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i am the only person who makes videos


37:36I watched one SNL episode from every season
I watched one SNL episode from every seasonGanger 3,3 mill22 dager siden
19:36The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show
The Terrible Tik Tok Reality ShowGanger 2,8 mill29 dager siden
22:55I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week
20:12The best and worst show on every streaming service
16:14Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?
Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?Ganger 2,1 mill2 måneder siden
17:56MTV's Most Awkward Show
MTV's Most Awkward ShowGanger 2,7 mill3 måneder siden
20:53Snapchat is so dumb
Snapchat is so dumbGanger 2,9 mill3 måneder siden
12:34Rich People Have Bad Taste
Rich People Have Bad TasteGanger 4,1 mill4 måneder siden
13:57The guys who turned minimalism into a religion
The guys who turned minimalism into a religionGanger 2,5 mill4 måneder siden
14:35The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for
18:31Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
Let's Leave Pranks in 2020Ganger 3 mill5 måneder siden
18:28Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies
Netflix's Awful Christmas MoviesGanger 2,8 mill6 måneder siden
14:00Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone
Delivery Apps Screw Over EveryoneGanger 2,4 mill6 måneder siden
18:57My New Favorite Bad Movie
My New Favorite Bad MovieGanger 3,5 mill6 måneder siden
15:01The 90s Guide to the Internet
The 90s Guide to the InternetGanger 1,9 mill7 måneder siden
14:37Learning What Love Is
Learning What Love IsGanger 2 mill7 måneder siden
24:23Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess
Television is a Confusing, Expensive MessGanger 4,5 mill8 måneder siden
16:03Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife
Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My WifeGanger 3 mill8 måneder siden
15:09The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
The Most Epic Movie Ever MadeGanger 2,2 mill8 måneder siden
13:09Gender Reveal Parties
Gender Reveal PartiesGanger 3 mill9 måneder siden
17:39The Death of Laugh Tracks
The Death of Laugh TracksGanger 3,2 mill9 måneder siden
18:23Ellen's Fall from Grace
Ellen's Fall from GraceGanger 6 mill9 måneder siden
13:49The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
The Best and Worst Games on PS NowGanger 1,7 mill10 måneder siden
16:18Hilariously Weird Training Videos
Hilariously Weird Training VideosGanger 2,5 mill10 måneder siden
18:34The Console Wars
The Console WarsGanger 2,3 mill11 måneder siden
16:50Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well
Disney Movies That Haven't Aged WellGanger 4,4 mill11 måneder siden
16:40A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers
A Hospital Run By Tik TokersGanger 4 millÅr siden
15:29Disney Channel Musicals
Disney Channel MusicalsGanger 3 millÅr siden
15:48The Real Drew Gooden
The Real Drew GoodenGanger 2,5 millÅr siden


  • Kurtis=Danny confirmed

  • Had DGD tickets for Atlanta for 2 years now. Can't wait to finally go.

  • Yo, this vid is really bussin!

  • i did not appreciate that ad placement

  • You know, jay station just wants views

  • See y’all in 2023

  • ayo?! drew with the mcr

  • Drew: "Hi, I'm a cool dude" *t-shirt says Neat Dude* What are you trying to pull, Gooden?

  • Glad that drew is an MCR fan the emos love u

  • omg im kinning drew he also has body dysmorphia <3

  • Sweet jacket whered u get it

  • the "auctioning off a date scene" is just a total rip-off from the scene in groundhog day. wtf.

  • every time I try to like the video I’ll like it when it starts and then midway through it’ll be really funny and I go to like it again (forgetting I liked it at the beginning) and unlike it. then I’m sad, then I have to relike it

  • That's not how you make juice... everyone knows it's fruit pee, come on!

  • 2:36. OMG OMG he's wearing an NYSNC shirt XD. My sister and I like their music (they were a band before we were born but its fine XD)

  • that MCR record 🖤

  • I had the shrek one soundtrack on CD 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • .

  • This video is bussing

  • I didn't end up watching any of the shows.

  • The way he kept using aave in his tiktoks hurt me

  • Algorithm comment

  • Almost all sketch shows have really really bad sketches. Monty python is one of the funniest sketch groups ever conceived, but had sketches that are extremely unfunny and do not land. Kids In The Hall is another amazing sketch group that had hit and misses. All sketch comedy groups will have hit and misses. Just sometimes writers think it's going to land but it just doesn't. It's normal for any sketch show.

  • I have to wait till 12 to watch this so I can have a beer with it be back in 45 mins

  • For some reason I imagined Gooby as a Doctor companion. *shivers*

  • i’m glad i finally know i’m not the only person that thought about masked singer in this way

  • Drew, this video was straight bussin'

  • For 'entertainement' only...

  • you remind me of john mulaney. i love it

  • You wanna know what’s really bussin?

  • drew took down the last dinosaurs album 😔

  • Okay but why does the child here 12:39 look like a secret love child of danny and drew 👁️

  • Steve bushemi looked like ben Shaprio in that movie

  • Putting the Shrek Vinyl up in the intro has already got me. Especially when it's next to my chemical romance of all things? I'm less than a minute in and losing it

  • ellen é literalmente o luciano hulk da gringa, a unica diferença é que além de humilhar pobre ela humilha famosos também

  • I'll box you drew... Any box... Amazon FedEx Ikea you bring your box I'll bring mine and we fight to the death and whoever wins you get a lifetime supply of boxes.

  • Video was bussin'

  • Ok, but… Doordash is the best, Postmates is the worst. I ordered boba from Postmates and it took an hour.


  • this video is bussin

  • Watching Aaron Carter fight Lamar Odom was like watching a French bulldog try to fight a Great Dane

  • Yo this video was bussin! Thanks for sharing!

  • I lost the "pinned comment" war ....

  • Dear Drew. I have watched every single one of your videos in the past few days and have since become addicted to them. I politely request for you to upload more or otherwise I will go insane and see myself obliged go draw upon murder. Most sincerely yours, Princess Carlita Leonarda Estebana Oswalda Trixie Isopo Lusney Dayana Estefania II Jr.

  • I’m JUST leaving a comment to say I liked the video

  • Our PE teacher made us listen to kidz bop because he couldn’t find any normal music that didn’t cuss 🤮

  • Its literally kingdom hearts

  • I got so confused at the end because it’s Drews outro but like Danny is saying it and then there is Danny’s outro music on the video and it’s just all confusing because it’s Drew’s channel

  • Can they please have a podcast? Drew and Danny talking to each other just makes me so happy and I could listen to them for hours

    • @Clare yeah I saw that it was great

    • They were on Cody Ko's old podcast and Drew came on his own podcast one time.

  • I’m so confused by the bowl life hack, like don’t you have any other bowl?

  • Don’t forget to mention hockey when talking about violence man. In that you get to throw fists without padding in the way and only have to sit in the penalty box for (at least) 5 minutes and you’re good to go.

  • Is there such a thing as an anti-sponsor? Because I think this video might have one... o.O

  • 7:23 he sounds like dhar mann 😂😂lmao

  • Well Drew, it looks like you hit 3 million subs. It looks like it’s book time

  • You take the butter and you dip it in the Mayo, Hnnooohh my god this is sooo bussin

  • Off topic but I like the in rainbows vinyl in the back 😌

  • o-o-ohhh⭕️ my 😩 gosh 😱 this 👇 was 🤤 straight👩‍❤️‍👨 BUSSIN🤥🤤😩😌😳😍😀😛😝🥸🤯🤗🥵✋

  • I got Dewny Goondalez

  • drew drop a playlist with ur music taste challenge go

  • definitely sitting over here thinking danny was known solely for jeans

  • 0:10 anyone else notice mcr

  • *choking back tears* this is so bussin'

  • I think community should have ended a season or two earlier but it may have been just bad writing unfortunately they really comited to the 6 season and a movie thing (still no movie)

  • Did he just call himself "hardrock" Nick because he thought it would be a plausible eay to say he owns a hard rock hotel? 🤣

  • Them captions tho

  • . :Can i give you kisses? *sirens start playing cuz us from the other video are dying* *wolf howl* . :Do you want a head massage

  • aklfja;j;ajf;a that end was so funny

  • Sly cooper the memories man and kingdom hearts are me and Drew the same person?

  • My husband is now a fan of you Drew because you talked about Dance Gavin Dance 😂

  • Drew Vs Danny. Hosted by Cody ko

  • 6:40 - I used to have steak for dinner, with a jacket potato on the side. But, eventually, I realised how wasteful that was, so I still had the steak, but substituted the potato for another steak. I like to call it my Two Steak Solution.

  • 4:50 this happens a lot with my music writing, i’m a songwriter and I find people and artists that sometimes come up with the same lyrics as me

  • He should have mentioned that the kids were using their own money that they earned

  • They are robots

  • ayo the three cheers for sweet revenge album 😳😳😳😳

  • your cat was clearly feeling a little cheeky. is that original enough?

  • Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has One Brain

  • Where is the book?

  • lmao aaron carter dude