Roxen (Romania Eurovision 2021) "Amnesia" - Acoustic Version | Wiwi Jam at Home

Roxen from Romania performs an acoustic version of her Eurovision 2021 entry "Amnesia" at the Wiwi Jam at Home 2021 concert.

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  • Perfect! OMG, she is so talented, feel bad for her( She deserves better 💖

  • So small, but on stage it seemed more.

  • I hope she comes back in future, hopefully with more competent staff that have her back. She and Romania can both be proud of having such talent, her voice is simply stunning!

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • What??? perfect!!! What she no is Grand Final.

  • they totally destroyed her voice by making her dance and move all the time on stage...she was totally on of the top 10!!!!

  • Wow

  • Tu, în ciuda rezultatelor, ești marea noastră câștigătoare. Să știi că noi, publicul, te vom susține. Capul sus, fetițo...

  • This was so much better than so many of the songs in the finals I'm crushed this was one of my favourites

  • Such vocal control, and such a beautifull voice. Love her :)

  • You are always a winner for me Roxen! You are an inspiration to me and I thank you so much for that ..

  • Her voice is everything..


  • questa versione è fantastica 💗 i 💗 t 💗 a 💗 l 💗 i 💗 a 💗

  • Such a crime that she wasn't in the finals and how incredibly unfair staging she had!! I mean, the music video is obviously impressive, but they're not judged based on that! No one can possibly sing properly in live while running, jumping and being dragged around!!!!🙄🙄 She's amazing🥺🥺💘💘💘💘

  • She looks like Billie Eilish's daughter😍😍

  • My winner, greetings from POLAND!

  • Amazing voice❤️from Ukraine

  • Omgg love it! ♥️♥️♥️It's on my grand final list

  • Her voice is wonderful 🤩🇷🇴

  • someone will tell you what is the gram

  • We met Roxen last year singing not dancing, And we liked her. ....Why has she had to do all those complicated things on stage? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • My love Romania🇷🇴❤

  • dont care, Roxen get 12 points from me...

  • So sad you didn’t get a staging like this, this sounds amazing. I was cheering for you in the semi finals.

  • not even the chair was needed... Just sitting and singing with the mike stand would have been enough... some atmosferic visuals maybe...

    • And maybe some modern dancers expressing the emotions if they wanted a more active visual? No reason she would have to participate in any of that...

  • It's not about staging lol It's about not sending someone that coudnt sing on the stage its obviously this song isnt for her..someone with strong voice could sing this on stage dancing without anyproblem the problem isnt the management is her sorry

    • Oh really? What about Bulgaria? Did you see her performance? She had minimal movement; that’s what we are talking about here!! because you can clearly see in this video that Roxen can perfectly sing her song while being on this chair, thus, without all that movement. If she wasn’t good at singing live “on stages” as you say, they wouldn’t send her at all lol

  • Roxen we love your songs and your voice

  • Like a lot of people said, I agree if the actual way she wanted to perform was to be standing and singing that should’ve been the way to go. Tonights top 3 had Switzerland and France and they proved you don’t need to make a performance complicated. With a beautiful song as this one and her amazing voice a simple performance could’ve carried.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌙 congrats dear. So so proud of you.

  • Best than Serbia.. They are in final but it😣

  • De asta ma oftic atat de tare, stiam ca poti si ca alergatul ala ti a luat din stare. Stai linistita oricum ramai cea mai buna ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • She can sing very well. If she would not have moved during her performance she would probably be in final.

  • Shame she didn't try something like this on the semi, like Bulgaria did. That'd help her control her voice more,not running around out of breath.

  • She is amazing. She sings wounderfull

  • There are not many songs that i will keep after the esc. But this is one of them. It is perfect! Thank you Roxen for the song! 💛

  • That chair is so big

  • Poor thing. She deserved to qualify

  • Надо было так петь на полуфинале.

    • Так она могла так спеть, но в полуфинале она скакала по сцене как горная коза+со звуком какие-то проблемы. А так вообще она прикольная

  • like i thought of the perfect staging for her, hear me out: she is either sitting like in the video right now, or standing, with shadows on the led and people all around her as her demons and etc. that would’ve been so cool AND would have produced the vocal we hear in this video.

  • Wow......that is how you do it. See, she can sing.

  • See, this is the reason you don't overcomplicate the staging. If she used this staging she would have qualified.

  • 💜💜💜 love her so much

  • I wish she just standed there and sing. 😥 She was my favorite until that staging and dress.

  • She didn't lose anything, the only one who lost is the Romanian staff who didn't stand up for her and blamed Roxen for not qualifying while she was crying.

    • and we talk about a lot of songs with the voices from behind that helped, and that their staff did nothing to help Roxen vocally and who put her in a hellish staging that did not help her vocally as she then was one of the most beautiful voices on Eurovision and was almost sure to qualify if it weren't for such a difficult staging? Instead of criticizing, let them watch themselves, because they are the ones who killed Roxen's performance.

    • @Luka Stemberger the delegation ruined this . If they actually let her sing normally and the dancers dance by themselves the performance would have turned a lot better

    • Omg! They were the ones who failed! It's so upsetting to see this. She was the only one that was good in the performance. Staging and styling is what brought this beautiful song down and didn't let her sing well. She should have had minimal make up and style from the video and should have focused on her voice and they should have focused on her beauty with her moving minimally.

    • @Mehmet İlkman 🇨🇾 its an article in Romanian ...I mean if you this makes u feel better

    • @west, saw it on Tv

  • This staging is way better and more interesting than semi final

  • This would be so amazing to be the staging!So minimalistic and pure !💜

  • Despite the result and everything that lead to it, she's a winner. It wasn't enough to qualify but her message was heard. Life doesn't end after Eurovision, she has a bright future in the music industry so let's just support her trough this journey. I just listened on her Tik Tok to about one minute of a new song she wrote and it's so beautiful and touching 🥺💜

  • So sad her performance was bad. The song is wonderful

  • I will always respect you! Keep going queen.❤

  • Gonna keep listening, love the song and Roxen! so sad she didn't make it to the finale 💔

  • Good luck Roxen❤ like from Ukraine

  • i'll miss her sm in the final :(

  • If they were just letting her stand somewhere, few movements... But instead the director : "ok Roxen, you gonna run around the stage like crazy hunted by a bunch of hobos, they gonna get you, drag you around, fall on you, but you gonna escape! and you gonna keep running! if you see you have some breath left after this, it's not good, keep running like Bolt until you have nothing left, it's gonna rock! 😃👍"

    • @zora Actually she qualified with the juries at 9th place, it was the public that placed her 12th causing her to not qualify.

    • @west yes...maybe her vocals weren't enough for the jury's preference and marked her really low, because I felt like many people enjoyed her stage and voted for her. She sang well considering the fact that she was moving so much. I am proud of her, she did amazing anyway, it's sad that she didn't qualify but at least she represented us extremely well. Better luck next time ☺

    • @zora I think the staging was good. She presented the message of her song very well, but the audience prefered other non so-so serious songs from that semi, imo. For me she had the best stage from all during Semi 1. The only negative thing I could point out was her vocals at some moments, but that did not affect her performance at all. Obviously with such dynamic choreography, it will be difficult to hold on vocals. I really can't explain the reason why she did not qualify other than people's preference was for more different type of music that night. She had not a bad running order either. She did everything so well.. oh well.

    • @Cezar Deli Iorga eu am raspuns mai devreme cu comentariul ala pentru ca a mentionat directorul care ar fi pus-o sa alerge. Roxen este de apreciat pentru "touch-ul" pe care l-a adus si în videoclipul oficial și pe scenă. Sau cel putin asa am inteles eu, ca s-a implicat în ambele locuri. Oricum ar fi ea s-a descurcat extrem de bine.

    • @zora the fact is consumed. life goes on. Peace😇

  • Thank you to who didn't let Roxen perform the way she wanted. You've ruined one of the best, IF not the best song of this year's contest. If Roxen was allowed to do what she wanted, that was a staging which didn't require a lot of movement, she would easily been a part of the 10 that passed. It's similar to the song, Romania lost themselves by wanting it all. To you, Roxen, if you ever see this, you're an amazing artist which i have a lot of respect and i'm now a fan of you, don't let this get you down, you have an amazing career at your front!

  • You are my winner roxen!! this song has helped me alot during those dark times thankyou for this gift ❤️

  • Let's all take a minute to appreciate how amazing she is.

  • So beautiful!

  • This should have been the staging

    • @kurtis courthiau she would have a top 10

    • @kurtis courthiau And rank quit high ❤️😢

    • Yes, if the song version was acoustic. Unfortunately I don't think sitting would've worked with the original version of the song. Roxen did a great job but the song (non-acoustic) was a difficult one to represent on stage. Maybe they should've let her stand and the dancers move around her or something. Idk the original song is too digital and hard to put on stage

    • If this was the staging, she could have qualified 😢

    • I agree!

  • She should have been let to make her moment how she wanted it to be... ROXEN has an amazing and very strong voice, just search for her other songs!

  • my winner

  • Oh sweety this is amazing. This is how you were supposed to perform, staging ruined you.

  • She was in my final. Amazing.

  • Beautiful song ruined by the messy stage and patchy vocals one of this years best ❤

  • If they just let her stand and sing...

    • Actually, it wasn't because of her moving, it was because she's anxious. Listen to the full second rehearsal.

    • ​@ioan maria maybe you wanted to say: if internet providers wouldn't give access to the internet for all the neanderthals

    • @Cezar Deli Iorga yes?

    • @BoosteDrengen no

    • Acoustic dosent mean without autotune it means without the normal beat and its now played by normal instruments that arent computer generated... so! shes using autotune here...

  • Love the song and she sings it so well here!

  • robbed. malta pls win now.

  • Huge robbery

    • The past is in the past. Next time🤞😇

    • her performance and singing were debatable. i wouldn't be surprised if she was bottom 3

  • Amazing voice she shouldn't move so much in the choreography!! #10 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    • @Aleksandar Ilić you can hear other songs where she is live,she sings amazing!

    • stefania

    • @Aleksandar Ilić is reverbe from microphone. She didn't qualify so enjoy the other. Btw you are a hater. Bye 😘

    • So you don't hear the Effects on the voice 😑

    • Θα ήταν φοβερό σκηνικό να είναι σε μια τέτοια καρέκλα και να το λέει έτσι!Δε θυμάμαι να έχω δει κάτι παρόμοιο και σίγουρα θα την βοηθούσε στο να μη χάνει τις ανάσες της και κατά συνέπεια τις νότες του τραγουδιού! Παρόλα αυτά στηρίζουμε ΡΟΞΕΝ!!💜🇷🇴

  • Sooo beautiful! 😭😭😭