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34:42How I Won The London Mayor Election
How I Won The London Mayor ElectionGanger 5 mill14 dager siden
15:01I Sent My Lookalike On NATIONAL News
I Sent My Lookalike On NATIONAL NewsGanger 3,9 millMåned siden
13:22I Opened A 5 Star Restaurant On A London Bus
12:34I PRANKED The News
I PRANKED The NewsGanger 6 mill2 måneder siden
15:20I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
I Opened A FAKE StarbucksGanger 3,1 mill2 måneder siden
20:59Police PRANK On My Best Friend
Police PRANK On My Best FriendGanger 2,6 mill3 måneder siden
12:20I Sold GIANT Food On Uber Eats
I Sold GIANT Food On Uber EatsGanger 2 mill3 måneder siden
15:16PRANKING Pizza Delivery Men Then TIPPING Them
PRANKING Pizza Delivery Men Then TIPPING ThemGanger 2,6 mill3 måneder siden
18:27I Opened A McDonalds Drive Thru At My House
I Opened A McDonalds Drive Thru At My HouseGanger 4,1 mill7 måneder siden
13:54Blasting EMBARRASSING Voicemails In Library Ft. KSI
17:00I Opened A FAKE McDonalds
I Opened A FAKE McDonaldsGanger 14 mill9 måneder siden
13:52Fake Employee PRANK At McDonalds
Fake Employee PRANK At McDonaldsGanger 4,2 mill9 måneder siden
14:03SNEAKING A Painting Into National ART GALLERY
SNEAKING A Painting Into National ART GALLERYGanger 3,9 mill10 måneder siden
13:14DELIVERING Strangers Pizza Then Paying Their Rent
15:22SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT
13:49Fake Employee Prank At Starbucks Drive Thru
19:59Fake Employee Prank At Target (KICKED OUT)
18:30FAKE Photographer PRANK On MODELS
FAKE Photographer PRANK On MODELSGanger 2,4 millÅr siden
22:49Fake Employee Prank At The Apple Store
15:12Calling People The N Word Again...
Calling People The N Word Again...Ganger 3,8 millÅr siden


  • "If ppl don't wanna listen all you gotta do is talk louder" lmao. count binface? lolololol I wanna visit London

  • I wish I had friends

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  • We need part 2 with Harry

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  • After this there should be an almost McDonald’s

  • I feel sorry for this guy. He does not realize that a typical member of Apple’s Genius Bar is capable of getting rid of more customers than he ever will.

  • lmao raise minimum wage by 6.9%

  • Trolling London: because Minecraft wasn't enough

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  • this guy is like, like what if logan paul’s old confidence and a legitimately funny personality had a baby

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  • I like your vids

  • I love how this guy became the fucking mayor of london

  • This is honestly inspiring

  • Everybody ignoring the time traveler at 3:07

  • Last girl was enjoying herself tew much. Cute 😆

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  • The movie Idiocracy in real life!

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  • Quite the lesson in viral marketing across so many different marketing channels for conversions (votes). The medium is the message and content is always King.

  • "Then remove their teeth!"

  • Love it ❤️

  • identity theft is a real thing jim

  • Why he look like Kyle exum

  • Poor Lawrance Fox😂

  • I think that Karen missed the point Niko mentions in 32:00. That Niko had a very strong message that Karen’s are blinded to and political parties need to and will have to take note of.

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  • Moral of the Story: Just be yourselves lads

  • How to theif a painting from the national gallery just remove the plate and they will give it to you

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  • 'wow' thats all I have to say!!

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  • Neeeeeko: Knows Trump is in America.. Also Neeeeeeeko: Puts a clip of Indians dancing..

  • One question though.. What if you actually won?

  • This video will solidify you as a legend my guy. I'm literally watching this thinking how much power i have as youth in my country. you're younger than me and you're already showing the world what 1 man is capable of.. i'm inspired and yeah i'll say it.. NDL international 😎

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  • I think young people would be more into politics if that shit wasn't an optional thing to teach yourself. But Niko actually was the best candidate: He was a person, not a politician.

  • Who else got this recommended 1 year later but loves this video especially 21:19 🤣😂🔥

  • This man deserves at least 20M subs

  • '' Can i get Big Mac, i mean Big Snack ahhhh!!!! give me Big knacks'' 😂😂😂

  • I never go to something that isN’t a Macdonald’s ! There’s nothing more important than a good Macdonalds in life !!! So don’t play with our Macdonalds

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  • Niko... This is brilliant... Can we all make and vote this Man on incoming election..? .. You will get there one day Niko...

  • when it said “insults me in language” in the subtitles, the employee said “man, how am i gonna explain this to him”

  • Why is nobody comment about "count bin face"?

  • If Niko had Mr Beasts budget, he would be making better content.

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  • This is easily one of the best things I've ever seen. A rollercoaster of emotions between two best friends. ***** - 5 Stars 10/10 Two thumbs up

  • BOYCOTT Starbucks - they’re racist