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13:23Turning ICONIC Shoes into Football Boots
10:48Does the PITCH Really Make a Difference? (TESTED)
8:53Putting Famous Football MYTHS to the TEST
Putting Famous Football MYTHS to the TESTGanger 1,4 mill5 måneder siden
10:05When Famous Brands Make Footballs
When Famous Brands Make FootballsGanger 3,3 mill8 måneder siden
11:17Anything You Can Juggle I'll Pay For
Anything You Can Juggle I'll Pay ForGanger 636 k10 måneder siden
9:39Is this how we will play FIFA in 2050?
Is this how we will play FIFA in 2050?Ganger 2,6 mill10 måneder siden
9:43Every Penalty you Score, Your money Doubles
Every Penalty you Score, Your money DoublesGanger 1,3 mill11 måneder siden
8:55Can you play Football with a Basketball?
Can you play Football with a Basketball?Ganger 915 k11 måneder siden
10:17How Difficult are Goalkeepers Best Saves?


  • Messi real

  • U fake...

  • Chelakkand poday messi real

  • Kieran I’m a 10 year old and I PROBALY could do better I’m just saying don’t take it personallly

  • :How many different angle do you want? :Yes.

  • This was a joke vid lol1

  • ronaldinho did it in real

  • I would love to meet Ronaldinho

  • i have tried scorpion kick and i hurt myself

  • Can u do a beginners freestyle video? I’m doing something wrong cause I just can get it. Please make a starter video it’s getting so frustrating

  • I remember when I was 3 I accidentally sqeesed one of those in my eye and almost became blind

  • 4 popular channels commented here

  • This guy has more shoes than my girlfriend

    • Actually everyone have more shoes, i dont gave a girlfriend

  • 4:31 Editing mistake LOL

  • the jordan ones are american football cleats because i have the smae cleats

  • Try van Persie's headshot! Would be so cool if you can make it.

  • Evaporation will be different for different shirts. Pure water retention capacity test doesn't justify what you're trying to compare. TEST AGAIN!

  • SWEDEN💙💛


  • Why not come to Bulgaria

  • ima keeper and im so happy u made this bc people think, “anyone can go in goal, its SO ez” yh its not. iv been in goal for about 3-5yrs and its so hard and every single game, i find something new that i can use in the next game. and when its cold and raining and ur stood there in the goal freezing ur tits off its horrible. so from me and all the other keepers tysm for makin this❤️

  • 6:58 lol no one noticed the dog in the back 😂

  • Why do you have a sweden 🇸🇪 shirt

  • How to win panna:keep ur legs closed

  • This looks a bit rubbish to me.

  • Yo my names Ewan as well

  • Kieran you have the same keeper gloves as me

  • 0:44 what da dog doin?🐶

  • He is better

  • It's one thing to get hit and the face by a ball in game, but to stand there and let someone kick balls at your head...

  • Oh he has a Sweden shirt and I am from Sweden

  • 1000th comment

  • E

  • Im a teen and i play panna matches in a trampoline wih my cousin

  • Kieran Brown buying so many boots me I only have thongs

  • Where is the second pitch at

  • If you kann he ca-n do IT too

  • This whole video is about him showing off his skills

  • I had some cheap Adidas boots back in the late 70s. A tongue fell out and I could not find it. This was obviously before the internet, smart phones, good video games. I used a phone book and found an Adidas office a few towns over. I went there and said I just need a tongue. The guys asks me about my game, where I play high school and club and then asks me for my size. I tell him thinking I will get that tongue. He comes back with brand new Copa Mundials, gives them to me, and says always buy Adidas. I did, except for tennis I wear Nike.

  • Step 1 for being a good goalie: get a good striker

  • Wow


  • 3:45 WOW!!! You make this trick so amazing you a real football trick no one can do that

  • Is it just me or the pro goalie is using a pair of yeezy's to goalkeep

  • I'm alsonan amateur goal keeper looking forward to more training

  • Just thinking about kicking a basketball hurts my feet

  • Do you like sweden because sometimes you use a sweden sweater

  • nike boot commercial with an adidas ball

  • He just makes me laugh

  • What if you put the insane curve football boots and the insane curve ball

  • After reading title,then why are you not playing fifa?

  • A little more distance between the ball and the glass and you can prolly do more damage

  • Galatasaraya gelsin la yedek orta saha olur

  • You are insane brother

  • Hi

  • I looked at Scott Polock net worth on goggle and it says 34 billion euros HOW!! this guy must do something else than football

  • They are footballers they can do

  • this is all fake

  • Messi is awesome but he like rushing

  • :'v alguien más no desearia que allá subtítulos en español

  • Is all about power of practice

  • Wow I didn’t know you trained with Ed Sheeran

  • Longest shot is 89m, but okY

  • Ok

  • You fake

  • I wouldnt try to use this technology now youll break your telly

  • You missed out my category: The ‘wearing whatever fits but still works’ guy The keeper with solid black rugby boots who just absolutely twats it into row Z every time

  • Kieran’s was legit the second best one, the £50 one was quite good £30 good for the price but left you dropping the ball which was funny $90 was awful

  • I have a question. Has your game improved with all the repetition you put on your trick shots? I hope it has. Sick videos man

  • i train as gk

  • So why do you say the originals are obviously faked, if you know they can be done?

  • Thumbnail.

  • Back in the day they were called Adidas Predators.

  • You don’t dive far enough

  • Quality content 🔥

  • What about year ones

  • Thanks for the free tutorial on front flips ;)