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6:42:54Lift of Starship Orbital Launch Tower Section #9
3:51:15First Ever Super Heavy Static Fire
First Ever Super Heavy Static FireGanger 552 k14 dager siden
5:25:55Lift of Starship Orbital Launch Tower Section #8


  • Thanks!

  • How as it the team providing commentary right to end of programming did not say anything about the loss of life from two shuttle missions , but you did manage to mention the three cosmonauts killed in a deorbit burn?? That seems like a glaring omission no??

  • The grid fins do not look 90 degrees apart from each other.

    • They are not needed to be at 90° for good reason. For one this allows the booster to be caught more easily by the catching arms upon return after launch. The B4 will not land at the Boca Chica site so that is not the issue in this case, but it will be for future iterations. There are apparently other reasons this team talked about yesterday when B4 was rolled to the launch pad having to do with aerodynamic performance.

  • Obrigado pelo video estou amando todos seus conteúdos

  • 15:48 dude, really? Working on the future of humanity, but not having the descency to respect our own planet? Don't f#'n litter!

  • How come the staff at most times get blurred but not at the launch site?

  • Has Spacex considered a water mechanism (canal?) to transport large components from the build site to launch site?

  • Meanwhile Jeff Bezos is getting jealous and whining about Starship's untested technologies.

  • 1 Year anniversary! We've really come a far way. Holy crap, I cannot believe this!!

  • успехов, בהצלחה

  • It's like I'm a kid again, it's like my favourite comic book.

  • hours of nothing.

  • So, it will be a busy thursday then...... 1) lifting B4 on the OLP 2) static fire 3) hop

  • You must be super nerd in order to waste here 15 minutes 🤔😁😁🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Why no skirt around the raptors!

  • Is this what the Soviets felt like seeing an N1 head to launch..

  • No chat stream, on the right? It's 1:52 p.m., Eastern U.S. time. How high off the ground is it? When is it likely to be sitting firmly on that launch mount?

    • If you look carefully, you'll find clues that the stream ended about 15 minutes ago, and that the lift was scrubbed for today due to weather.

  • tengo confianza en Space X por eso le compre el 80% de sus Acciones, pero no he visto Avances de la Moon Ship. Elon no me defraudes ya que la NASA confío en mí primero y deseo devolverle el favor.

  • My idea is to build SpaceX Lunar Landers with built in “ City “ facilities. 🙂 They could have a built in electrical power plant, fresh water plant, sewage plant, fresh air plant, compressed air plant, natural gas plant, rocket fuel plant, vacuum tube distribution center, hydroponic green houses, one for human food, and one for animal feed, a city center, a library, a police station, a jail, a city maintenance department, a hospital, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, a community center, a city park, a farm, a ranch, a zoo, a fish hatchery & fish grow tanks, an aquarium, a grocery store, a department store, a hardware store, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a night club, an amusement center, a pre-school, a school, a college, and about 50 to 100 human habitats, enough for 500 or 1000 people, etc., etc.. I believe it's the quickest way to “ start “ a colony. All you have to do is land these lunar landers on the moon, and WAA LAA ! ! ! You have a moon colony. If you land them all, in the shape of a circle, you could connect them up with inflatable tunnels covered with 3D printer moon mortar. These tunnels could have different types of cables and pipes, electrical cables, network cables, water pipes , sewer pipes, etc.. Also a road for electrical vehicles and a sidewalk. There could be two tunnels for popular destinations. Even the lunar landers could be covered with 3D printed moon mortar, unless they could be re-used for colonizing Mars. The whole thing would look like a giant wagon wheel, or two or more. (except for the natural gas and rocket fuel plants, which would be positioned off in a distance) After all this is accomplished, then you could start building giant hydroponic green houses, giant power plants, and giant flywheel centrifugal human habitats, that even generate electricity as they spin, etc., etc.. @

  • Lift guys are having a pow wow!.

  • But all these activities I see in the video, how much do they cost? Couldn't all those human resources be used to build simple housing for those populations that don't have a home?

    • Elon has mentioned about §5-10 billion for the entire development and building process of Starship, the engines and the factory site.

  • They could have did a fit check with B3 though right??

    • My understanding is that the important thing they are fit-checking is the outer ring of engines. They didn't have all the engines ready before now, and B3 was only intended to have a few attached.

  • I disagree, bureaucrats and bureaucracy can and have been a power unto itself. The mistrust is not unwarranted ask all the victims of tyranny of bureaucrats and bureaucracy.

  • What an immense structure. Too bad it will land into the sea with no chance of reusing anything. A very expensive solution.

  • They wouldn't call it the first orbital booster or starship if they weren't going to launch them. Elon keeps saying they are going to launch them so I think you guys are wrong thinking that this full stack won't launch.

    • I think they're saying its gonna be stacked first for show then taken down, before finally being stacked up again ready for the final launch

  • Thanks Mary, Jack and the NSF team!

  • Omg it’s happening every one stay calm

  • How can they stream this but not electron

  • What pad was it being lifted to

  • Scrub due to weather? It's not even breezy... E: Never mind, there's 3 raindrops.

  • they need a flat rail line from production site to launch site. Safest way to transport such massive objects.

    • The space on either side of the road is a wildlife refuge and thus Space X cannot alter that space at all.

    • @eduaRfeliZ hey..... it's SpaceX !!! they build it within 1 month !!

    • @crazydave911 who stole the cheese off of your biscuit? I am sure they know how to best do their job and spend their money, without needing to consult a random commentator who is overly butthurt their ridiculous suggestion is not being listened to.

    • it would be very expensive and would take a long time to build

    • @crazydave911 So much salt.

  • Why would you refuse to zoom in on the raptors? Such a bizzare thing to refuse to do

  • Maybe they're hanging it on the yellow crane so they don't lose it and all the Clutter on the ground

  • Change the title name........

  • I'm as excited as a kid 🤣

  • There lifting lugs.

  • Booster 4 is heading to orbital table.

  • No lift yet sadly

  • I am god.

    • Praise be upon the lord

    • @State of Opportunity hey that’s god with a little g. They can be god …. Just like Allah ….

    • Someone took all the hallucinogens this morning.

  • Seeing that many engine bells next to each other is just insane!

  • Take a good look. This is what BIG looks like.

  • Holy Shit! Look at all those engines!

  • around 4:10 I'm curious if that's Elon right above the booster there, seems about right with the angle the pictures were taken from his Twitter. If he actually took the pics, that is

  • Elon stole the design from a dryer tube!

  • Is it safe for a reusable rocket to has exposed plumbings?

  • Why am I getting more emotional by the day when watching this updates? Absolutely gobsmacked by how incredible this all is. Really kudos to everyone out there. NSF and Mary capturing all this moments for us. Legends..

  • This is real life captain Nemo stuff. If anyone thinks we are going to Mars in our present state I suggest they watch Disney’s 20,000 leagues under the sea . Guaranteed the enhanced human evolution is a big part of that model. No mere earthlings are even capable of surviving the trip much less building a base there later . HUMAN engineering and Evolution is going to get kicked into high gear up there far away from (for at least a little while ) any prying eyes or folks who might find the “upgrades “ scary . That’s why Elon downplays his vision for the future. A very Teutonic one at that . Just like the crew on the Nautilus . Guaranteed. 👽

    • "No mere earthlings are even capable of surviving the trip" Why? Starship needs only 3-4 months to Mars. Standard stay on the ISS is 6 months. So the trip to Mars should be quite doable.

  • Can't wait to see......

  • O. M. G. 29 raptors! This is SOOO Kerbal!

  • I spent the last few minutes thinking the NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral are one of the few places I know that can assemble and launch the Starships. Water landings until they assembled the catcher claws for the Super Heavy’s is one way to go.

  • The unfolding grid fins are definitely counterintuitive. My bet is there will be future optimization in that regard. Have you ever seen sooooo many engines in one place before? This is getting even more exciting.

  • The dude at 9:01 has some swag. Can someone do a version where he's walking to "staying alive"? :,D Love the videos! Incredible progress, thanks for the content!

  • Anyone know why they have the booster pressurized? Is it just a safety precaution or is the booster structurally dependent on pressure?

  • @12:43 A**hole!!!!

  • Consider just how fast they're moving right now, while they're still very much in the testing and prototyping stage. One day the testing will be done, the design will be finalized and every procedure to produce these beasts will be locked down. Imagine just how fast they'll crank stuff out then!

  • I wonder if Elon realizes just how inspiring his and SPACEX efforts and accomplishments are to the average joe like me. I watched Apollo and the lunar landings as a child but as such was incapable of fully comprehending that first step to other worlds. But NOW...watching all of this...I DO comprehend. I was forced into early retirement due to disability and with now being very limited physically, it's been an extremely difficult experience...difficult to the point of why continue at all? Because I am BLESSED to still be alive and awed to witness this next much greater step being taken right now by SPACEX. Elon's motivation is infectious and a source of both pride and hope within me for all of us. I thank, salute and wish this man and SPACEX all possible successes in his endeavours for our species travels to other worlds, and for giving me HOPE.

  • Wher is the 2 and 3?

  • O maior maçarico do mundo.

  • Simply amazing... Humanity at it's best! 🚀

  • Lol

  • Thanks Mary and Jack 🥰

  • unbelievable how fast they progress

  • If the speed of the movie Humans can work as fast as ants.

  • Wow again

  • One booster with 29 Raptors what could possibly go wrong ! - just consider the sheer amount of pipes and valves that makes up this construction and then add high pressure and highly volatile combustible fuel. I wonder if it was possible to upscale a Raptor engine so they wouldn't need so many of them on each booster?

    • Larger engines provide less redundancy, and probably can't produce as much thrust as a similar size/weight cluster of smaller rockets. If 1 of 29 fails, no biggie. If one of 3 fails, you get SN8, or SN9, or SN10...

    • Making engines bigger is dicey because of combustion chamber instability but the Soviets did this clever thing where they had one engine with four combustion chambers, maybe he could do something like that

  • I'm not convinced that what we are seeing at 12:22 is actually for pavement strengthening, or at least not for that alone. At 13:33, we can see the forklifts removing the mats from the S-turn just before the entry to the sub-orbital fuel farm, then at 14:09, we can see a front-end loader of some sort moving and piling gravel. My guess is that the banking of the first (or both) turn is significant enough (take a look at previous videos, and how high they had to raise the inside SPMT to compensate) that they didn't want to rely completely on the SPMT self-levelling capability with such a tall and heavy load. So they laid down a gravel sub-strate, then covered it with the mats because they would not want to put in the effort required to stabilize the gravel for such a heavy load. Can a civil engineer or a Boca Chica local give some insight on this?

  • Crazy how a video update posted just 6 hours ago is already outdated, with the stacking of sn20 nosecone and full engine bay completed. Ludicrous speed at SpaceX, they really are going at warp 9!

  • So im not sure anyone else has stated this but i just realized the first orbital version will be Starship 4-20. Booster 4/Starship 20. Well done SpaceX lol

  • With those Engines NOTHING will hold the rocket, It will take off with the bed table and half of the ground of the lunch site when fire testing the engines :)

    • Probably why the orbital launch mount is so massive it’ll be there til the end of time. Those huge steel legs are all full of concrete and go all the way down to bedrock. Otherwise … yeah lol

  • Incredible job Michael.

  • BN4, "I have a reservation... a table for one." Frankencrane, "One moment sir. Let me see. Ah yes. I have one right here with a sea side view. I think you will like it. We just finished setting it. Here is the LOX/CH4 menu. Some very good selections sir." BN4, "Yes this will do nicely, thank you."

  • Insane the progress, I am in awe! Getting it real, I don’t know what to believe in the press. Some outlets are saying the booster will land on an oil rig - not this first flight right? Did Elon say soft water landing is the hope? Also the are saying faa approval required and that is months away. Sure does not look like Elon is waiting for anything. Go spacex go - whatever happens I am completely blown away!

  • Incredible job Michael.

  • I understand the intention to not zoom in that much, not to upset SpaceX... But people like Artzius would be helped with some 360°, encircling footage of the "rapture" of Raptors.

  • How many engines needed for the landing burn?

    • Makes me wonder whether spacex has made progress on "how low can you go" throttle wise.

  • Boy! That is a lot of engines packed into a small place. Gonna be LOUD!😎

  • That boom that can reach the top of the booster is nuts. I don't think I could get used to that.

  • This makes me happy.