3 Chefs Cook Pasta Carbonara 3 Ways: Traditional, Modern, Experimental | Bon Appétit

Publisert 16. april. 2020
We challenged three of our esteemed chefs - Carla Lalli Music, Chris Morocco and Sohla El-Waylly -- to each make different versions of the same dish: pasta carbonara. While each variant has to be similar in some ways (porky, cheesy, salty, etc.), each chef was assigned a different interpretation to cook up: traditional, modern and experimental. Which one would you want to try? FYI you're allowed to say all three.
Check out the traditional recipe here: bonappetit.com/recipe/traditi...
We took a deep dive into traditional carbonara, tracing it back to its roots as a peasant dish made with pantry ingredients, and re-considered every factor. The result? Less pasta, more crispy-chewy strips of guanciale, and more silky creamy egg to hold it all together.
Filmed on 1/17/20.

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3 Chefs Cook Pasta Carbonara 3 Ways: Traditional, Modern, Experimental | Bon Appétit


  • where zohla now anyways?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this segment

  • Put these three on a show!!!

  • Chris out here harshing everyone's vibe 😆

  • If someone handed me one noodle on a plate with a dash of cheese while I was hungry I would lose my mind tbh

  • spicy? what the nfuck are you on about

  • All 3 chefs just destroyed a great dish!!!

  • I can’t believe how so many people can’t speak without saying the F word.

  • Watching this with a year of hindsight, it's rough to watch solah get bullied and know she's not getting paid for this content...

  • it's striking that people call an orange yolk amazing. It's just a normal egg :D

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  • carlas is the best,the other two are not Italian haha

  • Sohla is magical! Low key big brain chef and food scientist.

  • I love Sohla! She kind of reminds me of Drew Barrymore.

  • Sohla was amazing! The other 2 were super boring to watch. I personally fast forward their parts by the middle of the video. I only want to watch SOHLA 🤩

  • The joy of Carbonara is in it's simplicity.

  • Has Vicenzo already reacted to this?

  • "oh no a minority hire didn't get paid"; then do it elsewhere with those shite tats

  • classic ba video 🥺 i remember thinking sohla was the coolest person ever for her experimental dessert carbonara.

  • Man i miss the pre BA breakup crew.

  • Wait, is this the channel that is run by white supremacists?

  • I think Chris and Carla should trade voices. It would make sense

  • Wow .The more i look back at old bon appetit the more i see that every single "chef" in that place saw sohla as an absolute threat and tried to discreetly undermine her and make her feel like she did not know what she was talking about when she knew more than any of them ever did ! NOW LOOK AT SOHLA COMPARED TO THE REST OF THEM.GO SOHLA!!!!!

  • Economy candy, waw, talking about personality selfie 🤳 Could you help me with some dehydration? Hello, get your own tray? You're doing great with your three other heads, give yourselves a high 5... It just goes on and on and on. The audacity to write in her résumé I AM A GREAT TEAM PLAYER 🕵️

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  • OOOhhhhhh, pork HOCK, phew, thank god they wrote it on the side there, for a minute I thought Morocco was using Pork c.... Anyway

  • Sugar in carbonara is gross, I was upset by this choice.

  • Oh my god Ryan get that hair out of the kitchen! Gross.


  • Would've been cool to see a carbonara pizza.

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  • I mean, Sohla is lovely and talented always, but then she whips out the protein structure knowledge! Icon.

  • And Sohla didn’t get paid for this. That’s...are you dumb?

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  • That experimental carbonara is absolutely amazing. Science!

  • Here for Sohla 😍

  • Sohla is as much genius mad scientist as she is insanely talented professional chef and she deserves her whole rep and show and everything she has right now. So proud of her 😤😤😤♥️ she is BOSS

  • Sohla is a fabulous cook wish I could taste some of her dishes.

  • You know the food is good if Chris is taking a full bite 😂

  • that coffee scene, is exactly how I feel about coffee. hardcore but sophisticated and complex. LOL

  • why you don't stop to use Italian sounding and make your own fkn dish calling him like you want? this three are not carbonara and one is an insult (incredibly not the one with the icecream..never...never put garlic in a carbonara!)

  • so as we see here, dora has made her re-day view on bon appetit without boots

  • Sohla is so cool, just so knowledgable and creative... she deserves so much more..

  • 27:37 there’s a pretty sunset in the back

  • Ah.. the "good" old days...

  • i had to change my underwear when the pasta popt

  • i have the exact same ice cream machine

  • Traditional carb: egg sauce My country: just make it white sauce

  • Using a smartphone in a kitchen...yikes

  • don't feel bad Chris, you're definitely not alone in the not liking peanut butter. to be honest I only know a small handful of people that DO like peanut butter, many Danes do NOT understand the fascination so many Americans seem to have with it xD

  • The dehydrated and fried pasta is awesome! Almost like a Farkay noodle.

  • 5:48 I'm crying 😂😂😂

  • When sohla said.. the porky stuff.... I found it cute. Lol!

  • I'm happy she didn't get paid tbh

    • literally noone has the same opinion as you

  • I'm a little late to the party but Sohla is extremely talented. I'm disgusted that she has not been paid. Like, did you see her level of genius? She had THE most challenging aspect of this project and nailed it. It makes me so sad to see in 2021 people of colour are still being mistreated. Shame on you BA :(

  • Sohla big brain

  • Chris: “like why does it have to be so **HISS** “

  • bro how as Sohla relegated to the back of the kitchen? She could be on Iron Chef...

  • Anyone else suddenly want to try egg yolk and parmesan ice cream?

  • there was maybe 1 dish of carbonara and 2 other mystery dishes. 1 is questionably italian. the rest??? che schifo. grandmother's bicycle wheels. not carbonara

  • Unsubscribe to bon appetit

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  • Italian grandmothers everywhere are sensing a disturbance in the pasta force and are about to rain down hellfire upon us.

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  • Chris seem like a d-bag

  • I feel subtle hate

  • Sohla's dish is beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Producers: Sohla we want you to make a pasta dinner. Sohla: Okay, cool cool cool. I'll make a dessert thing. Producers: I--

  • Sohla would be great in the Masterchef

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  • SOHLA!!! I need more content with her love to see it😍

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  • you're exploiting sohla's talent. She should be paid for this!!

  • I loved the realness of this one! Cursing frustration I experience on the daily. More of this forever!

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  • 22:33 is what you need, thank me later.

  • Such a shame that the traditional, modern and personal twist series did not take off. I think It needed more time for BA fans to appreciate it.

  • Honestly, having just got hip to whole kerfuffle (Bon Appetit flameout, Sohla's genius, Conde Nasty's BIPOC nastiness) and going back to spot Sohla in older bits, this whole video looks like an SNL spoof, where the other two are self-important, idiotic parodies of themselves. The are so vapid next to Sohla.

  • Ew 😔 I' m italian

  • Following Epicurious during the pandemic it seems

  • Egg custard would have been bomb

  • Did you share the recipe for the ice cream?

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  • Does anyone else see how many jabs Chris takes at Sohla?

  • I love her laugh 😆

  • Love Alex drinking or preparing a drink energy

  • the disrespect of morocco stepping in to “correct” sohla’s method and then ruin it and not even get PAID

  • Sometimes I felt like there was a weird undercurrent going on in the background.Kinda like a mean girl vibe or cattiness, not playful teasing but something a little more caustic???Maybe just me

  • Oh to be a happy little chicken peckin' around in Italy

  • Flash back 200 years ago Poor Italian Farmers wife with 12 kids: Let’s see... I got eggs, parmigiana , left over bacon and pasta and some black pepper.. meh.. not bad.. Here kids eat this. Fast forward to now, ok so the reason you need the pepper is to cut the richness...

  • Sohla deserved better. Pay her BA

  • This is so interesting! I'm a student in Food Innovation and we have to learn about starches and fats too, what it does and how it works on a molecular level. This really helps me study for my exams lol

  • Espuma! ❤️ That's how it's called!

  • It’s a sigh of relief to know I can’t really “mess up” a carb after watching Sohla perform witchcraft with pasta. I wanna try Chris’s carb tho.

  • "An al dente noodle"..."Is this a noodle?"...noodle? Noodle? JFC Americans.

  • So this is how pro chefs do things.

  • My family freaked out when I added garlic and rosemary to carbonara 😂

  • I am here for Sohla

  • SOHLA! You're amazing

  • The origin of stump sohla