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We believe that life's greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside your comfort zone.

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24:21I Spent 50 Hours In Chernobyl
I Spent 50 Hours In ChernobylGanger 2,6 mill15 dager siden
18:3824 Hours Underground Inside A Giant Gold Mine
17:31Staying Overnight in America's Most Haunted Asylum
TRAVELING ACROSS IRAQ FOR 7 DAYS (Kurdistan)Ganger 2,5 mill3 måneder siden
13:00I'm Leaving YouTube
I'm Leaving YouTubeGanger 3,1 mill3 måneder siden
17:32Reuniting a Family After Year Long Separation
21:38I Moved In With Ice Man For 24 Hours... (Wim Hof)
38:0572 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens
10:41we just placed a $1,000,000 bet on this
we just placed a $1,000,000 bet on thisGanger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
33:5696 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020
96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020Ganger 5 mill7 måneder siden
17:08Exploring Dubai’s Empty $13 Billion Man-Made Islands
DROPPED OVERNIGHT NAKED IN THE WILDGanger 1,2 mill7 måneder siden
7:30I'm Leaving America for a while
I'm Leaving America for a whileGanger 1,2 mill8 måneder siden
20:06Free Child - Yes Theory Short Film With Google
9:43grateful to be alive..
grateful to be alive..Ganger 1,9 mill9 måneder siden
17:45Surviving the Hottest Place in the World
Surviving the Hottest Place in the WorldGanger 2,3 mill9 måneder siden
14:26He Started a Country Inside the U.S. Nobody Noticed.
16:09I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony
18:53Helping a Subscriber Get His Dream Job!!
Helping a Subscriber Get His Dream Job!!Ganger 1,2 mill10 måneder siden
7:20What Happened To Us
What Happened To UsGanger 2,2 mill11 måneder siden


  • i just cried

  • 3:40 I think Some one need to inform you, that you was in KURDISTAN not IRAQ. So that is why I DISLIKED your video N am gonna unsubscribe your NOwine Channel.

  • Bro NOwine needed this

  • Please visit Pakistan

  • The dentist..... David's got aids in his mouth

  • the QR... stop creating waste, please

  • Free food is. Best food

  • They should all auction the NFTs for money.

  • 50,000 people used to live here, Now it’s a ghost town…

  • It was obvious it was the chocolate rain guy when you blurred him in the beginning lmao

  • I've been to Tuvalu for work, about 3 years ago. Stayed in the same hotel, not that there are any others to stay in that I know of. The Australians were building that airport terminal while I was there. They actually had a nightclub and a Chinese restaurant on the island. The lady running the hotel is also the owner, she was very nice, always had a smile for you.

  • people who didnt know about choclate rain

  • super cool video fellas.

  • So for the daughter to go to school, is she a foreign exchange student?

  • 16:47 nastyyy

  • Is there any way to donate for these sweet peoples?

  • 1:25 I freakin love Wim!!

  • The Good Lord let Luke live again amen

  • Hoping they found the: “ I got bronchitis, ain’t nobody got time for that.” Lady but I’m not complaining

  • Antoine literally looks like Keith from Smosh

  • I've seen many comments about David's interview, and I agree to them a little bit. I sensed a little off about it, but just a little, not really bad, until the Dentist shows up, mygod, i skipped the dentist part because of... you know it, and it's cringy.. nut the rest was great

  • This was the biggest BS. So they were dropped off late in the afternoon and then had to take their shirt and pants off (they still had shoes and socks). They were left with backpacks, lanterns, water, and other items that we did not see. After that all they did was walked around and complained (no survival at all). They complained about no food (big deal, they were only out in the dessert for approximately 15-16 hours (there are those who fast for several days). Instead of trying to gather vegetation for warmth and/or food, they did nothing but sit around their lanterns complaining. This was more of a gay adventure (2 guys hiking around the dessert nude).

  • Thank you so much

  • I’m Puerto Rican let’s get it

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • get a job you moron you have no idea about travel and reporting just begging for money on the net with false stuff you put up.

    • You're just mad he gets more views than you

  • Is someone here watching from a TT video?

  • 16:46 sammy sprinkler

  • Also awesome idea Amar

  • Yea I’m a pretty cold hearted dude. But y’all did David dirty 😭. Then got this man the water pick 🤣

  • Absolutely loved the authenticity in this video. Love mediation a lot, it has brought me so much awareness to my everyday life, helping me distinguish my thoughts from external. Thanks so much for your inspiration Yes Theory.

  • Convince me that this woman ISN'T The Waitress from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • The whole David section was so uncomfortable. Big props to David for being okay with everyone poking fun, because I would not be able to take that with a camera in front of me.

  • I always find these videos so fuckin cool. Thank you Yes Theory, please make more of these

  • This is so heartbreaking they don’t deserve to live in that sort of situation no one deserves that .I’m from Iran and there’s many afghan refugees there working really hard jobs and getting paid so little just so they could stay safe it’s just not fair they would have never left their beautiful country if it was safe

  • Where did they fly totho?

  • They're a small town, they're not dead to the outside world, of course there would be gay people there. Try tribal places, I bet you would be hard pressed to find one.

  • Love this idea, great job Thomas

  • I’m so upset that you guys were in bama and I didn’t meet you

  • 12:10 "just a simple life, that's all we need", beautiful Country, beautiful people

  • Where are the monolithians

  • That dentist is funny 😆

  • Same god ig different ways to get there jews betraid Jesus.and in the end of times will bless lycifers church in the east

    • But i deffinitly beleave in us all loveing each other stop the hate we kn who is doing this.They choose that there is more news than race.Fallow the money.

  • if you fly from Salvador-Bahia to São Paulo-São Paulo, it takes the same time that flight they take to Rome

  • Am I the only one that doesn't feel bad for David

  • Where's Matt?

  • Guys..i really missed derrin..😟

  • This was phenomenal!! I'd have jumped at the chance to experience this, but this was next best. Outstanding video footage. Only "critic" Whyyyy didn't we get to see the Bride!?! I bet her dress was lavish! And honestly shocked the female here didn't have head covered or wear a skirt in holy places. I've traveled many places & that's often asked or done as a sign of respect. Love the Tour Guide & his laugh!!

  • Antoine looks like a gay Method Man

  • So whos side are you on clear sky , renegades ? Or stalkers or even bandits? Maybe even duty or are you part of freedom?!?! ( i can also hook you up on some artifacts.

  • Probley counterfit 100$

  • Thank you. Thank you for having a dream and the courage to follow it. Thank you for inviting others into that dream. And, thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  • Nice😊

  • I can't believe y'all went to Gainesville. It's literally 30 minutes from me. Wish I could've met you guys and had a conversation with y'all. I've learned a lot from you guys and I love your content. Keep up the good work :D

  • catch the ice dude please

  • The amount of stories they'll have for their grandchildren!! :) Love me some Yes Theory

  • You are welcome Bangladesh 🥰

  • I'm certified insane I have papers

  • Man, David prolly went back to his dorm and cried. There's a line between seeking discomfort and making someone feel miserable, out of place and disconnected and think yall kinda crossed it.

  • I would’ve slept by the pool in those laid back chairs

  • Imagine if she gets married one day to someone else, and her husband watches this video... Poor guy is going to feel so bad about taking her to a local Italian place for their second date...

  • Will you come to India again and try it here?

  • This is the video I didn’t know I needed until it came out..

  • poor david tho 😂😂😂

  • great job

  • Thomas is THE man.

  • Yo this legit makes me wanna ask out my crush now omg

  • At 3:50 - if it would have been recorded in 2021: - "I'm a lil' sick" - "OH SHIT, RUN"

  • I love that grandmother! :) She makes me think of my Costa Rican grandmother who lived till 102 years, passing last year due to Covid. She would not let you leave without eating! :) God bless xoxo

  • david thing felt fucked up and wasn't even that funny imo

  • lmao this is memories, im curious jow old the “Charlie bit my finger” kid is

  • why the hell did 6.5k dislike this video?


  • Хорошее редактирование.

  • You fackin come to haryana its like different country from india taller men

  • I was hoping to see the guy at the zoo

  • I'll come clean here in case I win, I was able to make the QR code from a couple of frames from the video. To avoid this in the future put the sticker in a bag and cover the same corner the whole time, the issue was that you covered a corner one time and another the other time in the video... I don't thing I'll win anyway :)

  • The Internet adress short is .tv , so many TV comanies or NOwiners pay Tuvulu to have their links end with .tv