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Doing this NOwine thing. Don't have a real job.


7:34Free Kicks vs Trent Alexander-Arnold
Free Kicks vs Trent Alexander-ArnoldGanger 1,6 mill15 dager siden
19:22The World Cup of Takeaways (MUKBANG)
The World Cup of Takeaways (MUKBANG)Ganger 2,5 mill2 måneder siden
9:10Can I Save The Sidemen's Shots at My Car?
Can I Save The Sidemen's Shots at My Car?Ganger 4,3 mill3 måneder siden
9:59Score 12 Penalties, Win an iPhone 12
Score 12 Penalties, Win an iPhone 12Ganger 2,2 mill3 måneder siden
13:09FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21
FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21Ganger 1,7 mill4 måneder siden
17:47Scoring 1 INCREDIBLE Goal on Every Fifa from 98-21
20:18£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present Roulette
£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present RouletteGanger 2,9 mill5 måneder siden
5:44Recreating Spurs v Arsenal Match Day in 2020
8:46Is This The Greatest Free Kick Of All Time?
9:11Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players Ever
Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players EverGanger 1,3 mill6 måneder siden
15:49I Dm’d 100 Girls as a Professional Footballer
18:48Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack Whitehall
Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack WhitehallGanger 1,4 mill7 måneder siden
12:11Paintball One Touch One Bounce
Paintball One Touch One BounceGanger 629 k8 måneder siden
16:30Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021
Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021Ganger 1,7 mill8 måneder siden
16:09Ranking the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time
Ranking the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All TimeGanger 2,3 mill8 måneder siden
25:00£50 vs. £1,000 House Party (Lockdown Edition)
18:01I Exercised For 24 Hours Straight
I Exercised For 24 Hours StraightGanger 1,3 mill9 måneder siden
23:47£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway
£10 vs. £1,000 TakeawayGanger 8 mill11 måneder siden


  • The Sterling guy looks more like Nathan Redmond

  • Chewsday

  • Anyone notice that guy just chillin in the back

  • Look at how long this vid is

  • @kurokakashi:Better


  • Harry Kane guy doesn’t look like him atol

  • willne for shick and ollie for kdb

  • Manchester super reds number 1 fan

  • Whos here in 2021?

  • When you order David beckham off wish

  • 🥅⚽️

  • Angel18 🥅⚽️🎉🎂🥳🎁🍕🎈

  • 🥅⚽️

  • Angel18 🥅⚽️🥳🎂🎉🎈🍕🎁

  • 🥅⚽️

  • Angel18 🥅⚽️🎉🎂🥳🎁🍕🎈

  • this gives me an idea of what B/R Football's series The Champions in live-action would be like

  • 6:27 who is that

  • Please tell me these people aren't legitimately lookalikes?

  • Chris everytime Gareth is talking “yeah” “yeah” “yeah” *shakes head* “yeah” “mhm” “yeah”

  • I have now been playing with the more expensive one and it just feels nice on the feet and like softer

  • 10.31 why is there I guy on the floor Chris

  • do they ever just save it or do they always need to use the woodwork.

  • ive always thought willne looked like patrik schick

  • Kane or hojbirg

  • The Kane one was a bit weak

  • billy wilgrove crying that he wasn't beckham

  • Lawrence was on point today

  • loved this concept and it's a nice vid altogether

  • Bit as a stretch Chris

  • Alternate title, got some people off wish who look like footballers :)

  • Alternate title, got some people off wish who look like footballers :)

  • Who lets saw the crack head in the background of the commentry

  • E

  • Ha you could not beat my record 26-0

  • I swear his uploads revolves around available ad deals

  • i wonder if harry's family is done with the drinks yet.

  • If you’re watching this in 2021 you’re a legend

  • This is starting to actually look like the England side that turned up against Scotland

  • Can you celebrate my cousins birthday, it is soon!

  • I was on the train I saw a pub and I swear it saw Juergen Klopps look-a-like

  • Peak chrismd

  • Oh its Beckham from Manchester Super Reds No 1 Fan.

  • Something about the David Beckham was putting me off.. can't tell if hes 20 or 50

  • hijingo

  • Ultimate poggers

  • when it comes to catching balls chris excels

  • Can we talk about mertens stats are better than hazards?

  • Who knew the square ball pass could commentate

  • is it just me or dose none of them look like the footballers

  • Harry Bane and dashford 😂😂😂😂

  • Özil is in Fenerbahce, not Arsenal

  • 6:08 look at the guy in the background 😂

  • The guy lying in the back 🤣

  • Lampard looked nothing like lampard

  • love how i have like 3 jabulanis sitting in my backyard

  • No Messi????

  • How is Billy Wingrove not the Beckham lookalike

  • The thumbnail is just a before and before

  • this vid was posted on my bday lets gooooo

  • Pretty sure that Lampard lookalike is actually Dennis Wise

  • That ain’t Harry Kane that’s Larry Paine

  • ozil looks like Schweinsteiger

  • Why was there a guy sleeping behind the three of you?

  • Sterling is not real

  • Not sterling

  • Except sterling

  • My mum looks more like Özil than this imposter!

  • None of the players are real

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  • I am from brazil

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  • 7:19 Chris😂😂😂

  • Fat Frank 😂

  • When you buy players from wish

  • You should’ve got KDB

  • Chrismd: what can’t Kane do Me:win the World Cup or euros