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4:38Dream Just ENDED His Career (R*cist Tweet)
13:12Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!
Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!Ganger 93 k15 dager siden
15:51Hot Tub Streamers NEED To GET OFF Twitch!!!
2:35:26Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren FIGHT Live Stream!!
41:20Def Noodles DISGUSTING Lies & Slander EXPOSED!!
16:21James Charles Career Is FINISHED!! **exposed**
8:49Gorilla Glue Girl LOSES Her Hair??**update**
8:31Dream's AWFUL Response To His Crazy Stans...


  • Yeah I think dream cheated

  • No idea where humanity is going.

  • Dream Dream stans Fard OMG DREAM FARDED

  • Kpop fans represent the best type of cyberbullying. Ngl I am a victim of it. Thanks for this video. I started to hate myself after being bullied.

  • Dream is insecure about his identity just despite the asshole dream stan doing alot of shit

  • Not good enough @4:20. That Rogan is a podcaster/comedian/whatever is no excuse for being wrong. Nobody goes to him for news, but he still needs to get his facts straight when talking about other people, whether it's the Clintons, Woody Allen or Dr. Fauci. He can dislike them, but making false claims about them is defamatory.

  • YAAH ARMY DONT BE TOO MUCH!!!..if he has caused car accident he didnt do it intentionally..every one can make mistakes..you dont have to cover it!! and i am an army!!

    • @Lamisa taking care alright

    • @Wertyber this is an butter card which every army has made..it represents bts butter with the name of us..so some of us use this as an pfp..and the card is made by a link from big hit

    • can I ask a question? Why do some armys use this pfp?

  • These people need jesus

  • This guy is still going. Hating on people. Even after a few years, he won't stop. Dude, make some other content that is not hating on other youtubers.

  • Holy shit.

  • as a kpop fan myself i acknowledge what you are trying to say but you truly don't know the culture in Korea , you can get cancelled for ANYTHING , they even consider dating as a scandal. you can't imagine the hate they're getting daily , the fans try to avoid that so their faves won't get too much affected , that's why we cover the searches , but i feel when it comes to a v important and significant mistake they may have made we won't let it pass away like that . As for the other incidents you mentioned in the video w the fancams i find it v inappropriate as well , some of them are being extremely toxic .

    • @GeorgiaK ok

    • @Jiminnnnn ikrrr

    • @Wertyber lol probably you don't agree w me but at least thnx for taking the time to hear our perspective

    • yess nobody understands that 😭💜

    • ok

  • I'm a kpop fan and I admit that most of us are toxic.


  • 8:20 wtf did I just read?

  • I dont fking care what your content is. If you think BTS is gay Im gonna sub and click like! Godspeed you MASSIVE CHAD!

  • Feel bad for dream man lmao. Knowing a lot of ur fans are weird af

  • Listen up, you got it all wrong, STOP HATING BTS ARMY 💜💜💜BECAUSE ARMY IS THE BEST FANDOM... To make fun of

  • This is why i only want to be a journalist youtuber or a youtuber that explains science so my subscribers will see me as a person that lives to give knowledge

  • Every fandom is toxic. U find many toxic armies because the fandom is huge.

  • Is this the one that got striked 😂🤣😂🤣

  • i want to go in lava like minecraft

  • What happens if South Korea getting invaded by Kpop stan?

    • @Wertyber are they gonna torture Korean people by listening K-pop too much and force to eat bts meal and worship kpop idol

    • idk

  • Lmao

  • Imagine being a dream stan and making nsfw over real people and not playing minecraft

  • It’s difficult being a kpop fan when Twitter is blown up with toxic fans. Everyone instantly views you as toxic too and label us as all the same

  • Human corpse chair. Interesting.

  • hate dream and his stans <3

  • I am one of dream’s original fans before he had hit one million subscribers. I loved his Minecraft play through since it was entertaining and a good way to let off steam when I was upset. Minecraft wasn’t played through in a long time until several you tubers like dream started playing. The subscribers he had back then were much much more chill. Until he hit 1 million subscribers. I saw toxic fans come in everywhere posting stuff not even relating to the video. Just toxic fans simping over him.

  • jake

  • Kavos. Just piss off 😂

  • Your a 🤡

  • "Are you guys friends" KPOP Stans: *Yes* Normal KPOP fans: *No*

  • You think you are so interesting that people would watch you for 4 and a half hours straight is delusional.

  • "Owner Tells Gordon Ramsay To GET OUT OF HIS KITCHEN" wait nononono that's not how that works, I think they messed up the title cuz normally its the other way around

  • He made the video to make Deji realise the mistakes, because his team are yes men…why is everyone thinking he tried to roast Deji, even KSI denied it 😂

  • WTF why everyone so into dream that much?

  • He's just looking out for his little bro you gotta respect that

  • **ahem** No.

  • ksi didnt go off he played hes job as a brotha

  • I think “goes off” is a little much but entirely true.

  • Jungle cock- top text Jungle cock- bottom text

  • This is illegal

  • That’s why I left the fanbase although I still listen to their music. These toxic fans are delusional, they try to cover every mistake done by BTS, to make it look like they are unproblematic. War of Hormone and Expensive Girl had sensual and misogynistic lyrics. (Not sure) RM and BTS together told n-word. Jungkook or Jimin (one of them) told kkamdoongie which was again the Korean version of n-word. RM tried different hairstyles used in Black culture, like the cornrows or something I don’t know. J-Hope again had cornrows (or idk the name) in the ending of the MV of one of his solo Chicken Noodle soup. Suga used the sample of Jim Jones’s speech in one of his mixtapes. And many more.. And then the fans be like *“ThEy HaVe AlReAdY ApOlOgIsEd”* (I also used to tell this same thing before, before knowing the harsh truth about these delusional fans) like beesh when did they even apologise?! Some stans are literally defending and overprotecting the band by creating fake stories. Although I still like them, they should be held accountable for their actions. That’s why BTS stans are problematic. For more details watch videos of Adeola Ash, she clearly explained.

    • You are right bro,I never thought of this thing thanks❤️ You are right, they should be held accountable for their actions and not support them blindly for whatever they do

    • Ayoo bruh I also watched her video. It was kinda disappointing when I looked at that video few months ago . Damnnnnn

  • Stans like these make me scared to even tell anyone I like Tommyinnit or whatever

  • When a fan loses argument with non fans/haters/antis: *“Okay can you sing better like them, dance like them, rap like them? No right, so shut up jealous kid”*

  • Dream should quit youtube man, I would if I was him.

  • A loud minority can easily be 100K out of 21M subscribers/stans who do these sort of shit 9:00 You know, if you uncensored his name it would benefit allot of people

  • thats why he still has 2 million likes on his new insta post? I think whatever he is going to do it would always be followers on his side

  • i like how when she's not talking about the assault in the video she looks like she wants to be anywhere but there

  • Yo can anybody tell me if he dropped a video about the ohm situation

  • Its 30 degress

  • Being a Kpop Stan doesn't means that you have to stan BTS

    • *Godzilla has read this comment and dies*

  • I like your attitude I have subbed dude 👌

  • When he said that was probably the biggest robbery in boxing I laughed so hard, there are bigger robberies in boxing and more important than gib vs holder

  • tbh bts also dont have that great music

    • I agree that of course it’s subjective, you don’t need to like their music

    • It's subjective, I don't like metal but I know a lot of people can't go a day without listening to it

  • Haters gonna hate Players gonna play Live a life BTS!!! Good luck 💜

  • Fun fact: the word Stan is a combination of "Stalker" and "Fan" :)

  • These 6.8K dislikes are from BTS fans🙂

  • I actually quite agree that some fans of kpop are toxic....I am an army myself....and I thank u for not putting all fans into the same box...even we fans call the toxic ones saesangs....we don't wanna associate them with us....

  • there's only one thing you can learn from watching this video. There're all sorts of idiots out there.

  • Cool tank top, looking buff

  • I see this stupid s**t every time I try to just search up dream being a fan myself and I wish the fan base could be normal

  • This dude obsessed with deji

  • I'll make sure his smiley ass face will turn into sad face idc even his fans saw this comment

  • i wish im you

  • even this group's managers are hella immature, they out there looking for people who tweeted negative opinions, despite these tweets making sense. that group is just a money machine for it's owners

  • This is like the "thatveganteacher" situation lol, the toxicity bruhhh

  • What a lying fucking twat you are Lance

  • my god you talk to fucking much...

  • Me saying: I don't like bts. I like other's group. Toxic fan: do you have any taste in music? Bts are billboard topper. Grammy nominated.bla bla bla

  • I’m just going to say this: Love is Love; Jail is Jail; That’s where Dream Stans Fail. They fail their classes on love and jail; Then they make me disgusted and pale.

  • It's really frustrating. Some fans are crazy.they even talked about bad someone personal life bcz of their fav idol

  • I'm disappointed to share a species with people like this

  • I just noticed in the second TommyInnit art it’s Wilbur and Tommy and their brothers in the DreamSMP roleplay.... I honestly feel disgusted by these stans their horrible

  • The fact that these people draw this kind of grotesque shit and try to pretend that this is completely normal human behavior just goes to show how delusional they are. Y’all are mentally ill, seriously..

  • Came here to take a break from Toxicity and want to go back

  • i've been in the fandom for about a year but i didn't even know they make this shit

  • "In the dream smp fandom, everyday is a bad day to have eyes" - one of my friends in the smp fandom

    • I agree with your comment but assuming all people that like Dream are stans that’s just not right bro