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Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Song Contest

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3:34How to Eurovision - Ukraine 🇺🇦
How to Eurovision - Ukraine 🇺🇦Ganger 269 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of San Marino - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Austria - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Austria - Eurovision 2021Ganger 10 k15 dager siden
1:00Postcard of Cyprus - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Cyprus - Eurovision 2021Ganger 26 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Ireland - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Ireland - Eurovision 2021Ganger 10 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Spain - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Spain - Eurovision 2021Ganger 11 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Australia - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Estonia - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Romania - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Romania - Eurovision 2021Ganger 11 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Lithuania - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Bulgaria - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Georgia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Georgia - Eurovision 2021Ganger 3,7 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Israel - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Israel - Eurovision 2021Ganger 8 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Serbia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Serbia - Eurovision 2021Ganger 23 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Italy - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Italy - Eurovision 2021Ganger 74 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Greece - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Greece - Eurovision 2021Ganger 30 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Latvia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Latvia - Eurovision 2021Ganger 4,7 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of Albania - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Russia - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Russia - Eurovision 2021Ganger 18 k15 dager siden
0:59Postcard of North Macedonia - Eurovision 2021
0:59Postcard of Denmark - Eurovision 2021
Postcard of Denmark - Eurovision 2021Ganger 4,3 k15 dager siden


  • Romani?


  • Türkiye neden daha eurovisionda yer almıyor?

  • It's very hard to communicate with language unknown worldwide. Damiano: Buonasera signore e signori

  • Клас песниа

  • nase uraganke bree our huricanes yeah

  • Cidden bu ne normal bir sesi olan insanda söyler MaNga ya kurban olun siz.

  • Omg as a Turkish I really like this song this should be the winner

  • The ukraine is best

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹

  • I'm so proud that I know this song from EUROVISION not Tik Tok

  • When I first heard/saw this song I thought Russia is risking it, but I loved that they took that risk and I love this song. It's different, has a message, bringing in ethnic sounds and not entirely in English. Should have ended higher up on my list. I've listened to it countless times

  • Oh still sad for Roxen! She deserved to go through

  • Love from Israel 🇮🇱❤ I don't understand how he didn't qualify

  • O'zbekistondan salomlar, ashulaga gap yo'q...

  • Loved it! New favourite band <3 their other songs are great too!!!

  • maar niet zomaar broco me.. BIOLOGISCHE BROCO ME ok nee sorry geen haat hou van je

  • MaNga ile yakın kulvarda birisi kazansaydı çıkıp tebrik ederdim ama Lena MaNganın tırnağı bile olamaz amk

  • Amazing 👏

  • This song is better than sergeys song. But Lazarev have fantastic performance

  • Worse than Kalomira

  • Sil

  • 👎

  • Best vocals that I’ve seen out of the clips from this year so far 👏

  • French and it really feels like what should be done on eurovision (by France). I really like a lot of more popish songs but this just feels right :)

  • Пиздато! Вопросов быть не может!

  • Still sad for Albina. My heart goes to Croatia ❤️

  • Извините,но не только же я слышу вместо "Lasha Tumbai" "Rusha goodbay"???

  • She slayed in the semi, but nerves got her on grand final. I wish she delivered the same bad ass choreography

  • Arada Manga olmasa da bu kızın bu şarkısının birinci olduğuna inanamıyorum. Dünyanın müzik zevkine ne olmuş yaa? Böyle zevkin içine sıçayım orası ayrı da, böyle bir zevksiz insanlar Manga'yı begenmese de olur. Lazım değil onların boklu oyları.


  • if adolf hitler had watched them, he would have turned upside down in his grave.

  • Song: Ukrainian Singer: Ukrainian Flute: Ukrainian Captions: *s p a n i s h*

  • Azerbaijan🇦🇿-Greece🇬🇷

  • I thought this song was in Switzerandish what ever language they speak in Switzerland-

  • Aga moralim bozuk olduğunda dinlemeye geliyorum nasıl birinci olmadık diye düşünüyorum daha moralim bozuluyor :(

  • 2019 Iceland: HATRIÐ MUN SIGRA! 2021 Iceland:

  • AUWHJWEJEJWHHWHWHWHWHW These guys make me so comfortable cuz I have an accent like that as well and alllso I love how almost none of them are talking except the guy near Katerina

  • The talent 👏

  • I thought they edited out her dropping the mic then I realised this isn’t the final performance 😂😂😂😂

  • Как задолжали эти фрики!

  • Queen

  • Still watching this masterpiece

  • Was singt Deutschland da eigentlich immer für ne scheiße 😂

  • I'm back ....... again

  • Abi nasıl 1. olamaz ya

  • haziran ayı "birici olamadık" butonu, boş geçmeyelim

  • Why does it look like a host entry? I don’t mean it’s bad, I like it so much.

  • wtf ??

  • Queen 👏

  • I love it iam.estonian !!

  • Listo, enamorada

  • Sondaki türkiye bağrışları çok güzel

  • Magnifique chanson qui représente tellement bien la France!!

  • Bence güzel değil ben beğenmedim.


  • Serbia and Grece are best!🇷🇸❤🇬🇷

  • Vic's reaction to the original version hahahaha

  • i'm obsessed

  • Ferman kazanamadı çünkü mavi don giymemişti :-)

  • Why does this song have such a big dislike ratio?

  • daily check in to watch maneskin win

  • Real champion.

  • "Manga nasıl birinci olamadı ya" yazmasam içimde kalırdı skdkkdkdkdk

  • Fz4

  • There was dozen FUEGO clone songs from 2018. This song is awesome.

  • "Choose your character"!

  • 2:55 electro guitar is heaven 😍😍😍

  • Nasıl 1. olmaz nasıllll

  • Put your.middelfingers op in a shok

  • I wish that he in the final come this is was one from my favoriete songs from eurovision hear the public from ahoy i can not believen it

  • I love this pop rock 😆

  • Jüriler: Mavi don kimdeyse benim gönlüm ondadır


  • Sesi kapatıp izleseniz bile manga kazanıyor

  • I am hoping for Frock Destroyers or United Kingdom is next year

  • I was just 7 y.o. when that contest happened but I know Lena from the voice Germany, whereas I think her voice is good and she's pretty, Manga should have won. Manga is the best in all manner of such as perform, voice and music. Rock live toujours!

  • I love how everyone hear discovered the Italian group from thsi show and I discovered eurovision from maneskin🙂

  • Doğduğum yıl çıkan şarkı bu =/