What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart?

Publisert 2. aug.. 2021
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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Giselle Hannah Santos


  • How come nobody talks about her navigator I always thought she was alone on the flight

  • I sonar surveyed those areas


  • I believe she survived the crash, and landed on a different island, and used the radio until the ocean took it away.

  • Amelia Earhart went through some sort of portal… Yes, in the Bermuda triangle on wound up in the hollow earth and is still there to this day and has not aged a day in her life but stands about 15 feet tall because the hollow earth is so highly spiritual in the oxygen and the food is so enlightening! She’s there with the magnificent five or whatever those guys are called the five guys Air Force on the east coast Who went missing on radar Wayback win… They are all there too! Same with a submarine from Germany with a bunch of Nazis on it got lost in wound up in the hollow earth in this paradise and they decided they’re not going back… What’s left for them up here is war they just stay there and became good peaceful highly evolved spiritual people!

  • I have a fear of flying, not because I think it could crash, but because severe airsickness always gets me no matter what I do

  • While you were mentioning famous pilots who died in their planes… You neglected to mention Baron Manfred Von Richthofen.

  • Well it is rational, evolutionary speaking, we don't have wings (aerophobia), we don't have gills (hydrophobia). In both cases the grown beneath our feet is wobbly.

  • a rejected and suicidal Mooney drank himself to a point he was then a liability so Earhart's final moments would be a mixture of shoutring cursing and finally weeping over her imminent death.......she was an excellent pilot so if she wanted she could have very easily belly landed on the water but that woulld mean postponing the inevitable so she might have decided to dive in a steep angle to end it....who knows

  • So several mysterious events happened in 1937 that we haven't been able to figure out. Two months prior to her disappearance the Hindenburg went down and nobody knows what started that fire.

  • Love, Love, Love !!

  • It's "BAD ARSE" you're English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • well i think she got crabby hahaha

  • sick af from antiboitics for a staph infection. thanks for all the videos Thoughty2

  • She got lost on flat earth but she was navigating a 🌎 earth

  • The resonant home naturally plant because mistake intradurally stir around a literate cobweb. bizarre, ill-informed tooth

  • Alcock's flight was not solo.

  • 4:05 - just for that, someone's gonna shoot a 5-megawatt signal containing this video to Proxima Centauri. You might hear word back in, oh, 9 years, give or take.

  • Amelia Earhart flew a lot of airplanes except for that one that didn’t come back!

  • Heyyyyyy fowty too heah

  • everyone knows she landed in Siberia with jars of honey and a hot dog suit

  • Not afraid to fly - terrified of TSA and their blue gloves.

  • I thought they found her.

  • He says fourty two. End of story. Clearly he has a speech impediment

  • £13 for a mug? Plus fees? Come on....ffs... We're in the UK . Thanks for your vids, but your merchandise is expensive...

  • I enjoy your podcasts. You're an interesting and charismatic host and narrator. 🙋🏼

  • I still wouldn't want to travel by boat or plane. Nope, I feel safer on the ground. As good as Amelia was, the challenge was too great for her. She would have been better off at home. I'm a believer in the safety, security, and comfort of home. 🛩️🌅🏝️

  • This video got a like and a chuckle from me because of the Venn Diagram. Lol

  • Gardner Island: There are remains, but of a man. It's can't be Amelia Earhart Host: With modern science, it may have been discovered that it could have been female Me: Did she not fly with a man?

  • 7:55 yeah see, that's what happened, she tried a front flip with a plane!

  • I did not have a fear of flying. My brain just couldn't accept that I wasn't in control. If anything went wrong, there was nothing I could do. When a car malfunctions, I can just drift it to the side of the road, get out, then take it from there. If anything in the plane went wrong, all I could do was pray and hope. Oddly, I was studying for my pilots license the first time it hit me. I was flying with my infant daughter when it dawned on me that I was helpless to protect her in that moment. That's the incident that launched me into a twenty year battle with this particular phobia. But here's the rub. The second time I was slammed with an unrelated phobia for bridges came two years later when my baby son was about the same age. We were going over a massive bridge when I found myself blocked in front, back, and to the left, by semitrucks. Here we were, almost 100 feet over a body of water with very little room to pull over and I had no where to go because of these trucks. The damn drivers kept me blocked in for most of the length of the bridge. I had the same revelation that there was nothing I could do to protect my babies in that moment. After that, I couldn't drive over a bridge or overpass without having a total panic attack. My theory is that there are hormones in play for the first six months after a baby is born that increases vulnerability to traumatic events. In 2011 I did a therapy program that was developed by my son in an effort to fight this problem. And it worked like a charm. Just a month of these daily exercises was all it took to end it forever. Since then, I've been tested several times and passed with flying colors. Now I need to do spiders. smh

  • They also found a glass bottle of freckle cream on Gardener island. I think the Garderner island Is the best bet


  • She's in Australia. Probably has amnesia.

  • DNA the damn bones.....

  • This is what happens when you let a woman drive.

  • *For me, taking off in a plane is one of the most relaxing things on this planet.* Even better than a shmoke after doing a poke.

  • Brother, you are full of useless, yet Interesting, facts!

  • I’m typing this before watching the video but I’m pretty sure Amelia got eaten by flesh eating giant Crabs 🦀 I think there is forensic proof


  • Would somebody please define solo as being by yourself. It it would appear that this woman had a navigator that he’s not solo.

  • This video like a lot of the straps efforts is turning into a load of unrelated and often false facts.. Obviously aimed at US market. Like a lot of NOwiners his so-called channels, is becoming peppered with absolutely ridiculous cartoons and unrelated images. Why has the author conveniently forgotten that they they would solo two is not single and be Amy Johnson from Yorkshire really did fly solo that is by herself, just as far as those two did in 1937 years previously.

  • Airplane probably exploded somewhere and wrecked onto the ocean

  • I think they bumped her off cause she was a woman doing something women didn't do back then.😒 They wanted to scare off other women from doing the same. That's my theory.

  • Cool to see now! Great point now! Great video now@09-06-2021####06:03PM now! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!

  • Star Trek Voyager already solved this one only in theory of course.......just saying.👽👾🛸🚀🖖

  • She got eaten by coconut crabs

  • The fact that we get free documentaries on NOwine by Thoughty2 is truly a gift. 👍

  • Does anyone really care what happened?

  • I eat up anything Amelia. Good and interesting, but much missed about the transmissions they proved were legit in 2012 and the other articles they found on Gardner Island. The anti freckle cream jar is huge to me....from the time period, they knew Amelia used a product, she hated her freckles (even though they were cute).

  • I like how people say “more people die in car accidents than in planes” but aren’t there way more people driving cars to?

  • Clickbait! But u got me, i’m curious what u have to say…

  • Get a new fake moustash

  • She got the crabs bro

  • Read the report made by the Bevington expedition! In Oct 1937 searches for days the island named Gardner in that time...nothing was found no plane no Amelia or Fred...she was never there but where she was we know but the US coverup is going on and on

  • Someone watched real life lore

  • We done!!!!! Good summaries of the theories!... and the soft music at the end provided a mood of hopeful resolution to this mystery! "Fish swimming through the cockpit..." nice touch! :-)

  • What if she didn't get lost she wanted to abonden the world and live in peace in some island

  • Good channel

  • It’s simple, really… ‘ALIENS’.

  • The irony here is that the ad that played before this video was “Have you ever considered becoming a commercial airline pilot?”

  • Actually in 1998 they found out the bones found on Gardner Island were those of Earhart.

  • The captions call you '42'...

  • They still havent found MH370 and that went down in 2014 with all the latest technology, and we knew approx where it went down, still haven't found it. Yea I dont think they're going to find her aeroplane.

  • 5 bloody moons lol

  • John Alcock did not do the first solo flight across the Atlantic, navigator Arthur Whitten Brown was with him

  • I herd Amelia Earhart was a freak in the sack.

  • Farty2?

  • planet of the apes...the 60's live action tv series with Roddy McDowell. The apes thought the glider was a lizard of some sort at first....ah what fun to see the ape afraid of flying looking genuinely terrified before enjoying the ride. With good reason I would say...looked dangerous to me

  • My friend said that she had a past life and she was Amelia Earhart And that she died

  • I heard that a scientist analysed the skeleton and said that it was amelia’s and that she was ripped apart limb from limb by giant coconut crabs

  • My uncle pitched for the red socks and Atlanta back in the 60s he has refused to take a plane anywhere since . He feels like his luck ran out

  • thoughty youre so epic ily

  • It's statically safer, because there are much less planes in the air, than cars. Most don't take that into account.

  • Whenever there’s turbulence on a flight I just remind myself, it’s only air.

  • I like to think, a UFO saved them before crashing and they spent the rest of their lives exploring other plants. It's out there but until proven false it happened lol

  • if you have a phobia afraid of big things click off this vid thanks i have fear of big things to

  • Next Thoughty2 video : What Happened to Flight 370?

  • I love coincidences before I watch this video I was playing the PlayStation online and a guy was talking about how she got ate by crabs on a island and I seen this like a hour after

  • I thought she was abducted by aliens and taken to the Delta Quadrant.

  • Everytime he says "thoughty 2 here" I think he says "42 here"

  • Well with pilots locking the Captain out and driving planes into mountains. People have a right to have a fear of flying. And terrorists using planes as weapons to drive into buildings. And some disgruntled captains using planes to get back at their company who wronged them. With them taking innocent lives to the grave with them.

  • Airplanes are not safer lol there are just less of them comparatively

  • what if they entered a space continioum and reappear again.. what if the 80years was just 8years on that space☺..

  • How long can a plane like that last in the Pacific before it erodes away?

  • They killed her because she would have found out the earth was flat

  • We found the plane on google maps

  • The United States knows more than they admit on this subject. That's what I think.

  • Five whole moons can fit in the Pacific Ocean and the moon itself is pretty big. If the plane went down and sank, it's no wonder we haven't found it after more than 80 years. And if they did make it to some random uninhabited island with no way of contacting the outside world despite people claiming to have heard distress signals and witnessing their execution, well, no surprises there, either. But a question I have is if people know Noonan was the navigator and a skeleton was found at a theorized location, why would nobody think it was important? Surely they had dental records to compare the teeth to or they knew how tall he was to try to compare the height of the skeleton and work from there to figure out if it was him or not.

  • scared of flying? pathetic hehe

  • This video was made in 2021 I guess that’s why it upsets me they DID re-examine the bones and found they do belong to a woman matching her exactly also to add to the story she died on impact and her body washed ashore where it was eaten by the local crabs not eaten alive she was very much dead anywho I just needed to post this comment for anyone curious about this story

  • Eaten by crabs right?

  • Ah! The ever-reliable History Channel! Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  • John Alcock was one of the first two people to cross the Atlantic non-stop in a heavier than air craft. He was accompanied by Arthur Whitton Brown in a converted Vickers Vimy bomber. Not solo.

  • It’s amazing he spews 5 minutes of garbage just to fit in 3 minutes if actual information. Surprisingly, NOwine cuts advertisements to videos in between 8-10 minutes. I’m sure it’s a coincidence

  • Why wernt the bones tested for the male navigator rather than amilia?

  • Maybe they're on one of the five moons.....

  • Amelia Earhart is a helicopter pilot for 9 news here in Colorado.

  • Intro ends at 2:00

  • Can you do one about the theories of Covid-19 from a rational and unbias view?

  • If we can lose the MH370, a modern aircraft, there is every chance that this plane and crew will remain a mystery too.