I spent a day with DREAM

Publisert 8. juni. 2021
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • Maybe he's mask is robot and every time she blinks the mask detect he's doing on her face and if he is sad the mouth will do a sad face like this☹️ and this 😊

  • Eeeeeh ur nor rilly with dream😬

  • Maybe his mask is her actual face or not but his real name is clay with George not found saying he's real name is clay

  • Pls dream do a face reveal I'm a fan of you dream you are a pro in Minecraft manhunt on youtube

  • I remember when he was in smosh

  • why does he look like a game model

    • Because he only sent his voice, and they edited him in.. lol

  • 12:02 he’s clueless


  • It is animated -_-

  • why does dream looks like he's drawn?

    • Because they drew him in, he never was there, he was just talking

  • I rather spend a day in hell then with Dream.

  • *SO COOL*

  • dam he really treaky with hes face like really

  • Why the frik is dream so funny

  • i love how anthony is still on yt and didnt just leave smosh and but stayed on yt. oof my childhood

  • Sapnap lives with dream¿¿?

  • is this real

    • No, he did talk with him, just that he wasn't there

  • Is that his actual mask

  • Dream is just soooo crackt

  • Notice “Dream” doesn’t move at all hands or legs hmmmm maybe it’s just me unless… oh no

  • I’m waiting for technoblade

  • wait is that edited or did you actually see his face

  • Me watching his eye blink wowwwww

  • T

  • i actually checked to see if i was subbed and i wasnt D: so sorry anthony, it wont happen agan :,,,(

  • So u saw his right but we didn't cuz u use a edit that makes dream mask to move as the normal face

  • his mask blinked.

  • Told u he didnt use a voice changer

  • Yeah thats a body double

  • Plot twist: that dream infront of him is not actually dream its just call from dream (i think) Bcz hes pose while sitting on the chair is stilll same thats why its just a call

  • This was cool. I love how he looks

  • So you see the hair and the body doesn’t look like the picture on Twitter at all


  • we got a jawline reveal, progress

  • Why do I have a feeling that’s not even dream…

  • Hi

  • does dream ALWAYS wear his mask?

  • i want to talk to dream:(

  • Shut up!

  • Probably everyone or just me was looking at dreams mask whenever it blinks

    • @five / rg of course we’re going to be looking at dream he’s the subject dumbass

    • The video lol

    • what else are we going to look at

  • Me: watching and realizing the it was a AI and not real

  • i’m not a dream fan like at all but imma watch this because i literally know about about him

  • So sad that a friend like george does’t know dreams face:(

    • I think its cause Dream really wants George to be surprised when he sees him for the first time :) (dont take my word for this I may be wrong)

  • So what were you looking at if the whole dream was an animation

  • when u talk to air imagining theres a perso n(what i mean is the dream in this video is animation so he recorded him talking to air and edited it)

  • fake

  • 0:08 szaszabi's subcriber lol

  • Dream and tap L ohhh my god to faiforit NOwiners

  • Dream is sooooooo cool but receives so much bullshit

  • I really want to see dreams face

  • Anthony may have seen his face lol

  • Guys dream mask is cursed its blinking and idk but its cursed

  • How does no one else see that that is just an edited image pasted over the chai. The interview itself is believable, but the fake dream lmao. Dream bad

  • Siema polska 😌

  • Dream if you Do a face revel I will be the happist person in the world

  • WAIT is this fake???

  • Imagine when they are talking and dream falls off his mask xD :)

  • The people who think Dream cheated need to 1. just respect him 2. deal with it its good content to watch during covid 3. watch this video

    • @It's just for Fun how do you know he cheated

    • I agree with the last two but not the first. He cheated and a cheater should not be respected.

  • Woah ur hair is blonde

  • dream we need more manhunts

  • I like dreams mask

  • Oh My Gosh Dream talks so fast

  • is that rlly dream orrr

  • Also why does dream mask looks like its animated so the other guy can see dream faces

  • Not fat enough

    • You know that picture of him wasn’t him

  • Please interview Technoblade

  • the mask is fake he just wanted to make people like it

  • I think dream face revealed but...

  • 0-0

  • When u get to know that dream mask was edited:

  • That cant be dream the neck looks like someone Drew it and the mask is stretching in a weird way

  • Why does drem look like a cartoon a little bit

  • i dont know, but i have the feeling that he was not there in presence, he's hair and face looked too much, you know, plastic

  • i wanna meet dream too...

  • I’m autistic and honestly masking is so hard- like I do it naturally but sometimes I have to try a lot harder and that’s one of the reasons why I’m having autistic burnout

  • ,

  • Isn't dream that guy who cheated?

  • Dream I know you're cursed Minecraft Skin it was black

  • Dream don’t do a face reveal the stans will find you

  • Dream looks fully Animated-

  • Pov: Anthony saw Dreams face

  • Everyone: Trying to find Dream's face Me: Noticing why Dream isn't moving

    • This is some stand in lmao. IF and only IF the leak is true (and I tend to believe it is, but thats just me) then Dream is an obese person.

    • Ohh now I realize

    • Lol

  • He cheated lloolloolloolloollolloolloololololooll L

  • Dweam and George😫🤌🏼

  • That's what the mask is that was the point of the mask is?!

  • if dream will die then covid will die

  • imagine his mask falls

  • It's an edit but he actually talk to him

  • Why does Honey sponsor every single video I see... am I the only one??

  • Wut Tf wus tht


  • At about 8:50 turn closed captions on and see what it calls sapnap lmaooo

  • This is interesting.........Please do more interview with more youtubers.

  • This is pog

  • lets all be truthful here we came here to see if dream reveals his face

  • We do mean it I think I saw that before the NOwine that he is very stupid didn’t I want to broke my phone but that doesn’t that sound familiar

  • Is this fake?

    • The interview is real, but dream wasn't actually there in person. They edited in and animated a lifelike drawing of him in the other seat though, so that part is fake lol.

  • We’ve got a chin and hair reveal that will keep the fans quite for some time