every single member of the production team. Incredible show ❤️

    • Yeah but one off topic thing is that I got anxious when they were putting up the stage things

    • Finally people saying this. When I said the same back in March I got argued this year is weak lol :)))

  • All this extra behind-the-scenes footage really brings home the fact of just how geared the ESC really is towards television . The live audience in the auditorium I'm sure is of immense help to the performers. But the visuals, the staging, the special effects, the camera angles, all are finessed primarily for the televiewers

    • @zoggeris god i'm so glad there was an audience

    • Pretty sure a lot of countries planned for zero audience this year so that is even more prominent than it normally is.

    • At the end of the day it is organised and funded by a organisation of public TV Networks

    • True. Imagine just seeing a greenscreen for Greece!

  • Croatia !!!

  • Love the insight, wiwi

  • I already miss eurovision. I can't wait for the next year. 🎉🎉🎉

  • So Spain's moon wasn't the real moon? 🤯

  • it must have been so annoying for france to always have this camera man right infront of her face😂

    • Probably not, considering she gave him a fistbump at the end

    • @Terox thank you for explaining! I was also thinking about the noise, but could they used a voice recorder a bit above her head? But then you still have a vague recording from the drone

    • @Iris Iris no way. biiiig safety concerns, noise, and wind would rule that out imediatly. also they used a shoulder cam and not a steady cam ( a drone would be more like a steady cam) so the drone probably couldnt deliver that rough-ish look

    • well afaik the artists are heavily included in staging which includes the camera work. also a other comment mentioned that ''Barbara wrote him a thank-you on a copy of her vinyl record for all the worked he did in the 4 weeks of practice'' so it seems she wasnt bothered

    • @Iris Iris The level of noise these do, would have Barbabra and the public feeling like she's singing in front of a giant industrial fan.

  • The guy running to grab Anxhela's hand and lead her away is like the prince that came to save the damsel in distress. Great ending to her song's story.

  • love it!

  • ✌😍👍🇺🇦💞🎵💙💛🎵🇺🇦❤🎵🌿🌾🌱

  • Do you have a video of Tix? I'm wondering how they managed to bring a 160 kg coat on and off stage haha

    • I'd also like to know if they took his wings off on stage or off stage

  • thank you for the side view and technical preparations, it was interesting to find out how the preparation went between the performances of the contestants, class! ☺️👍

  • 6:12 for me it's like to Edit Piaf and PADAM, PADAM

  • Thanks for sharing this with those who were not in the venue

  • 3:00 Cinan and William screaming 😂

  • I am really sad about Victoria. I understand it not winning because the song isn't everyone's cup of tea but 11th place - that was hard to accept.

    • In such a strong year, every place in the top 15 is a win on itself. I'm way sadder about nul points of the 4 countries, Senhit's 22th place, Belgium 19th place and almost all the NQs.

  • Where is Greece?

  • What a camerawork this year 🔥🔥

  • Europeans thank you for your votes.Last week one of the best in my life. i love you all, welcome to Italy. Land of capuccino,pasta,pizza,sun,land of art and culture 🥰💙🇮🇹🤘

    • Mainly just known as the land of pizza and sambuca though.

    • I voted for Italy like crazy, you had the best song and the best band! Can´t wait for next year´s Eurovision in Italy, such a lovely country!

  • Seeing the guy inside Manizha's dress is so funny 😂 I miss you so much guys 🥺 Hope we see you soon with JESC 2021 ❤

    • @wiwibloggs yeaaah I'm so hyped for this ! Eurovision in my country omg 🇨🇵

    • Thank you Clément! Am looking forward to JESC in PARIS 🤩


  • Always want to see these things!! Big respect to all staffs💗

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  • Manizha ❤️❤️❤️

  • Loved the vid:)Keep it up guys

  • What a lovely insight.

  • What was the crew lifting for Eden's performance? Was it the overhead camera?

  • I really hope next year I’ll be able to see the staging preparation live 😂

    • That actualy could be cool, with like things happening on screen but you also have a look qt the stage

  • Wonder if anyone got Ireland's camera fail?

  • Vicky, yaaaas girl! 💓💓💓💓

  • You'd already mentioned the fistbump so I knew it was coming, but still, my heart, she's so cute ❤️

  • It's nice to see some behind the scenes stuff like this, but I don't understand why one of the crew grabbed the Albanian and the French singer by the arm, and pulling down from the stage? I guess the artists should know that as they finished their performances they have to leave the stage as soon as possible.

    • @Abriel Robertsson I don't know about you, but all I see is a well rehearsed change and the artist knowing they will be getting helped off the stage by a crew member. I see a crew member going up to them and giving them an option to grab their hand and get helped. Not grabing them and yanking them off.

    • ​@Abriel Robertsson They're happy to comply but might have trouble seeing where they're going due to going from going from the spotlight into darkness. They know they need to get off stage in a hurry and they trust the staff to help them do that safely. I don't see grabbing - I see professionals (performers and support staff) doing their job within a very short time frame.

    • @Abriel Robertsson I honestly saw no arms grabbing or pulling. All I saw was holding on their arm, especially in the case of Albania, in which the crew member's hand was obviously under hers, which is not normally the case when you 'grab' someone. When the video moved on to Bulgaria, again, it was quite clear that the crew members' arms were already stretched out before she even got to their position. Having said that, you see what you want to see and apparently, you cannot be wrong so who am I to tell you otherwise?

    • In my opinion postcards should be longer so 1) they won't need to pull the artists off stage, 2) will have more time to install the decos, 3) commentators will have more time to tell the TV audience about the artist and their song's message.

    • @magnum_cx Maybe. As I said I understand that they have to rush and the singers must know that they need to gtho asap but that can be achieved just by telling the singer. But seeing how Victoria was also grabbed in the arm to be carried on stage I guess you can be right.

  • Ukraine was so impressive 🔥💚

  • I love it! It's so cool!

  • I love Barbara she is so nice.

  • Thank you for keeping us afloat in the sea of post-eurovision depression 😘😘💕

  • 3:03 *y e s b i t c h e s* 3:18 *B I T C H E S*

  • Amazing

  • Barbara and the camera man💜

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • Lots of romance this year Barbara x Camera dude Tix x Efendi Hurricane x Maneskin and lots more.

  • Very intimate moment between Barbara and the cameraman

    • This gives more cinematic shot.

    • Great complicity between Barbara and the cameraman, the final fist bump prove it! 💙🤍❤️

    • It seems that the cameraman is waltzing in front of Barbara.

    • @Jttv I think it is to make it feel more intimate. The roughness of handling the camera adds a very human element which is very in tune with the sort of performance Barbara was giving. Steadicam would be more suitable for something that has to feel more professional, slick or modern.

    • I noticed they used a shoulder cam and not a steady cam for that. Wonder if that just had to do with height. Edit: So I stumbled on the camera guys twitter @remco_radstaat. And Barbara wrote him a thank-you on a copy of her vinyl record for all the worked he did in the 4 weeks of practice.

  • 6:56 that fist bump was so cute 😭😍

    • Yeah, love that moment. It's really classy and a measure of how much she respected his work as well.

    • @LongaVita yeap it’s on Twitter! She gave him a signed vinyl, thanking him for his work and « dancing with her ». She also gave a signed vinyl to the guy who drove her manager to the hospital during semi-final 2, and he made a tweet saying he was very moved by her and her behaviour. She’s so precious 🧡

    • She actually gave the camera man a gift with a personal message for all of their excellent teamwork on stage. It was very cute. (I think I saw it on Instagram but I've forgotten by now.)

  • does anyone know if the live on tape show will be available in the US?

    • The full program (both semis and the final) are available on Peacock.

    • @Rob de Vent nope southeast asian here. I watched it live here on youtube. it's 3am - 7am and so happy that Italy won.

    • @Rob de Vent thanks!

    • You might need a vpn connection to watch the whole show if you are outside Europe

    • @Athrun Zala No, you don't understand. Americans are looking for ways to pay. It's how they're trained to do in life.

  • This was quite an interesting perspective:) Can't wait for the 2022 Edition from Italy

  • Cinan at 3:00 😂😂😂😂

    • being the proud ESC parent that he is

  • Nice to see some new uploads after The ESC Rotterdam ❤️ (in my country) has ended.

  • Thank you William for always keeping the Eurovision light alive! We appreciate it so much💗 Love seeing behind the scenes.

  • Thank you for all your updates!!! Even after the Eurovision!!!

  • I just can't get enough of this year's Eurovision Song Contest

  • Voilà ❤️