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1:08:21Regulating Healthcare At The Speed Of Life
2:00:46So Expensive Season 6 Marathon
So Expensive Season 6 MarathonGanger 931 k14 dager siden
1:49:05World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon
World Wide Waste Season 1 MarathonGanger 796 k14 dager siden
41:07Big Business Season 2 Marathon: Farming
Big Business Season 2 Marathon: FarmingGanger 656 k28 dager siden


  • Imagine this as a movie or anime . I would be highly interested in watching that :V

  • So this is where I've orded some parts from...noice

  • Let's all catch those!!

  • If u could affor that kind of nanny then just hire a simple nanny and armed bodyguards and its alot safer tho

  • My name is Bond, Jane Bond. I like my tea with one sugar shaken not stirred

  • POV: you watched seaspiricy.

  • 'DonkeyCheese' Shuddering with gross out xD

  • tf

  • the blacksmith probably made it with the power of friendship.

  • I seriously doubt that teddy bear will pass our safety regulations….

  • This makes me think of a good version of "The Promised Neverland." Pretty awesome!

  • bullshit, salt is salt , human alltime find a way for do more money... ridiculous.

  • If you’ve ever spent time in a third-world country (or if you lived in one all your life) videos like these are very hard to watch.

    • Disclaimer: I hold no animosity for the hard working crew, or even the passengers. Society is just messed up.

  • Ok so you basically tell me that a man who lived 600 years afterwards with political ambitions knew more about Jesus than his own followers back in the day? Interesting.

  • It's such a stressful job even Mr Rolando Caparras looks like 50, but he's really a 28 year old guy.

  • Amazing 👏

  • "Wind is expensive, s***, I better start selling some wind."-Diego

  • I want one for me

  • Now make a video on 400 million dollars cruise ship

  • लगे रहो भैय्या!!

  • How much are these artisans paid on the average? Out of the $500 per set selling price, what percentage of that goes to them?

  • A lot of it is basic life skills most of us, unfortunately, do not have. It's a shame really.

  • Small steps 🍀to make a better world 🌍 So much potential in India🇮🇳 lot to be witnessed by world

  • Teddy is a little smokey

  • Eh! Nani?

  • Olympic is for the European and American not for Asian. Until and unless weight and height category is adopted in every active games it will remain unfair. Even after a thousands years in the future no Asian country will be able to hold aloft the Football World Cup.

  • Incredble India

  • Jesus christ.... Formaldehyde!

  • Camel milk is so sweet in india 🇮🇳why he and she is telling salty?

  • You know nothing. Most military jumpers have maybe 100 skydive I as a civilian have over 3k and I am new to the sport. Wake up and don't judge a book by its cover

  • He made a big shit .....

  • Simple ans high demand low supply...this applies to every expensive comodity.

  • What on earth is the point of having children if you're going to outsource all the parenting? It's a little unbelievable that people are still being trained as domestic "servants." Oh England, how you love your indentured servitude, just can't let it go.

  • 0:02

  • Yuri Bezmenov🇷🇺

  • India on its way to become the next global super power.

  • this is actually amazing

  • Quite an innovative way!

  • Great effort. May god bless you

  • *thats me nan

  • Brand of teddy bears "Hiesenberg" 🐻

  • Varry varrrrry good jawb (joab pounch 🤭) 😊🤗🥰

  • You can tell she has such a gentle & pure soul. To the way she speaks & by her teaching other women outside her family the tradition. Many other people would rather have traditions die off because they don’t want outsiders to learn. God bless her & her family

  • I don't know if I'd wear that outfit, even for $170K/year.

  • I think Nigeria can make those machines, texfad should get in touch with Nigerian fabricators, they are good at these

  • The only easy day was yesterday.

  • can anyone buy from any country?

  • FIFA & IOC is a money-hungry corporate assholes.

  • 0:56 - 1:07 Cringe!

  • The flagrant blanket bizarrely store because sociology quickly weigh for a unsuitable ground. chunky, breakable teller

  • I am sure that Alfred Pennyworth(atleast the version of him in 'Gotham')graduated from here. 🤓😜

  • Kenley Jean philippe

  • as cool as this video is, i swear they already uploaded it. anyone else see it??

  • 1:29 How they showed the Symbol but from a perspective where it looks like a Pent a gram

  • Let's smell lead petrol

  • Billionaires should have built millions of recycling factories since 30 years, but they prefer to invest in crypto and other useless shit that keeps killing all of us for their own profit, thx a lot retards...

  • Cancer stick 🚬🚫

  • Em minha opinião; a maçonaria, tem vivido sinceramente, uma estatística mínima estável, de ao longo de centenas de anos, de também corrupção; mas se também existe estatística mínima estável de centenas, a décadas de anos, de tentativas, provas, e resultados, através de medidas políticas implementadas, ao longo desse percurso de tempo, e que são observáveis, e possíveis de estudar e confirmar de grupo de interesses, isolavél, de situação a situação, e inclusive indivíduos que são colaboradores; mas nada invalida que se é impossível a perfeição Humana, e que tentaram, e alcançaram os mencionados resultados, e provas; logo também defenderam, a aceitação de Deus na Terra, pelo possível, dentro de limites que nem todos concordam, mas no mínimo estável garantido, de ser mais vantajoso que desvantajoso.

  • Their kids looks sad😂

  • This dude must be rewarded 👏👏

  • +

  • imagine having a nanny who can tokyo drift across a highway WHILE changing the baby's diaper.

  • 🤢

  • This is genius

  • There is always a gupta or aggarwal who comes up with these great ideas!

  • John Wick's assasination/revege program for Nannies, ofc its a rewarding life choice

  • Sounds good but its not.

  • What it takes: 1) be white

  • I have the lamps, its good for my my sinus. I thought it was solid rock. But the heat evaporates the salt, and the powdery whitish salts will be all over the table. We use this salt now on our table and for cooking, they are cheaper, supposedly healthier and they are Pink 😎. But where does the Himalaya name comes from?

  • I'm selling all my bitcoin and cryptos to buy Gold. It's going to the moon 🌙

  • The left hates this lol

  • Hope that little distillery continues to grow I hate seeing localy made products done the same way for generations die out!

    • I haven't tried it but would like to, I love eating cashews so hopefully the drink is nice as well.

  • Cigarette filter**

  • for 28 million i want the whole fuckin building

  • Kudos to these great people. While here I am, all I can say is "need backup, launch attack"