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3:09Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer
0:51Battlefield V - Elites - Steve Fisher
1:28Battlefield V - Official Launch Trailer
Battlefield V - Official Launch TrailerGanger 2,7 mill2 år siden
3:42Battlefield V - Official Launch Maps
6:29This is Battlefield V
This is Battlefield VGanger 3,7 mill2 år siden
1:46Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer
1:27:29Battlefield 5 Live Reveal
Battlefield 5 Live RevealGanger 2,4 mill3 år siden
2:35Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer
Battlefield 5 Official Reveal TrailerGanger 16 mill3 år siden
1:10Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse Official Trailer


  • Sorry I thought I was on the just cause 4 announcement trailer

  • I'm really glad my Great grandpa (WW2 vet) died before he would've had the chance to see this.

  • (Featuring 2wei) Oh boy an EPIC TRAILER THEME is going to drop at some point. Can't wait for tha--*BWOOOOOOOORRRRM*

  • Please have good maps.

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  • 2042….I’m already 24 rn, man I’m getting old….

  • Anyone else notice the family of penguins just chillin at 1:46?

  • No main villain, no narrator, no played out music, just violence, going to get old real quick

  • This is my 420th time watching this.

  • I've never bought a battlefield game myself, but I've alway had a blast when I have gotten a chance to play one. That could change with this release

  • Where are the legends who watched this live?

  • 0:07 I might be weird but I keep replay this part

  • so hyped for this game I was hoping for battlefield Vietnam but this still looks sick

  • 3:43 nobody: Florida when summer hits

  • to everyone that disliked this stop it get some help

  • I still think battlefield 1 is the best. WW1, nothing fancy... just pure skill with a rifle and a shovel. It was very immersive, felt real.

  • Someone needs to remove this trailer off NOwine or something I can’t stop watching it. I haven’t been excited for a Battlefield since BF4.

  • It was the elevator ride for me 🛗 😂😂

  • si guerrero se lo compra lo compro

  • 4:13 What a day! What a *LOVELY **_DAAAAAAYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!_*

  • The hype I had for this game 10 years ago is equal to how I feel about 2042.. we're back

  • Why does 0:42 Sounds like Captain Price?😭😂

  • Made by DICE and EA...yeah, not interested!

  • Wow Battlefield 2042 trailer already have more views than battlefield 5 trailer in 1 week

  • imagine if there was a campaign it would be epic

  • Tbh it doesnt look much better than 4

  • I need a movie

  • Brooo the dude screws his team in the cargo container with his flashlight

  • 0:18 BF3 legend map action ... never forgotten

  • ale rozpierdol już mi sie podoba brawa dla DICE

  • Ha vuelto

  • Fighter jet scene is the greatest thing I’ve seen

  • Tickrate - 30hz at console Tickrate - 60hz at PC

  • I just noticed that in this part 4:24 it says “Why Walk. When you can Fly” while they are in the tornado. 😂

  • Greatest trailer ever

  • 1:59 The quiet kid returning to class from the library after reading about their country's gun laws

  • def on the list for me but I'd rather get titanfall3 first

  • Igla, Stinger = Ban

  • Не хватает экзоскелетов

  • This is basicly like just cause 4

  • Don't know why but this is the first time a have been this excited for a game in years I might even Pre Order for the first time in my life

  • See you on the battlefield soon guys!

  • ayo 3dmg in battlefield? let's goo

  • warthunder>>>>>>>>>>


  • Quais brasileiro ai ficaram arrepiados ?

  • Omfg!!yes...yes... finally !!

  • bf4 remasted <3

  • I never played Battlefield 3 on its glory days. But that Rendezook clip while playing the iconic trailer music is soooo vivid in my memories. It tears me up that I can also see my childhood even when I didn't play it. That clip alone holds the memories of that time.

  • Tooomaa mi dinero EA. Saludos desde Tabasco en México

  • I have good idea comrade you should make game that takes place during the civil war. And I’m pretty sure that is a good idea

  • facking xbox is noting nex gen consol ps5 is nex gen consol

  • BR when?

  • Bo2 but better


  • I was waiting a realist Battlefield 2. I'm disappointed

  • It would be cool if they did veitnam

  • But muh pandering social justice.

    • Well they're blatantly doing that yet again this go around, the difference being they didn't put a fundamental emphasis on it in their first two trailers...

  • Im coming back to BF4. The hype is so good.

  • Feel like that’s how the world will be by 2042. Maybe it’s indoctrination

  • I see damage indicators from battle field five Some vehicles from 4 and the bad company series And battlefield 1's beautiful scenery

  • That tank on ice looks like the tesla cybertruck with caterpillar tracks.

  • We have a whole year until we get to play it :/

  • Did this get recommended after the trailer?

  • Les uniformes ont pas l'aires si futuristiques pour un l'an 2042

  • FloppyRagdoll my guyyy

  • Can't believe, gaming graphics are getting so real to life..!!

    • Don't forget this is a pre-rendered CGI trailer without a shred of actual gameplay..

  • People dont understand how amazing and well put together this trailer is. This isn't just gameplay, its showing you footage from THREE different players/perspectives in a squad. Now thats a gameplay trailer.

  • Im getting toasted by that rocket

  • Cool

  • 3:01 이부분이 가장 핵심적인 장면이에요, 기대하겠습니다!!

  • Fun fact: the scene in 0:31 represent the french flag you can see the blue white and red

  • United States, or U.S. ethnic group of European, white people.

  • Is de game on ps4?

    • Yea, but it only has 64 players instead of 128

  • 桜花もあったんだしっかりしてんなぁ

  • I feel like this is literally a bf4 DLC...

  • Why not the F22 instead of the F-35? It has a smaller body compared to the T-50 JET.

  • Anhedonia. This trailer seemed (meh) for me, didn't move my emotions, and I didn't get exited about it, although I was a big BF3 and BF4 fan, and now a warzone fan.

  • 3:17 Trick shot