No One, literally No One Expects what the Solution for this Puzzle looks like! - The Book of Fire!

Publisert 26. juni. 2020
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  • Did anyone expect that? :D

    • literally my first thought, flame black background sure

    • It is really “cool” buutttt not for no $400 🤨

    • Usually no external tools are needed so I definitely didn't expect the need to use hairdryer. However, you didn't explain how you got the box open the non-intended way.

    • I figured it out at around 8 minutes of this video - after the unseen labyrinth was mentioned. Really cool puzzle!

    • when I read the description and heard the name of the puzzle my first thought was "you set it on fire" and I suspected that maybe you're supposed to pour fuel on the fire symbol and then set it on fire because its the only thing that seemed fire resistant (if there's any actual fire resistant parts)

  • Somebody has a laser cutter and a lot of time on his hands.

  • given the design/shape of the flame, I'm guessing the heat from your hand would be enough to warm it.

  • The "2 puzzles in one video" idea didn't work for me.

  • Will the heat from your hands work?

  • This (amazingly interesting and difficult) puzzle gets 4 out of 5. Did any puzzle ever get 5 out of 5?

  • It's not a puzzle, it's a safe! Thanks for telling us where to get it! Got any larger please? ... Holy crap they are expensive... >

  • that book puzzle is awesome

  • Get to the point. I don't want to know about any other puzzle. You are just padding out the video to get more advertising time and therefore more money. KLICK BAIT!

  • No

  • "Click out of 3 and click out of 4, and its open!" - LockPickingLawyer

  • Does it go automatically back to the black after it has coolened?

  • Because ive watched the fifth element many many times i knew how to open it, but not how to stop the alien force from taking over the world

  • I wish there were timestamps in the description. The second puzzle is definitely beyond my abilities, but the first one looks solvable enough I want to buy one unspoiled 0:00 Intro 2:45 Alcatraz 5:48 Fire Book 12:07 Summary

  • i tought you will have to burn it to "open it" i guess that was an other way of opening it? or was considered cheating?

  • Definitely one of the best/unique puzzles from your videos.

  • Where is the unintended solution you stumbled upon first time???

  • Does the black come back?

  • Ok, only based on the title… I’m guessing it’s The Spanish Inquisition!!!

  • So freakin beautiful. What a fantastic piece of art.

  • Me: sees flame me: its heat isnt it? mr.puzzle: am i a joke to you?

  • It's not a fair puzzle. Puzzles should not be solved using external tools. It's like removing screws with screw driver from a cage that holds something to open it when it's supposed to be opened in a clever way.

  • i'd love that to hide things in

  • I have never seen someone this smart before, my head is still hurting from this

  • This was exactly what I expected

  • It’s ugly.

  • Does the chroma sticker reset to black eventually?

  • So it's meant to be like a secret stash.

  • I would have just set the book on fire.... No okay

  • It's like 5th time I try to watch your video. I just cant stand this freaking german accent. Bye

  • So, it's a "safe"?

  • 9:39 solution

  • Beautiful

  • Why capitalise no one?

  • this is 'harmonijka' ! did i guessed?! :DDDD

  • Such a build up to the solution. I wasn't impressed.

  • Good little hide away box.

  • I thought the fire logo was the maze you had to solve (blindly).

  • this is beautiful

  • I thought IKEA furniture was a collection of puzzles until I found this channel

  • 30 celcius? so that means the solution is obvious if youre in a tropical country. lols

  • Not one to put your chocolate in

  • How did you accidentally open the box? Was it just by getting lucky and the ball going into the slot or was it another way?

  • Without a word of a lie, when you said "No one expects the solution", the first thing I thought was "What do you have to do, put it in the oven to heat it up"

  • @the break. Okay, so I am guessing that the book of fire has some kind of thermal clue, if you heat up the "flame" area on the front. Other guess is squeezing the spine of the book to do something about the ball in there. @after solution Ok! Yes heat was involved... But hairdryer was a bit more extream then I was expecting. Thanks for sharing.

  • I don't know if it's because I've been playing video games for 30 years, but the moment I heard the name of the puzzle and the flame on the front I figured out what to do ^^'

  • Really cool close up shots!!

  • I'm still trying to see the small black dot.

  • 30 seconds in and he said "the book of fire" my first immediate thought to open it was: "light it on fire!"

  • Pineapple

  • Just like in National Treasure

  • i paused the video at the 409 marker take a closer look at the ball

    • wait that was the bars reflection on the ball i thought the ball came apart

  • That's was literally the first thing I thought, that the answer was related to heat. Kind easy, no?

  • Guessing before finishing the video, you have to actually light it on fire or expose heat to it or something Edit: oho :D

  • I need this book

  • Its kind of like Saurons Ring. Heat reveals the secret.

  • I absolutely love this one, but it's way out of my price range to buy sadly.

  • and no one, literally no one expects the spanish inquisition

  • how to open something that have picture of flame reminded me this scene -

  • How did you open it in the first way, the one which wasn't the intended one?


  • 31°C is usually room temperate here in Trinidad, So this puzzle will most likely be half solved when it gets here xD

  • Every 100 years this book opens xD

  • Maybe puzzles should come with red stickers, over the parts that aren't meant to be working parts of the puzzle. That are there as part of the construction. So that way you know not to try them, but also not to put excess pressure on them and accidentally break them. Then you could peel the stickers off if you liked. Failing that, the manual could at least tell you which parts not to try. Just in case some parts are weak.

  • u lost me 2 min in

  • Is there a term for when the sound of birds chirping makes you want to claw your brain out of your skull and if there is I really would like somebody to tell me other than that mr. Puzzle please stop having birds chirping in your music

  • I expected the result would wake the dead, but it did not. Therefore, yes, that was unexpected.

  • If you have to hit a "puzzle" against your hand or a table or whatever to violently dislodge the ball bearing,...then it isn't a puzzle, there is nothing to solve. At that point, just cut it apart with a dremel and "win"

  • Ah, yes, the "beering ball".

  • hmmm.. i saw the title "the book of fire" and was like: Something with heat or steam would be to obvious... woops

  • If you do it on a glass table you’ll have a whole load more pieces to put back together.... 😱

  • Awesome puzzle,Congrats on deciphering.✌️

  • the dot is black only in your head, dude

  • Me: hmm... maybe we need C4..... 🤔

  • The name and the ventilation slits in the back made were a dead give away and made me think immediately about heat. I guess the slits do not even serve for ventilation purposes primarily, but just to provide mechanical flexibility. But my brain made that connection anyway.

  • That puzzle is awesome, its so creative, so cool

  • I did

  • Calling it now, you gotta set it on fire to open it!

  • So the solution was in front of ours eyes the entire time. Heat

  • The Book of Fire was kind of obvious... my first instinct when seeing a giant flame symbol would be to use heat on it

  • I dont like the need for some external apparatus/stimulus for any puzzle. Otherwise, many of the ball puzzles could be solved with a magnet. 🧲

    • @小月猫 It would have been nice to see how long it would take normally though. Who wants to sit around for 5-10 mins with their hand on the puzzle and not engage with it? That seems like an inherent flaw, unless im to believe that the person would be sitting there thinking about it while having their hand on it by chance.

    • you dont need external heat. this material actually works with hand heat. MrPuzzle only used a hair dryer to speed it up so he didnt have to rest his hand for a while to show us

    • It would have been more interesting if you put your palm to the face of the puzzle and became transparent as a result of the hand heat. I agree though.

  • My favorite part is when he breaks the metal ball inside the cage.

  • technically if you catch it on fire you can open it easily

  • Puzzles are interesting until you know how to solve it

  • I dont know why but I always pictured you as asian XD

  • So the alcatraz is not a puzzle. It does not show anything corresponding to sloving or anything. It is solved just by a guess not by the use of intelligence and collecting somehints and putting them in order.

  • The maze looks like puffs of smoke.

  • OH MY LORD I HAVE THAT ALCATRAZ PUZZLE AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO SOLVE IT. The one i have is quite a bit older i think. It at the very least predates their internet webpage. You have to physically write to them for a solution if you want it and include return postage. I got it when I was really young and honestly forgot about it until i saw it here.

  • This is super cool...and I need to buy these things.

  • 4:48 aww, but I wanted it to look like there were bullet holes in the table :c

  • I heard "Made by Tuan Djeems in the Netherlands" as "two ingenious the Netherlands" and was very confused for a moment.

  • Put book in fire. Puzzle solved.

  • What was the unintended solution you came up with?

  • That’s cool, but when you said “no one will ever guess the solution” , I immediately thought of applying heat to the flame, some type of chemical reaction would take place.

    • exactly, that wasn't hard to think of tbh...Book of fire, puzzle, hidden mechanism...It became much easier when you reveal previous steps tho.

  • Guess I don't exist then.

  • The puzzle that is solved by smashing them into something is not my kind of puzzle. I like the ones that require brain not muscle.

  • I guessed "it has a flame on the front, set fire to it?", I wasn't far off :P

    • Just watch the video first then read the comments boys

    • Me too bro haha

    • Oh no! You spoiled it for me

  • i thought maybe to try burning it but i think this solution is better

  • "literally No One Expects what the Solution for this Puzzle looks like! - The Book of Fire!" Is it fire? (hairdryer) Close enough.

    • @Laptican i did. I'm not asking for a spoiler warning for myself, I'm saying it for other people. I know there are people out there who read as they watch, and it's not too difficult to add a "spoiler warning". Of course, if some people find it hard to add that, they dont have to. It's up to them, it's just a suggestion. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @NaughtyNinja You could just have watched the video before reading comments

    • Next time, please put a spoiler warning on comments with spoilers.

  • Mr. Puzzle: "This is the book of fire, and no one expects the solution to this puzzle" Me: "BURN IT!" (and now to see the real solution) Well...I was surprisingly close to the real solution...