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13:29I'm a body-double for a celebrity
I'm a body-double for a celebrityGanger 1,6 mill23 timer siden
15:52The Game That Runed My Life
The Game That Runed My LifeGanger 2,7 mill23 timer siden
12:04My Mom Locked Me In My Housed Like a Princess
12:16I'm The Real Life Elsa
I'm The Real Life ElsaGanger 1,7 mill7 dager siden
11:55I asked for 1 mom, but my rich dad gave me 10
13:19My Amazing Life As A Nomad
My Amazing Life As A NomadGanger 1,8 mill7 dager siden
11:38My Mom Insulted My Mute Boyfriend
My Mom Insulted My Mute BoyfriendGanger 1,4 mill14 dager siden
12:28My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywhere
My Magic Hair, Get’s Me AnywhereGanger 4,1 mill14 dager siden
10:48Don't Judge Me Because I'm A Goth Like Mom
Don't Judge Me Because I'm A Goth Like MomGanger 1,5 mill14 dager siden
10:43I Am 16 And Still In Grade 5, But I Am Pretty
12:30I Live With Jealous Psychos
I Live With Jealous PsychosGanger 2,1 mill21 dag siden
10:05My Experience As A Female Soccer Player
My Experience As A Female Soccer PlayerGanger 1,8 mill21 dag siden
12:25I'm The Prettiest Girl Alive, My Mom Made Millions
13:01My Dad Loves Anime More Than Me
My Dad Loves Anime More Than MeGanger 1,9 millMåned siden
10:53Don't Watch My Story Animated
Don't Watch My Story AnimatedGanger 2,2 millMåned siden
12:16I Love To Annoy My Mean Parents
I Love To Annoy My Mean ParentsGanger 1,8 millMåned siden
9:51My "Perfect Life" When My Sister Was Born
11:38My Parents Made Me Think I'm Ugly For 12 Years
13:23Mom Forgot I'm Her Daughter, Seriously
Mom Forgot I'm Her Daughter, SeriouslyGanger 2,3 millMåned siden
12:21I'm A Tomboy in A Family Of Models
I'm A Tomboy in A Family Of ModelsGanger 2,4 millMåned siden
10:29I Do The Opposite Of What My Mom Say
I Do The Opposite Of What My Mom SayGanger 1,6 millMåned siden


  • Can't change the fact that Android 18 girl is still hotter

  • omg🥺 this so heart warming🤍 .

  • You go girl

  • I can't belive this is just an animation, and I started to feel inlove with the way that Lucas looks like👽

  • This is rly dumb

  • I know am not the only one who heard this when the three boys came up to her and said I’ll pay you 10,000 if you tutors and the other boy says my family’s 10 times richer I’ll pay you 500

  • The fresh tempo conversly mark because vietnam macroscopically part underneath a plant close. creepy, chemical engineering

  • Sam, Alex, Katie, I am so sorry. Sam, you try your best to help your sisters, you're going to be an amazing mother someday. I have an idea on how to help you and your sisters, you can get a job. I know it's hard, but you can't give up hope. Be strong.

  • That is it that was short

  • he looks like steve from minecraft 👍👌👏🦊


  • I love it!! Please make more animation like this, the story It's great

  • OH COME ON! When I read the title, I thought it was going to be a light hearted story about accidental marriage & misunderstanding & other stuff like these! But no! Instead, it is all of a sudden another dark & disturbing story full of dark & disturbing things that most other My Story Animated videos have!

  • Ok the cat thing was really bad so was the food thing

  • I mean, the mom is kinda right, because the poor need items, too, but she's gone WAAAAAY to far..

  • I cried

  • it felt liken i was watching jojo

  • Wcdonalds

  • the fact that on one of the books said "Goo-Goo Ga Ga"

  • Wow I feel really sad for you, haters and other people do not quit because of what they say.!

  • 1:58 LMAOOO WTF- Relatable tho 😂

  • Was anyone else waiting for her mom to pick the boy up and throw him in the donation closet when she cought them 😂😂😂

  • Wow we really need more like this the boys are cute omg

  • When I heard that she was from Romanian I was like: No.way. She was born in the same country as me:D🇷🇴

  • My story animated will give $1 thousand to the next person who subscribes in the next seven days and how long was the suede two months ago like and they’re still posting that again

  • $-$

  • is this lady gaga

  • I'm laughing my head off AHAHAHAH!!!! LOLLLL

  • She was relly pretty and mean Me: a scorpio

  • Omg I can't stop watching this , who else like lucas lol

  • I subscribed 🥳

  • My story animated: "so I started writing stories on wattpad" Me:................. *DROP YOUR ID BITCH!!!!*

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  • 😂 it's all about Michael

  • I love these types of animations like it's so cool

  • This video is cool

  • What’s the channel called?

  • I'm from romania too 🇷🇴

  • Tf was she doing in the club ?

  • It's like my story and my friend want to be like me and want to act like me but I was not intelegent and my friend was an intelegent 😅

  • I forgot the real title of the story

  • This is the best animated story I've read so far ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Why does this look like Harry Potter like : Harry , Draco, Blaise,

  • Sad story 😣

  • Poor mom lol

  • Can i take jeff pls🙇‍♀️

  • Believe in God 😇🙂

  • Rlly

  • Goo goo ga ga

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  • If you're ever wondering why everyone sounds the same in these videos, I think its the cast of My Story Animated narrating

  • Stop being such a woff Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • But she have blue eyes😂

  • when i tell; you that number in my phone pick up line was smooth

  • sssniperwolf really it's my favourite youtuber

  • Anyone notice the horse at the end?

  • Fun fact: I'm Turkish and I don't think Lisa is a Turkish name??

  • Y E S

  • Sad, but it's just money

  • How come it’s eight years and you know about Fortnite that’s like 2029

  • There are no tomboys or tomgirls, just boys and girls...

  • Hive me 10000000 dollars

  • 12:57 sneaking her in to do what-

  • Wtf she doesnt even sound Irish

  • Why is the kid in the thumbnail straight up thinking about the Roblox logo?

    • Yes he thinks about playing adopt me scamming 2 year olds

  • angelo 7:30 :why am is my life

  • “Honey your ugly” LMAOOO😭😭

  • I dear you to

  • This animation is smooth and the art is beautiful I would love to see more videos like this

  • the voice actor sounds really annoying

  • I saw “Dante” In another animated story and they look exactly the same sound exactly the same and it was a little weird that they just reuse their characters over and over again what a pity

  • Her hair is cool!

  • I wanna share my story on my story animated :0 how do i do it

  • Andre = Sakka (The Last Airbender) Lucas = Chongyun (from Genshin Impact) And the other guy is from an anime I haven’t watched yet so idk the name of the guys he looks like 😂

  • Why, why are they SO HANDSOME!!!! I think I have a crush on them. LOL I'm shaking idk why...

  • The ending is SOOO CUTE I love it so much