We Took 100 Shots vs a Premier League Keeper and Scored ___ Goals

Publisert 29. juni. 2021
We took 100 shots against a Premier League goalkeeper and needed at least 1 goal to keep my channel alive.
Ben Foster’s channel: nowine.info/dron/i33DX7K.html...
Simon’s channel: youtube.com/user/miniminter
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Music by Epidemic Sound ( www.epidemicsound.com ) & others.


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  • Wait, Watford got promoted?

  • nowine.info/loft/j22Pom3aZcWDiYo/video

  • 10:12 song please? anyone?

  • Don’t think he seen Simon score a goal from half way line in tha all star vs sidemen

  • Damn, the 2010 World Cup's football is a blast from the past

  • Ben Foster what a fun guy.

  • pls post

  • Im only 13 and none of your shots would go in

  • Golie is op and he is only 79 card

  • Simon: well I got three goals I don’t associate with him. Chris scores Simon: oh I so associate with you bro

  • This Tall guy is not bad at all

  • 10:15 tiki taka

  • Ben foster is confident oooooo😎

  • These sort of days come for gks

  • He doesn’t even dive

  • No look goal from attempt36 top corner

  • Make a knuckleball tutorial

  • get allison chris=0 points simon=0points

  • 1 month since he's uplaoded, where have we ended up to Chris

  • What was the music at 4:43

  • Irl, u never have an open standing shot like these, at least have a wall

  • There is a reason he’s rated 79

  • ben foster is so down to earth. damn love this guy

  • After he thought of smacky wacky dooda he scored

  • Ben’s nearly 40, what he did in this video is extremely impressive

    • he reminds me of buffon

  • It's soooo frustrating cuz-... I am about 90% sure I'm putting all the shots on target😂, so watching them somehow put most of em off target is-... Not healthy for me, lets just say that hahaha

  • whats youtube doin here

  • F2 would if made way mire

  • Knuckle balls are solid af though

  • Love these guys, but that made me feel better about my own shots 🤣

  • 12:09 haha what was that Simon?

  • When people say ben foster is a bad goalkeeper they can not do any better and he is an amazing keeper

  • If I was a wolves fan...I’d be seriously concerned after watching this 😳

  • Watched this like 4 times, ben is so cool and NOwine friendly

  • Italy

  • Mate half of the shots went sky high

  • I like how in the thumbnail Chris has made himself taller

  • Legend

  • So lucky that’s the Watford place

  • Heyyyyy I support Watford

  • How tall

  • Post another video

  • In the first two minute it was the crossbar challenge

  • on 11:30 he pulled out a Loris Karius

  • Anyone have any idea where Chris has gone?

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  • These poor go pro's

  • Jakamen live like the difference

  • you can tell he is a watford keeper

  • wow

  • Quicksell!

  • Please go vegan

  • Took Chris 17 shots to get 1 on target

  • Funny enough I beat Watford 8-0😂😂in fifa

  • this got be the best video yet

  • Plzz vs modern goalkeeping channel I have to know whether he is original or not

  • Get a real goalie like cal the dragon

  • Great video Chris!

  • Chris your girlfriend is uploading more than you and she has less subscribers

  • Are you in jersey

  • You should do football roulette everyone get either 100 or 1000 dollars to buy equipment

  • Chris vs Ollie Chris Chrtis vs plg plg


  • Actually try get atleast better than a Sunday league keeper smh

  • 7:48 Cristianoooooo!!!!!! Never mind

  • Fun Fact: Ben was only giving 20% effort 🤣

  • It was so funny when cris said its so bad ya know

  • To all the keepers penalty kick tip the non kicking foot of the penalty taker points in the direction where the ball is going

  • 10:48 rashford flashbacks

  • He does know we can’t read the comments if the speed is that fast

    • hey Chris could we get more of the Sunday league clips love the series

  • Shows how actually amazing pro keepers are

  • So they scored a total of 9 to 10 goals out of a 100 so only 10% or 9% percent of the shots Made it in the goal. Dam

  • More like KnuckleMD

  • He fell off

  • The amounts of hate comments towards the previous goalie

  • ben foster is a rubbish keeper

  • thsi guy used to play for a little town i moved to too from lindon call tiverton town

  • Cycling gk!!

  • Yo, he lloks like a genuinely nice guy. All the best for him✌

  • Yo

  • did u see how clean that transition was

  • One of the top 6 keepers next??

  • Get Allison Becker Nuer time to make it REALLY REALLY HARD

  • hey Chris could we get more of the Sunday league clips love the series

  • It can't with neuer

  • As a goalkeeper that as happened to I feel your pain

  • 5:34 me mum (omg thx for 1 like)

  • Come on mate we wanted Pickford

  • The woodwork challenge helped Simon

  • 5:07

  • 4:49

  • 4:35

  • 3:59

  • 3:30

  • 3:04

  • 1:24 Simon I kinda want u to score later in the vid u need to step up

  • You want the smackywackydoodaa pegi 18

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  • Coming to Rome