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  • Why does everything have to be the most hectic? Is there an un hectic post fight brawl?

  • 3:25 Tiimmmbbbeeerrrr!!!!


  • Jones was a cheap eye gouger. Screw him. Glad he hasnt fought in awhile

  • Buffer was ready to rumble.

  • 6:13 extra crispy 8 piece bucket combo

  • TALK LESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I do Kuk soul won

  • How is Edgar vs sandhagen not on this list!? Eye/shevchenko? Bisping/Henderson? Come on man. It's a good list but there were some big ones you missed. You have to do a part 2 now. Sry I don't make the rules 🤷‍♂️

  • Happy Birthday Nick Guhr!

  • Awesome

  • Bro stop talking

  • Honestly I'm surprised my younger brother Michael mayday McDonald is not on any of these highlights LOL. His fight against Miguel Torres was legendary lol along with so many others that left his opponents stiff as a board.

  • Bispings qeustion mark kick on Dan Henderson landed clean it's just that guys head is as hard as stone lol

  • Worth the comment, Nate Marquart vs Tyrone Woodley... That was murder attempt!

  • What a shitty way to win a fight, I’m not sure those dudes that kept kicking over and over in the same spot can even feel proud of their “accomplishment.” It reminds me of playing mortal kombat with someone that just sits there and mashes the same button over and over again until they win. Zero skill

  • it's honestly shameful how long some of these fights were able to go on for that nobody stopped them like Penn vs Stevenson.

  • Dana bailing Jones out from day 1

  • Damn, that’s a fucking bitch move on Cera’s part.

  • Ivil’s opponent gives no fucks about the ref either.

  • Holly Holm wondering wishing that ref from the first example shown was around for her.

  • Masvidal v Askren, Uriah Hall v Adam Zellik and Derrik Lewis v Curtis Blades should/could have been on the list.

  • Once you realize knees are not meant to flex sideways... you got 'em.

  • #5 when you go stiff and then have dreams of riding your bicicleta

  • Everytime I hear the words "leg kick" I get vietnam glashbacks to the Anderson Silva break...

  • Great to see our guys representing!!

  • most lethal uppercut lol... bro u should the clip where both fighters still in good condition n one of them getting uppercut which rocked n ko him. not when they already rocked n tired, then comes the uppercut. of course its easier to ko them at that point n not only uppercut can finish the job. bad video overall.

  • Rumble Johnson knocked out Glover Teixeira and sent his Tooth flying into the air! Should definitely be on the list!

  • Wow!!! Stiff and seized up!! Dag!!!🤔

  • I don't understand why everyone hates Koscheck so much. He was pretty entertaining

  • rashad evans vs sean salmon

  • I love when these people get the names wrong lol. Called him terry and then tommy etim 😂

  • Why does Lombard look like Tito Ortiz after going into anaphylactic shock

  • 4:27 he was a full zombie for a second

  • Good vid.

  • My opinion that girl should have been disqualified he said stop stop stop and was pulling on here for atleast 5 seconds before she was like oh okay