Renovating the Abandoned WW2 Bunker in my Garden | FULL BUILD

Publisert 31. mars. 2021
I found an abandoned WW2 bunker in my back garden. I decided to renovate it. Here is the full bunker renovation video. When I looked back at the deeds of the 110 year old farmhouse, I noticed it had been owned by a lieutenant. I'm guessing he built this bunker for his family to go inside when there was an air raid. The bunker itself was only small, and although it sits quite close to the house, it would have been much further away as the house had been extended quite a bit since ww2. I used a mixture of hand tools and power tools and decided to clear the bunker first, then seal it with specialist masonry sealant. I then built an escape ladder and folding escape hatch. Originally it was just an air vent, but that meant there was only one way in and out of the bunker. So with the escape ladder and hatch it means there are two ways to get in and out of the bunker. I build storage inside, and my Dad came along and helped build a folding bed. We also dug a sump hole to fit a pump so that if the bunker filled with rain water we could pump it out easily. Finally, I completely renovated the door as it looked like it had been left to the elements over decades. I used aluminium tread plate and bolts to secure it and protect it from the rain. Thanks for watching! Link to the full bunker series below:

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  • In 2019 I bought a 110 year old farmhouse that had a WW2 Bunker in the back garden. I found out it was previously owned by a lieutenant from WW2. The house itself is on a hill that is only a few miles from a military base (which is still used to this day). He must have built this shelter for himself and his family. It's only small, and although it looks quite near the house, the house has been extended quite a bit since the original building from 1910. This is a video highlighting how I renovated the bunker. It is not a perfect restoration, and my aim was not to make it look like something from WW2. I wanted to put my own touch on it. As I delved further into the history of the house and the area, I found out that it was used to release barrage balloons in to the air to raise the bomber planes higher and make them an easier target for the guns on the nearby airfield to hit (if they were flying low they come across you faster and it becomes harder to hit the target). I hope you enjoy this video, and thank you for watching! You can watch the full bunker series with individual episodes (and talking/more information) right here:

    • Ok

    • I believe what you found was a root cellar friend. What kinda bunker is so small that you barely fit yourself? My grandparents had something like this where my grandma would keep her jars and canned goods

    • 工程好玩,小狗也很可愛。

    • Why would you put that metal sheet on the door? Just give the wood a feed, a good coat of varnish and it would have been good for another seventy years? !

    • Please provide 100% solid evidence that this find has any connection to any war. If you can't do that then the title of the video is a lie.

  • Najs

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  • Next time you paint the walls use anti fungal paint available from most hardware stores in UK .

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